Lawyers have spent a good deal of time getting statutes of limitation and records retention times reduced so that they will be scott-free long before anyone realizes what they're doing if ever, or prosecution will be too difficult for our American Bar Association Collective Trust on State Street-controlled USDOJ. Even if they are caught, federal prison isn't such a bad rap anyway. Is it worth it to mow lawns for a few years when there're hundreds of millions waiting at the end of the sentence?

Bureaucrats are concerned only with getting the present paperwork off their desk and never look back in their investigations. They don't want to, or they are ordered not to. Chances are ENRON will never be mentioned in the course of the MERS investigation eventhough MERS is emblazoned on the backside of ENRON money laundering. Therefore it will continue to haint us in the Doubloons cycle of short term bond layering and mortgage assignment until the next war.

More on the David J. Stern, attorney BA Fannie MAE Freddie MAC shut down in Plantation, Florida. It is estimated Stern was handling 20% of all foreclosures in Florida:

This is Stern's holding company, SH CO:


Indiana EOTT ENERGY CORP. HOUSTON, TX 77056 Status: Merged Creation : 3/13/1985 Inactive : 10/4/1994 : Other Names 1/4/1993 ENRON OIL TRADING & TRANSPORTATION COMPANY

People, it's no coincidence. Nothing is ever filed except when it is absolutely necessary to activate a new banking entity. When fugitive securities turn over, they have to move on. The whole point of having to file fictitious names is to open a bank acount and transfer assets to a new location. Elsewise, as lawyers they would never do anything to leave a paper trail. Required filings are in fact the only paper trail when it comes to long range following the money since records retention times have been cut to less than the length of a mortgage, and there are no Abstract of Titles anymore. Remember, Real Estate is the only asset which cannot be made to disappear, so the Doubloons are trying desperately to come up with a way to on paper at least make it disappear.

The connection beween the oil trading company and Stern takes us to 1985. In 2010, we are now 25 years, or one bank charter away from the oil trading roots of ENRON. Let's remember 1985 with first some general notes and then Tom Poston's Time Line.

Maxfield sold NAVL to Norfolk Southern for $369 million; Norfolk Southern pushed to buy government-owned Conrail; Now this was the second time our cousin MAX sold North American Van Lines. The first time he sold it was in 1968 to Pepsi. CON RAIL was the bailout of the Penn Central Bakruptcy of 1970.

Farm Credit Act Amendments of 1985 were passed by Congress to pump money into the failing Farm Credit System banks.

B & O Toledo-Cincinnati Division First Lien and Refunding Mortgage Bonds, Series D, due 1985; Because whenever a pipeline or railroad mortgage bond becomes due, something else big goes bankrupt, crashes, and burns.

1985 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation established joint-equity company Mitsubishi Truck of America Inc. in the United States. Because the Mitsui coal mines originally needed railroad cars and the railroad men wanted COPPER for their magnet wire and stuff like 'at. Long term Baker and Daniel patent relationships sustain royal and imperial relations through every war while the rest of us pay.

1985 "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Chrysler terminated a joint venture of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. An agreement with Chrysler for producing passenger cars was reached; Mitsibishi Materials began production of material for carbide tools.

"Under the Williams & Glyn's Bank banner, it also boasted a large and growing presence in England and Wales. In 1985 Williams & Glyn's merged fully with the Group's Scottish clearing bank which thereafter traded throughout Britain as a single entity, The Royal Bank of Scotland." Think, "Williams Energy" then "ENRON."

Formation of "Tower Partnership" (Note: TIPPMANN PROPERTIES INC , A 1982 corporation became the new developer of Lincoln Tower in the next century after American United Life foreclosed on "The Tower Partnership" in 1997, with $2,000,000.00 delinquent) . Imagine, the mighty Lincoln Tower erection of 1930 in foreclosure.

Here's our guys at George M. Green's building : 01/04/1985 2300427862 TRUSTEE HOLDING CORPORATION 735 1ST. NATIONAL BUILDING OKLA. CITY, OK 73102

01/09/1985 PFIZER PIGMENTS INC: 219 E 42nd St, NEW YORK, NY 10017 : 198501-312 Creation : 1/9/1985 Inactive : 7/16/1993 because soy makes ink and Wyeth makes Gunderson General Dynamics boats and American Cyanamid.

01/09/1985 Florida Profit ATLAS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 99 CARMEN CT KISSIMMEE FL 34743 Because Atlas Van Lines, Evansville is sometimes SALTA Insurance Agency, and ReMAX was XAMER .

