Much was written in the newspapers about the Balls who created a charitable foundation "To promote religious, educational or charitable purposes" as a holder of the Van Sweringen empire variously known as Alleghany/IDS, Mid-America Corp or New York Central RR. This occurred when the Van Sweringens defaulted on a note to JP Morgan Chase and their billions were sold Ball, Sr. for less than $300,000. There was a Senate inquiry which of course went nowhere.

An article about the work of a pair of sociologists who published a book on the Balls' home town of Muncie, Indiana says, on 4/19/1937,

"Until George Alexander Ball emerged as the financial heir to the Brothers Van Sweringen the name of Ball outside of Muncie and Indiana was seldom seen except encrusted on housewives' fruit jars. But to thousands of U. S. sociology students who have read Robert S. & Helen Merrell Lynd's case study of a typical town in Mid-America, Middletown, "Middletown" is Muncie and "Middletown's" leading family is Muncie's Ball family.

Columbia University's capable Lynd and Mrs. Lynd spent 18 months in Muncie in 1924 and 1925. They wrote the book which Henry Louis Mencken called "one of the richest and most valuable documents ever concocted by American sociologists." To be published next week is Mr. & Mrs. Lynd's second book about Muncie, Middletown in Transition: A Study in Cultural Conflicts (Harcourt, Brace, $5). Criticized locally for underplaying the Ball family in their earlier book, the Lynds discovered that the family's power had grown so much in ten years that, still incognito as the "X Family," it now demanded a separate chapter.

Because the Ball industry (fruit jars) thrived on Depression, the Balls were able not only to cushion the shock of the lean years upon their city but to step up to the local bargain-counter, just as George Ball stepped up for Mid-america Corp. Their resulting domination of the town, say the Lynds, "may be viewed as epitomizing the American business-class control system."

A Muncie citizen told the Lynds:

"If I'm out of work I go to the X plant; if I need money I go to the X bank, and if they don't like me I don't get it; my children go to the X college; when I get sick I go to the X hospital; I buy a building lot or house in the X subdivision; my wife goes downtown to buy clothes at the X department store; if my dog stays away he is put in the X pound; I buy X milk; I drink X beer, vote for X political parties, and get help from X charities; my boy goes to the X Y.M.C.A. and my girl to their Y.W.C.A.; I listen to the word of God in X-subsidized churches; if I'm a Mason I go to the X Masonic Temple; I read the news from the X morning newspaper; and if I'm rich enough, I travel via the X airport."

Of the original five Brothers Ball, two remain to head the family, George A. & Frank Clayton, vice president and president, respectively, of Ball Bros. Co. Of them the Lynds say: "[They are] alert, capable, democratic, Christian gentlemen, trained in the school of rugged individualism, patrons of art, education, religion, and a long list of philanthropies." Of the X family: "To Middletown's workers the X family epitomizes the sanctimonious oppressions of the employing class and is often even made to bear the brunt of animus generated by the less personalized actions of the absentee owners of other large Middletown plants [General Motors, Borg-Warner, Owens-Illinois]; while, on the other hand, the X family sincerely regards itself as unusually scrupulous in looking out for its workers."

...In viewing Muncie, the Lynds conclude, "One recalls now and again Tawney's characterization of the ruling class in Europe after the French Revolution: '. . . they walked reluctantly backwards into the future, lest a worse thing should befall them.' "

And boy, did they ever hit the nail on the head.

To get a grip on the Ball Foundation we travel to 1921 when the groundwork was being laid to elect Indiana's first Klan governor.

(from Indiana Jonestown series, old community) In 1921, citizens were divided on the issue of the Klan which in Texas was becoming a political party parasite, taking over Republican tickets for offices. The other side denounced Klan violence. Klans people claimed the violence was not theirs, but that of an errant spin-off. It came to pass that the Texas dragon decided Indianapolis would be a fertile place to send a printer, D.C. Stephenson, on a mission to print and disseminate propaganda, and sell memberships in the Klan. Sales were so swift that Stephenson soon resided in a mansion, with staff and bodyguards, in a fancy suburb of Indianapolis.

So heady was he with the wealth of Indiana Klan membership fees, Stephenson formed his own split-off from his home klavern in Evansville and declared himself dragon. He picked his own candidate for governor in 1924, Republican Ed Jackson, who had already been indicted for something which passed the statute of limitations. Jackson won and in the newspapers Stephenson declared, "I am the law in Indiana."

In 1922 Ed Jackson was Indiana Secretary of State when the entity Ball Corporation was created.

BALL CORPORATION: 10 LONGS PEAK DR., BROOMFIELD, CO 80021: Control Number: 194151-014 Status: Active Creation Date: 12/19/1922 Other Names: Date Name (Type) 12/19/1922 BALL BROTHERS RESEARCH CORPORATION (Assumed)) 12/19/1922 BALL METAL BEVERAGE CONTAINER GROUP (Assumed) / Delaware County ) 12/19/1922 BALL METAL BEVERAGE CONTAINER GROUP (Assumed) / Bartholomew County )

One can easily see that such an enterprise is just the sort of thing the ultimate controller of brewing and bottling would have to acquire. It was just one facet of controlling the food supply. Later we see Continental Can being acquired in Fort Wayne following the pardoning of Alfried Krupp due to the effort of American Generals.

