Metea Chief of the Pottawatomie, ancestor of Frank Kryder, fought with Tecumseh, signed the Treaty of Greenville

It could be that Earth may decide to assert power on the issue of who is most qualifed to be the global custodians of the world's resources. So far the right has been claimed by a pack of lying, thieving, murdering knaves. They should not be in charge.

In the ongoing stream of Where's My Golden Arm ? incidents I have documented since 1994, comes the 2010 flood in the Ouachita National Forest.

According to Wiki, "The Ouachita Railroad Company is a short-line railroad headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas" and "El Dorado (Spanish for "the golden one") is the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust ...El Dorado became a kingdom, an empire, the city of this legendary golden king."

I was struck by the news photos of the fallen Albert Pike Recreation Area sign post, flattened upon the Ouachita National Forest floor.

In 1868 Albert Pike revised the literature of the Scottish Rite so that Washington, DC officials who were masons might never tell on one another, even when witness to murder done by a brother.

10/10/1868 Was the First Mortgage of the South Carolina Railroad, subsequently bankrupt and foreclosed. (The first American Scottish Rite center was established in Charleston in 1801).

In 1868, Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler was the world's largest petroleum refiner. (i.e. Standard Oil = BP )

And in 1868 The Corporation of Foreign Bond Holders formed; joined by Krupp, Robert Fleming & Co., and Harriman, Samuel Hanna and Hugh McCulloch were directors, and were also directors and officers of Fort Wayne National (National City) Bank; Hanna was at the 37th Congress and along with McCulloch, whose father had been briefly Abraham Lincoln's Treasury Secretary, was a Grantee of the UPRR. The Kryders developed real estate in Hanna's Park Outlots.

According to the 10/21/1905 Washington Post , "Around the unmarked grave of Gen. Albert Pike, the illustrious exemplar of Scottish Masonry in the United States, the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite Masons, assembled in Oak Hill Cemetery yesterday afternoon out of respect for a former grand commander of the rite...Four years ago the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction unveiled a beautiful statue of Gen. Pike, which now stands at the intersection of Third and D streets and Indiana avenue."

Genealogical research establishes that families controlling Fort Wayne National (National City) Bank were from the early 1800's inbred with the German American Lincoln National Wells Fargo Lincoln Life klan, which was also intermarried with the Barnett Banking (Bank of America) faction. This accounts for the perpetuation of an unsound financial community from the the past to the present day.

It was officers and directors of these banks in Fort Wayne which contracted for the building of most of the town's elaborate gothic cathedrals, state funded institutions, and the Scottish Rite Temple.



Albert Pike Recreation Area


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Rodger97321 7 years 18 weeks ago

Some events do seem to lend themselves more readily to belief in a greater force at work.

As for myself, what struck me first was the reporter's mention that it was near Langley. Seemed an odd coincidence given the recent revelation about CIA sponsored torture research.

Second oddity, coming in the midst of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster is:

Albert - B = Alert ; Pike - P = Ike We do seem to be in the battle Ike warned us about.

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leighmf 7 years 17 weeks ago

Glad you picked up on "Langley."

After years of studying railroad securities and "same place names" around the U.S., I realized that many U.S. same place names are actually part of an old accounting system for bankers to keep track of their shenanigans over hundreds of years. Same place names are frequently related by their hidden railroad securities of bankrupt railroads, kept in a vault the Treasury has lost track of.

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