First off, I want you to know that I listen to you when my work schedule allows me to, and I respect you and feel that you are sincere in what you say. You also give very strong arguements (in my opinion) on a number of the political topics that are being debated so heavily these days, that the many hosts on the right have to switch to their ideological attacks/defenses because they cannot discount what you say with statistics or facts.

That being said, I also listen to Michael Medved (who seems to be the more sensible and respectful of the conservative radio line-up) and his topic the other day was something close to this: Why do those on the left have so much hate for rich people? And, over and over again, he would flat out make the claim that liberals, in general, hate rich people... and that liberals do not want people to become rich, etc. We both know that that is a flat out lie. It is not true, and I was somewhat suprised that it was coming from Medved. I wouldn't have any problems if he had instead said that liberals want to redistribute some of the wealth, tax the rich more, or something like that, because that is true. But, earlier on that very same day (I believe it was the 1st of July) on your show, you made a few comments to the effect that the republicans (or conservatives, I don't remember for sure) want the rich to stay rich, and the poor to stay poor. Now, I feel that you are sincerely expressing what you believe, where as I think that Medved knows he is saying what he said to advance his political agenda and his audience. I consider myself a libertarian (complicated, because from there I lean more left then right) I feel that I can give you a different perspective on it, maybe more of a neutral one?

So here is my question for you; Can you give it more thought, and then perhaps soften your tone on that specific area? Maybe I am wrong to put so much faith in the country's leaders in both parties (I hope not) that most of them fall to one side or the other because they truly believe that it is best for our country, our economy and the people, even if they are misguided. I know that the huge majority of the conservative population though, definitely wants the poor to rise out of poverty and join the middle class.. they honestly believe that the best way to do that is without government intervention; that the wealth will "trickle down" from the rich, and so on.

Anyways, I respect your character and your fight, I just feel that in this case, you are misrepresenting one of the key ideas of the right, and that it will help your arguement by not putting it that way.


A listener


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Phaedrus76 6 years 20 weeks ago

Soften his tone? When the entire set of policies all the Republican Governors are passing are designed to make the lives of the poor much worse, and drive more middle class families into poverty, you would like one of the few voices speaking out against this to soften his tone?

No, Thom, scream it from the rooftops, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

If the conservatives ideas on how to rise up were working, Kyoungberg, wouldn't the middle class have been booming at the end of the Bush years?

KYoungberg 6 years 20 weeks ago

Phaedrus, don't stoop to Glenn Beck's level because all that is contributing to the fight is anger, and it won't help in the long run. Yes, fight hard for what you believe in, but fight it with the right attitude, and facts. No, I do not think that Bush's policies were good for the middle class, and that is exactly why I also said that when it does come to statistics and reality (and setting aside the ideological battle) that the left usually dominates the arguement, and it's pretty clear when you hear Hartmann debating Medved. The only concern I had was in making the claim that republicans/conservatives actually want the poor to remain poor, while the rich get richer. I know that the vast majority of conservatives, and I believe that most of our republican leaders want the poor to move up in life, it's just that they disagree with you as to how to make that happen. So don't stand on the rooftops and scream that they are evil people that want to see mass suffering... just tell them that they are wrong and misguided by the Becks, Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world, and show them the facts.

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