It is 1924

10/10/1924 D. C. Stephenson paid $73,216 to bring about the nomination alone of Ed Jackson for governor, it was stated in a purported letter from Stephenson to Jackson dated Oct. 10, 1924

10/10/1924 Scottish Central Invest Trust Co. Ltd, T.J. Carlyle Gifford, investor and sometimes British Treasury agent

....sold Alabama & Vicksburg Ry, Vicksburg, Pacific Ry and Railroad Lands Co, Ltd in 1924; see below in 1887, T.J. Carlyle Gifford and Robert Fleming

see below in 1941 "investment corporation set up in 1924 with funds supplied by a Thyssen-controlled banking house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. "

It is also useful to know that Indiana Halls and Balls are literally intermarried with the Barnett bankers, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, DuPont, McCormick (Harvester), Rockefeller and Frank Kryder's lawyers. This amounted to complete control of Florida banks and bond issues since 1870, several booms and bubbles of land development resulting in the crash, then reclaiming the wreckage and concealing a holding relationship. It catalyzed the draining of the Florida Everglades, the divvying up of Florida's choicest land amongst themselves and a future sale to Walt Disney.

DISNEY REALTY CORPORATION Filed 01/16/1926 State FL DISSOLVED 11/23/1936

BALL BROTHERS FOUNDATION INC : MUNCIE, IN Control Number: 192498-032 Status: Active : 11/19/1926 .

The Articles of Incorporation were signed 11/18/1926.

In Florida on 11/18/1926 the entity DeSoto Corporation was formed.

"DeSoto County was created in 1887. It was named for Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, whose name was also honored in Hernando County. DeSoto County originally included several other present-day counties until 1921, when the Florida legislature created the following new counties: Charlotte, Glades, Hardee, and Highlands (* Estate of George Sebring, missing). During World War II, DeSoto County operated the Carlstrom Field Air Base, which provided training for both American and British pilots. Twenty-three British pilots were killed while training at the base and are honored at DeSoto County's Oak Ridge Cemetery, which is located in the town of Arcadia. In 1945, the base turned out its last cadets and was decommissioned. The base was then sold to the State of Florida for one dollar and later converted into a mental health facility known as G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital. The hospital has since been converted into a facility for juvenile offenders ." Wiki

1887 Recap:

"The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Fort Wayne came into existence in the Summit City with its organization on 4/14/1887" The Temple was built by firms of the Directors of Fort Wayne National Bank aka.

Scottish Investment Trust Co Ltd, Edinburgh T.J. Carlyle Gifford Chairman

3/26/1887 "The Texas Pacific has a fresh Direction which,however, Mr. Robert Fleming consisting of :—Samuel Sloan, C. M McGee, S. H. II. Clark, W . C. Hall, Robert Fleming. A. L. Hopkins, C. E. Satloriee, Jay- Gould, Russell Sage, John A. Wright, 1. J. Wistar, J. N. Hutchinson, John Markoe, W. D. Windsor, G. B. Roberts, J. C. Brown, Geo. J . Gould. The first seven were elected iu the place of the following members of the old Board : John C. Bullitt, James P. Scott, C. O. Baird, R. S. Hayes, H. M. Hoxie, F. L. Ames, T. T. Eckert." American Settler

Filing Number: 2406-AA Date of Filing: 8/31/1887 Status: Inactive Name: Union Debenture Company,Mpls, MN, see Thyssen 1941

org. 12/8/1887 as American Bank and Trust Co was nationalized 9/17/1902 The American Bank, Wells Fargo aka

1887 Texas & Pacific Ry in receivership: formed 6/18/1881 as The Sterling Trust Ltd c/o/ Fleming, Guinness, Touche; incorporated as Alabama, New Orleans, Texas & Pacific Rys Co; in receivership 1887; reorganized 1890; changed name to Sterling Trust 4/14/1917; sold Alabama & Vicksburg Ry, Vicksburg, Pacific Ry and Railroad Lands Co, Ltd in 1924; see above, D C Stephenson;

Arcadia is the County Seat of DeSoto County.

"From 1917 to 1922, Arcadia was the home of Carlstrom Field, a grass airfield of the U.S. Army Air Service named for deceased aviation pioneer Victor Carlstrom. Carlstrom Field was used for pilot training both during and after World War I. In May 1941 the site again became an airfield for military primary flight training, operated by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute (now Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University). Carlstrom Field, one of several satellite fields in the Fort Myers Area, also trained pilots for the Royal Air Force until its closing in 1945. " Wiki

1941 Thyssen Fund frozen Recap:

"In tracing the money, the newspaper named the Union Banking Corporation as its "normal guardian,' 1 describing that firm as an investment corporation set up in 1924 with funds supplied by a Thyssen-controlled banking house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Thus, the funds of the Union Banking Corporation and subsidiaries were frozen as a Dutch-controlled firm at the time of the German occupation of the Netherlands."

