James Bond experts have only superficially commented upon the significance of the licensed to kill secret agent's Scottish heritage.

It is fairly easy to discover that Robert Fleming, founder of the SAINT (Scottish American Investment Trust) manufactured and supplied jute sand bags for the American Civil War. Here are some other related facts.

The year is 1862:

Ben Holladay acquired the Central Overland California line. When he disposed of his holdings the successor was Wells, Fargo & Company.

Chartered by Congress 7/01/ 1862 to build part of the first trans-continental railway, the Union Pacific Railroad was given public lands, generous loan grants, and rights to borrow private capital.

9/17/1862 " SUBSTITUTE FOR COTTON,—The number of applicants at the counting-house of Messrs. Robinson and Fleming to inspect the samples of prepared jute, under the patent of Thomson and Co., of Dundee, has been very great. " London Nonconformist

The year is 1864:

2/19/1864 The Knights of Pythias was founded in Washington, DC.

5/22/1864 Lloyds Weekly Newspaper " The first result of the terrible English strikes in the early part of the century was the invention of labour-saving machinery. The same thing is going on in America now—even in the agricultural districts of the west, where the war has made men scarce. New kinds and high degrees of agricultural machine work may be seen there which would astonish, we are told, even the advanced improvers of tillage in this country. Thus we see provision making already for a vastly extended production when the difficulties of the hour are overcome...

(****Note The mechanical reaper was invented by Cyrus Hall McCormick in 1831. -007 is the Indiana "Control Number " for "The International Harvester" Control Number: 193087-007 as it is for "The Fort Wayne Consolidated Railroad " Control Number 191135-007.)

...But this is not all yet. Alongside with the actual non-employment of Lancashire operatives, and with the preparation for a day, near at hand, when all the hands' will be too few for the work, we see great results from the increase of a material which is largely superseding cotton. Wool, flax, and certain kinds of silk have come into immense demand; but the new use of jute seams more portentous than all the rest together. We are told that the Dundee people are trying to keep quiet the present extraordinary state of their trade, but that the facts are such as must soon fix the attention of Lancashire, and indeed of the whole country...

...We have heard from time to time of the Americans having given up the use of cotton for one article after another—ships' sails, bagging, &c. ; and now it appears that jute, of which India-always affords an inexhaustible supply, is the material wanted and used in its place.

The American " bagging " manufacture has come over hither; and Dundee could tell wonderful things about it. Then, there is not only a diversified use of jute yarn for bedding and other furniture, and underclothing, but an application of it to ladies' dresses and gentlemen's external garments. People are looking from the pressure of work in and about Dundee to the nonemployment in Lancashire —from the prodigious profits in the Scotch district to the relief committees in the English, and asking whether there cannot be a more equal distribution of work, wages, and profits. Thus does the scenery of industrial history vary, bringing a lesson with each change. The practical uses show themselves as occasion calls; and it is strictly a practical use to study and note the facts for future guidance."

The year is 1868:

1/12/1868 American Express Co., Inc.; Albert Pike in Washington, DC made occult revisions to Scottish Rite;

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders formed in London- of Robert Fleming, Krupp, Harriman, and assorted cross-Directors of Fort Wayne National Bank and the Union Pacific, including Lincoln's ex Secretary of the Treasury.

The year is 1888:

1888 Standard Oil of New Jersey established Anglo-American Oil Co. (predecessor of Esso Petroleum Co.) to market oil in the British Isles

3/13/1888 The Fleming Manufacturing Company was chartered in Missouri

9/12/1888 Dissolutions of Partners- "Robert Fleming & Co., Carnbroe and Calder, near Coatbridge, and Bathville, near Bathgate, manufacturers of firebricks, furnace-blocks, gas:-retorts, chimney-cans, and paving-tiles. Aug. 15, by retiral of Robert Fleming." Commercial Gazette

9/19/1888 The Fort Wayne Lodge of Perfection, the eldest of the Scottish Rite bodies in the city was chartered; Temple built by the directors of Fort Wayne National Bank and the Bass Railroad Foundry

10/12/1888 "The New York Times says:—According to Mr. Appleton Sturgis the makers of gunny cloth and jute bagging have not formed a trust, but only entered into a " sympathetic movement to raise prices." Anglo American Times



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johnglennmartin... 7 years 9 weeks ago

Facts are irrelevant to conservatives, facts require research and diligence. To Conservatives it's much easier to engender the base? Cunningly, Conservatives are able to play to their base and grow the party thru competition, often independent of factual accuracy.

Conservatives have mastered marketing, they push the Republican party to grow it's base by competing and winning in the mass media world. So what are Liberals to do? Join the fight, refine your message, make it easily understandable from a sales standpoint, clearly differentiate your message from every single competing message out there. Liberals must be intractable on every single issue, every single bill, and yes every single fallacy created for political gain.

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