Based on the recent onslaught of righties proclaiming PRIVATE labor unions are inherently good (due to common labor/capital goals of profit to prolong survival) and PUBLIC unions being bad (due to lack of profit based goals and the relationship between Democratic Party funding and unions in general), perhaps a perfect storm for more Obama political Jiu-Jitsu is on the horizon. That political Jiu-Jitsu would be a legislative proposal which would repeal Taft-Hartley and allow card check (EFCA) in the private sector (in ALL states) while making significant concessions to the states in terms of setting down different ground rules for collective bargaining in the public sector. I'm not saying that this would be necessarily good (but perhaps it might), but it would fit the blueprint for previous Obama political maneuvers. The silver lining is that if something of this nature did take place, it would better position the general working people for the current trend of privatization of all of our public services.

Long Live Labor!!!


dopelesshopefiend's picture
dopelesshopefiend 8 years 32 weeks ago

And don't tell me indirectly to relax and go to a filthy country to drink filthy water for a self induced enema because I must be a conservative.................. Mr. LABORISGOOD

What do you do for an american taxpaying living pal.......................

Labor is not good if has been stole away by criminals...................

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 8 years 32 weeks ago

I own and operate a business who only hires legal UNION workers. You should see all the money I have to fork over every month for federal and state taxes, but that's nothing compared to what I pay the UNION. Funny thing though, I'm happy to pay my share because I'm not a selfish conservative who has been deluded into believing that all of my positive cash flow is inherently mine. I even give money to my church every Sunday. It's really no big deal to pay your taxes and the union benefits when all of your competitors are also paying the same freight. Thank God I live in a strong union location. "Right-to-Work" is a euphemism for "Bend-Over" while the righties have their way with you.

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