Thom, I hope you and Louise have a healthy new year ahead of you! I tried to get on the radio with you today for over an hour, your system dropped me 5 times...if its a technical problem on my end, I haven't encountered it before. If Bryan Dunning is a sceptic, I am the Pope!

It is Orwellian, these wholly owned corporate subsidiaries like Dunning always preface their presentation of "psuedo science" by labeling the real science "psuedo". The only science claiming GMO's and plastic containers safe were bought and paid for by the industries involved in their manufacture.

Estrogenic chemicals can now be found in the human bloodstream in populations as diverse as Amazon rain forest tribes to the south and the Inuit living near the arctic. Health issues and genetic alterationa are at stake. Many experts believe that chemicals leeching off plastic containers should be listed as an ingredient. Of course, lobbyist for plastics manufacturers like Shell, Dupont and GE have lobbied to keep that from happening by claiming proprietary patents they must keep secret. If we stopped making plastic right now, we would still be dealing with the problem for the next 500 years. See the documentary "Plastic Planet".

Monsanto's GMO corn is everywhere these days. The pesticide it contains create holes in the gut of the insects that feed on it. Of course Monsanto scientists claim their product is harmless to humans, but that's what they said about agent orange. Doctors are encountering similar problems in the human gut. I believe they call it "leaky gut" syndrome. Cattle who feed exclusively on GMO corn get sick and die. There is a good documnetary out on this one as well.

Its as if they are all operating from the same corporate handbook. I would wager it was written by ALEC, wouldn't you?

Ther is a meeting this Saturday in Santa Fe to discuss these issues and an upcoming labeling bill here in New Mexico:

Feel free to call me if you would like to talk @ 575-776-1068

Cheers! Stephen Long


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