CONSOLIDATED PIPE & SUPPLY COMPANY INC : 1205 Hilltop Pkwy. , BIRMINGHAM, AL 35204 : 198501-347 Active Creation: 1/10/1985 : Original Creation State: AL. Because part of the Waynedale mortgages became and FDIC mutual fund of Regions Bank, Birmingham.

SECURITY PACIFIC CREDIT CORPORATION : 10089 WILLOW CREEK RD ATTN: TAX DEPT., SAN DIEGO, CA 92131: 198501-852 Status: Merged Creation : 1/25/1985 Inactive : 7/7/1995 : Original Creation State: DE Other Names 1/25/1985 SECURITY PACIFIC DISTRIBUTION SERVICES 7/18/1989 SECURITY PACIFIC BUSINESS FINANCE INC

"Distribution" because Lots in Kryders Addition were held by Security Pacific National, TR with other components of Kitty Carlyle and distribution companies are what deliver commissions.

2/15/1985 THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR CORPORATION : 1995 NORTH PARK PLACE STE 370, ATLANTA, GA 30339 : 198502-463 Active Creation : 2/15/1985 Date to Expire:

2/15/1985 CBT CREDIT SERVICES, INC. : 2120 CULLEN , EVANSVILLE, IN 47715 : 198502-430 : Merged Creation : 2/15/1985 Inactive : 3/31/1995 Other Names 2/15/1985 METRO CREDIT MANAGEMENT 2/15/1985 METRO CREDIT MANAGEMENT 2/15/1985 METRO CREDIT MANAGEMENT/THE CREDIT BUREAU OF FORT WAYNE 2/15/1985

By now it is OK for Fort Wayne to come out of the closet with its long standing financial relationship with Nazi industrialists and arms manufacturers. It is 1985 and we are busy racking up credit card debt and driving RV's. Most of the guys who fought the war are too tired now to care and perhaps the Holocaust wasn't what they said it was after all. Krupp is a great industrialist worthy of our reverence and praise! We must not let the Kingdom of Cans and Big Bertha go to waste!

If you weren't ready for Kitty Carlyle Fairfield Nursing Home before, how about now? Here unfortunately disappointing for the Democratic party is where Arkansas starts rearing its head, which will be discussed later under The Oil Leases of El Dorado.


MISSIONS FOR AFRICA SELF-HELP RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INC: 5257 N TACOMA AVE, STE 9, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 r: 198502-593 Creation Date: 2/20/1985 Inactive Date: 1/17/2006

Of course, a non-profit foundation. Notice "Tacoma." All over the United States this has been done with PLACE NAMES since the railroad building days so that related groups of buried securities can be kept track of, and also as a way to confuse the trail. We think nothing of it on the surface, but place names are an integral part of the plan.

03/01/1985 Lincoln National Bank FDIC Cert #26184 established in Oklahoma City, holding company LINCOLN NATIONAL BANCORPORATION

Time to get ready for an overseas securities swap which will go out one end of the country and come back through the other end.

FARMERS NATIONAL COMPANY : 11516 NICHOLAS STREET , OMAHA, NE 68154 : 198503-264 Status: Active Creation : 3/7/1985 : Original Creation State: NE

LINCOLN GROUP BROKERS INC E: 9100 Keystone Crossing Ste 800, INDPLS, IN 46240 : 198503-498 Status: Active Creation Date: 3/14/1985

WESTIN HOTEL COMPANY : 2231 E Camelback Rd, Ste 400, PHOENIX, AZ 85016 : 198503-675 : Merged Creation : 3/18/1985 Inactive : 6/2/2000 Creation State: DE

LANDMARK CHARTER COACH SERVICE INC : 121 Airport North Office Park , FORT WAYNE, IN 46825 : 198503-905 Creation : 3/25/1985 Inactive : 1/8/2001

Anyone remember the Landmark Banks? It is easier for Arthur Andersen to keep track of pools of securities in named families of securities such as General, Atlas, Allied, Landmark, Countrymark, Countrywide, Nationwide. Otherwise it would be too confusing.

•03/29/1985 SMRK Merger Corporation Articles Filed i.e. Shamrock Capital preparing to merge into Central Soya c/o Roy Disney and officers of Fort Wayne National Bank

•04/01/1985 Agreement of Merger between Shamrock Capital, L.P. , SMRK, and Central Soya Company, 1300 Fort Wayne National Bank Building

1985 April Mitsubishi Paper International, Inc. established in New York, U.S.A.; like, International Paper, St. Joe Company. Because the people would not have liked the idea that we were in bed with the Japanese Imperial family during the war too and vice-versa. Hence, Carlyle Omuta Rex Shopping Plaza constructed on the site of of Omuta Mine #17F used as a prisoner of war camp.

