Was wondering what it would cost to take out full page ads in major newspapers nationwide on a regular basis giving the following information:

1. Name and party and state of politician and how they voted on any particular bill. (Both parties. No free rides)

2. Name, party, and state of politicians receiving campaign funds and from what person, society, association, industry, or special interest group.

Same info as above for all (including Supreme Court Justices) for any perqs of non-monetary nature.

I realize some newspapers (WSJ?) would not accept an ad like this but many papers would and others would join when popularity grew among readers. Besides being an effective alternate use of money being donated to campaign funds of a few, it would get the attention of many conservatives that do not tune in to progressive talk shows like Thom's, Ed's, or Rachel's. It would also strengthen talking points for our progressive colleagues trying to refute the dishonest propoganda spewed by the likes of limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly and Fox.

If we could organize enough funds to do this it just may wake up a lot of the Cool-Aid Drinkers and get us on our way to cleaning out the Congressional Bribe Recipients. Let's start with Cantor, Ryan, McConnel, and Grassley. We need an honest Congress that works for the welfare of the nation, not the preservation of greed and self interest of the Fat Cats.


Larry Tucker 6 years 36 weeks ago

I also recommend reading Matt Taibi's article in latest Rolling Stone Magazine. It details the failure of the gov't to enact or enforce regulations that will prohibit the banks from repeating the crimes that caused the mess in 2008. They are doing it again and on an even grander and more blatant scale. I enjoy Matt's articles because he explains things in a very factual manner in a way that is understandable and often non-partisan.

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