Are we starting to see how Magnavox ended up with Phillips, N.V.? Keep Shell Oil and Kochs on the Wood River port in mind too.

Frank Freimann, a sound engineering genius, was selected and placed in Fort Wayne at Magnavox which declared bankruptcy in 1938. His success was assured with the guarantee of military contracts and a pre-existing monopoly of everything needed.

Scottish-American Company State Of Inc: Illinois Qualified...: 02/25/1938 Date Of Inc BALL, FRED SR BALL JR, FRED 200 S LAWRENCE ST MONTGOMERY, AL Prin Address: 209 S LASALLE ST CHICAGO, IL Nat Of Bus..: INVESTMENT ADVISORY SERVICE

3/11/1938 German occupation of Austria

THE SUBURBAN BUILDING COMPANY OF FORT WAYNE INDIANA INC Created 09/19/1938 C.Frank Kryder President; Frank H. Kryder Secretary-Treasurer; Room 225 Standard Building. Entire record is lost but the Secretary of State has a note it was dissolved in 1950 in Cause #666795 which can't be found either.

9/29/1938 The Munich Agreement; "The Munich Agreement therefore preserved Hitler in power." Wiki; recall the entity "Bank of America" was earlier "Bank of Italy"


As a last note on the Carlyle Group's Balls, The Florida East Coast Railway was for the most part bankrupt from the Van Sweringen bankruptcy until 1960. ("The Union Trust, with ten million of Van Sweringen paper, got $14,000,000 from the R. F. C." - THE BETRAYAL OF CLEVELAND by John T. Flynn, Harpers Magazine, Jan. 1934)


FEC RY Bankrupt

failure of Kreditanstalt, Austria. William Averill Harriman director of the Austrian Discount Company, Niederoesterreichische Escompte-Gesellschaft, Vienna, when Dr. Arthur Krupp was director of the Austrian Society of Credit for Commerce, Oesterreichische Credit-Anstalt Fuer Handel Und Gewerbe; this bank failure propelled Hitler into power.

"In the 1960s, control (of the FEC RY) was purchased by heirs of the du Pont. After 30 years of fragile financial condition, the FEC under leadership of a new president, Ed Ball took on the labor unions. Ball claimed the company could not afford the same costs as larger Class 1 railroads and needed to invest saved funds in its infrastructure, fast beoming a safety issue. Using replacement workers, the company and some of its employees engaged in one of the longest and more violent labor conflicts of the 20th century from 1963 until 1977. " Wiki

On January 23, 1963 the FEC railroad workers went on strike. This led to the signing of President Kennedy's last executive order

  • On November 9, 1963 This EO was signed:
    • Executive Order 11127
      Creating an emergency board to investigate a dispute between the Florida East Coast Railway Company and certain of its employees
    • Signed: November 9, 1963
    • Federal Register page and date: 28 FR 12079; November 13, 1963
    • Revoked by: EO 12553, February 25, 1986 by President Ronald Reagan

      "On November 9, 1963, East Germany issued the ... 10 pfennig stamp to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Crystal Night, that night of terror when Nazis roamed the cities of Germany and Austria killing Jews and burning synagogues. The stamp depicts a burning synagogue and, in the foreground, the yellow badge which all Jews were required to wear under Nazi rule."

11/9/1963 "November 9 Explosion at Mikawa coal mine, Fukuoka, kills 458" Mitsui POW Mine at Omuta #17-F-- Now Carlyle Group "Omuta Rex" Shopping Center ; 17F Ian Fleming code name

11/22/1963 President Kennedy Assassinated;

on the same day National City Lines. Inc., a holding company, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc. for $200,000 at closing and an additional $150,000 to be paid over the next five years contingent on Fort Wayne's earnings.

11/23/1963 "November 23 First Satellite news transmission begins between Japan and the US. The first transmission was news of Kennedy’s assassination "

The Penn Central RR (combined New York Central and Pennsylvania RR) filed for bankruptcy protection on June 21, 1970.

(Edward Ball, director) FLORIDA NATIONAL BANKS OF FLORIDA, INC. Document Number 358930 FEI Number 591315519 Filed 01/30/1970 State FL MERGED Event Date Filed 01/26/1990

Last Executive Order cancelled by Reagan 2/25/1986:

(Van Sweringen defaulted on note, assets conveyed to Ball Foundation) JP. MORGAN PRIVATE FINANCE CORPORATION OF FLORIDA Number J21307 Filed 06/23/1986 State FL Effective 07/01/1986 DISSOLUTION 10/11/1991 % CORPORATION COMPANY OF MIAMI 100 CHOPIN PLAZA, 1500 EDWARD BALL BLDG MIAMI FL 33131



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