EWING SOUTHEAST REALTY, IN; He is such a bitter pill to swallow.


THYSSENKRUPP MATERIALS, INC. : 22355 WEST 11 MILE ROAD, SOUTHFIELD, MI 48034 : 198504A091 Status: Active Creation : 4/30/1985 Other Names 11/12/2002 COPPER AND BRASS SALES INC (Former)

"Capcom UK and Capcom US were intertwined. Both companies had common directors and shareholders. Capcom UK owned 82% of Capcom US from May 1985 until June 30, 1987...There is evidence that Capcom engaged in money laundering for a variety of clients both in the United States and in London. For example, some 50 transactions were identified in the Futures, Inc. accounts with insufficient or no supporting documentation regarding the source or disposition of funds. These transactions totalled more than $125,000,000.(27)...The investor relationships in Capcom represent the culmination of a long relationship between members of Saudi intelligence and important figures in the US communications industry. The record establishes the relationship between Khalil and the Americans, Romrell, Magness, and Fox had its genesis in the communications industry prior to the creation of Capcom.(47) First, Kerry Fox had a long relationship with Khalil through his work in the electronics business for Martin Marietta and Rockwell International with the Saudi government dating five to ten years prior to the creation of Capcom. The year-end 1987 audit of Capcom in London by Arthur Andersen raised the issue of disclosure of the Paten and Peniel loans: ...The Paten and Peniel loan documents show this statement by the auditors to be completely false. Either the auditors colluded with Capcom management, or more likely, they were misled as to Paten and Peniel by the management of Capcom. ...Capcom Financial Services, Ltd., the British parent company of the Chicago-based Capcom Futures, Inc., was indicted by a grand jury in Tampa, Florida on October 10, 1988.(115) S.Z.A. Akbar and BCCI were also named in the indictment." - Senate Foreign Relations Committee Report on the BCCI Affair


This farmer cooperative was later defrauded by David Heath Swanson, of Fort Wayne National Bank and Central Soya. He could not believe the Fort Wayne regime would actually let him go to trial. So, he didn't show up for his sentencing hearing and instead fled to WA where he was later found.

INDIANA ECONO LODGE INC : 198505-122 Creation : 5/3/1985 Inactive : 12/31/1987

Self-explanatory. Continuously applied influence in state departments of highways and transportation nationally, particularly stepped up in the 1950's, allowed the seedy motel chains and roadside concessions of the Doubloons to flourish. There they placed their ice from of old, and vending machines.

NORAM FORWARDING INC : P.O. Box 988 , FORT WAYNE, IN 46801 : 198505-344 Status:Creation : 5/9/1985

NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (Legal): 1209 ORANGE ST , WILMINGTON, DE 19801 198505-775 Creation : 5/20/1985 Inactive : 10/28/93

"In the mid 1980's Jardine Matheson redomiciled in Bermuda"

METROPOLITAN PETROLEUM COMPANY : 8141 S HOYNE AVE , CHICAGO, IL : 198506-073 Creation : 6/3/1985 Inactive : 11/28/1988 Other Names 6/3/1985 METRO PETRO

HOTEL CORPORATION OF AMERICA : 1200 Executive Dr., TOPEKA, KS 66615 : 1992110338 Creation : 11/6/1992 Inactive : 9/14/1995 Original Creation : 6/4/1985 Original Creation State: KS; This is the counterpart in Fleming Foos Koch Kansas.

WESTERN ATLAS INC.: 3900 Essex Lane Se. 1200, HOUSTON, TX 77027 : 198506-705 Active : Creation : 06/20/1985 Original Creation State: DE Other Names 10/18/1993 See LITTON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INC

NOBLESVILLE AIRPORT INC : 14782 PROMISE RD, NOBLESVILLE, IN 46060 : 198506-842 Status: Active 6/25/1985; means New bonds issued

6/25/1985 2300434197 CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY 115 SW 89TH ST OKC, OK 73139 8511 Effective : 6/25/1985; means new mortgage bonds created

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS INCORPORATED : 198506-918 Creation : 6/27/1985 Inactive : 12/31/1987

TRADE AFRICA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION : 2802 Elizabeth Ct, BLOOMINGTON, IN 47401r: 198507-249 Creation e: 7/8/1985 Inactive : 3/10/1994 Other Names 7/8/1985 TRADE AFRICA ENTERTAINMENT) 7/8/1985 TRANSWORLD TRADE GROUP; right.


