A quote from T'ien-t'ai (538-597 C.E., China)

"Because anger increases in intensity, armed strife occurs;
Because greed increases in intensity, famine occurs;
Because foolishness increases in intensity, pestilence occurs.
And because the three calamities [of armed strife, famine and pestilence] occur, earthly desires grow more powerful than ever, and false views increasingly flourish."

This is even more true today than it was way back then.

T'ien-t'ai was a Buddhist priest who recognized the Lotus Sutra as the highest teaching of Shakyamuni (aka Gautama, Siddhartha) Buddha. His commentaries and treatises were instrumental in keeping this ultimate teaching alive - even into this century.

The quote speaks to the workings of the human mind and how the darkness of the mind will accumulate in this destructive/self-destructive direction.

If we look at people such as George Bush the Jr., John Boehner, or Eric Cantor, we can see people who are inherently evil and self-serving. I don't want to single out just these Republicans, as the same evil and arrogance exists within the Democratic Party.

We must constantly be vigilant of these tendencies within ourselves. Only then can we see it in others. Only then can we begin to perceive the minds of those with whom we converse in our daily lives.

Be it while pumping gas, or at the check-out line of my regular grocery stores, or wherever - I constantly seek to create discussion and build agreement. I do that when I'm doorbelling my precinct - even when the stats show me I'm knocking on the door of a Strong Republican. And yes, I can still find a way to create agreement.

I only have to keep my ears open and my mouth shut long enough to find the means of creating that agreement. I simply work at pulling the agreement out of others. (Yea, easier in some circumstances than others - that's the real world. And never tolerate injustice.)

(I'm only intolerant towards intolerance.)

When we understand such things, we can let our guard down long enough to be a human being first. Through such an understanding, we can create the change from the bottom-up.

First we must dissolve the barriers to communication within our own lives. Only then can we dissolve that barrier within others.

From the long view of history, we are witnessing the implosion of an economic system. Will we be victims, or will we work towards the salvation of humanity?

Who will win? The Ultra-rich, or We The People?

The choice is ours.

I choose the people, no matter the cost to myself.


There is no higher religion than human service; To work for the common good is the highest creed.

--Albert Shwietzer


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