7/10/1985 2300434693 ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION - Union Pacific Resources Group Incorporated merged with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in July 2000- 735 1ST NAT'L BLDG OKC, OK 73102 Effective : 7/10/1985

VALVMATIC CONTROL CORPORATION: 198507-491 Creation : 7/17/1985 Inactive : 12/31/1987

Name: UNITED MUTUAL REALTY INC. Filing : JULY 17, 1985 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: NEW YORK Active; this is part of the upcoming 2009 CLICO disaster at the hands of Cyril Duprey, re-routed through Trinidad to Atlanta, GA.

TENNESSEE GAS MARKETING COMPANY : P O BOX 2511, HOUSTON, TX 77252 : 198507-645 Creation : 7/22/1985 Inactive : 10/24/1997; more Ewing

CAPITAL AUTOMOTIVE RESOURCES, INC. : 260 Long Ridge Rd. , STAMFORD, CT 06927 : 198507-759 Creation : 7/25/1985 Inactive : 4/25/2003 : Original Creation State: IL Other Names 3/20/1989 CREATIVE CREDIT SERVICES INC 12/2/1993 GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL SMALL FLEET, INC.

07/25/1985 NORTH AMERICAN PROPERTIES, INC. 5021 EGGLESTON AVE.,#B ORLANDO FL 32804 Filed 07/25/1985 State FL INACTIVE 07/23/1985

EQUITABLE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CORPORATION : 1285 AVE OF AMERICA , NEW YORK CITY, NY 10019 : 198507-817 Creation : 7/26/1985 Inactive: 4/5/1995 : Original Creation State: DE

PRUDENTIAL REALTY TRUST : PRUDENTIAL PLAZA , NEWARK, NJ : 198507-879 Creation : 7/29/1985 Inactive: 6/3/1997

AVONDALE INDUSTRIES INC : 1209 ORANGE ST , WILMINGTON, DE : 198508-391 Creation : 8/12/1985 Inactive : 2/13/1991 Other Names : 8/12/1985 THE LURIA BROTHERS DIVISION Luria purchased the Avondale Shipyard in New Orleans in 1966.

Lot 209 Avondale in Fort Wayne was a marked card, held by both H.H. Peckham and Frank H. Kryder as succesor Trustee for CFK. Lot 209 Avondale was in the group of Kryder mortgages which became an FDIC Certficate mutual fund of Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.

Foreign Profit CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN FLORIDA CORPORATION P.O. BOX 5367 FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33340-2367 P.O. BOX 5367 FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33340-2367 Filed 08/12/1985 State GA WITHDRAWAL 03/18/1991

Judge Mills B. Lane, come on. You gots to say something.

8/12/1985 Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashed; Regions Bank FDIC Cert.#12368; 1968 end of Lex Krupp, beginning Koch Fuels; North American Van Lines sold to Pepsi

•08/19/1985 SMRK Merger Corporation merged into Central Soya Company

RAILWORKS TRACK SYSTEMS, INC. : 1 E 1ST ST 16th FLOOR, RENO, NV : 198508-777 Active Creation : 8/23/1985Other Names 2/11/2000 RAILWORKS RAILROAD SERVICE 10/17/2000 RAILROAD SERVICE INC

CONTINENTAL TRANSIT CORPORATION : 1000 Sagamore Pkwy South , LAFAYETTE, IN 47905 : 198508-844 Active Creation: 8/27/1985

09/11/1985 Shamrock Acquisition, Inc. Merged into Central Soya Company, Inc.; mtg granted by First Federal Savings Bank and Trust in Lakeland is later assigned through RTC to Fairfield Affiliates

09/26/1985 filed in Florida - (Fairfield Life Insurance Company) FORETHOUGHT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 700 STATE ROAD 46E BATESVILLE IN 47006-8835

ESTATE SECURITY INSURANCE GENERAL AGENCY INC : 1140 Lake Avenue, FORT WAYNE, IN 46805 : 198509-894 Status: Active Creation : 9/26/1985

UNION BANK AND TRUST COMPANY : 121 WASHINGTON PO BOX 119 , DELPHI CARROLL, IN 46293 : 198509-847 Creation : 9/25/1985 Inactive : 4/18/1989

COUNTY LINE CHEESE CO INC: ONE CONAGRA DR, OMAHA, NE 68102 : Control Number: 198508-872 : Merged : 8/28/1985 Inactive: 5/28/2004

MAROLF & ASSOCIATES INC : 1202 E COOK RD, FORT WAYNE, IN 46825 : 198509-959 Creation : 9/27/1985 Inactive : 4/18/1989; Hey, I did this guy's landscaping one year in Fort Lauderdale. His girlfriend used to sunbathe topless and the landscapers loved it. Imagine me out in his yard pulling his weeds and planting his Lantana camarifolia and not saying a thing to me about the fact he was a Director Of Anthony Wayne Bank and from the Kryder and Mark Souder Home Town, Leo, Indiana where the Allen County Bank of Leo failed. Fred Marolf. It's a small, small world.

10/4/1985 Tower Partnership ficitious name

10/7/1985 Deed from LNB&T to Tower Partnership

Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail 850028928 LEASE 10-07-1985 07:01 $0.00 38 pages Parties TOWER PARTNERSHIP LEASEE LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO OF FORT WAYNE LEASOR


Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail 850028931 LEASE 10-07-1985 07:01 $0.00 8 pages Parties MUTUAL SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE CO LEASEE TOWER PARTNERSHIP LEASOR

10/10/1985 Fort Wayne National Bank announced purchase of Citizens State Bank of Waterloo and The Auburn State Bank for $14.7 milion in cash and stock

10/12/1985 "Baker Daniels of Indianapolis said Sunday it is joining Shoaff Parker Keegan of Fort Wayne The merger will be completed on Jan 1 The merger will be called Baker Daniels in Indianapolis and Baker Daniels Shoaff in Fort Wayne The combined law firm will have 123 attorneys"

10/15/1985 1900437865 SHAMROCK OIL OPERATING COMPANY Registered Agent: MICHAEL K. MCLAUGHLIN 515 CENTRAL PARK DR. #400 OKLA. CITY, OK 73105 Effective : 10/15/1985

10/21/1985 First National Land and Cattle Co., CO A. O. I.

ELECTRICAL CORPORATION OF AMERICA INC: 7320 Arlington, RAYTOWN, MO 64133 : Control Number: 198511-054 Status: Active Creation Date: 11/1/1985: Original Creation State: KS

COM TRANS INC Merged into Transtar(Legal) : 5001 US HWY 30 W , FORT WAYNE, IN 46818 : 198511-085 Creation : 11/4/1985: Inactive : 12/21/1993

mtg in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida is later assigned through RTC to Fairfield Affiliates

NATIONAL CITY INVESTMENTS CORPORATION : 1900 E. Ninth St. , CLEVELAND, OH 44114 : 1993090491 Original Creation : 11/6/1985 Original Creation State: KY Other Names 9/9/1993 NATIONAL CITY INVESTMENTS 4/22/1994 NATIONAL CITY SECURITIES CORPORATION

BEATRICE FINANCIAL SERVICES INC : 2 NORTH LASALLE STREET, CHICAGO, IL 60602 : 198511-236 Creation : 11/7/1985 Inactive : 2/25/1988

THE MAY-WAY INC : 7520 ST JOE RD , EVANSVILLE, IN 47712 : 198511-419 Creation: 11/13/1985 Inactive: 9/23/1991

11/14/1985 2300439121 DECATUR PETROLEUM CORPORATION 735 FIRST NATIONAL BLDG. OKLA. CITY, OK 73102 Effective : 11/14/1985 3500692655

11/21/1985 STANDARD PRODUCTS CORPORATION : P.O. Box 662, WESTFIELD, IN 46074 : 198511-715 Status: Merged Creation e: 11/21/1985 Inactive 12/30/1994 Other Names 3/8/1988 ROTATION PRODUCTS CORPORATION

11/21/1985 NORTH AMERICAN ROOFING SYSTEMS INC : 198511-708 Creation : 11/21/1985 Inactive : 12/31/1987

11/22/1985 Failure of Allen County Bank and Trust Company, Leo, Indiana- merged with financial assistance into National Bank of Detroit

11/22/1985 HJ RESTAURANT FRANCHISES INC : 700 ROUTE 46 EAST, FAIRFIELD, NJ : 198511-783 Creation : 11/22/1985 Inactive : 12/14/1987

It was a HoJo Burger, by the way, that almost did us in on the way to The World's Fair.

11/27/1985 HOOSIER MONON RAILROAD HOLDING CORPORATION: 719 BOULDER RD , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46217 198511-937 Creation : 11/27/1985 Inactive : 7/31/1989

11/30/1985 Advent of Star Financial Bank announced.

LINCOLN EQUITIES INC : 20 N WACKER DR STE 1711 , CHICAGO, IL : 198512-628 Creation : 12/16/1985 Inactive : 7/31/1989

AVONDALE SERVICES CORPORATION : 277 PARK AVE , NEW YORK, NY : 198512-725 Creation : 12/18/1985 Inactive : 4/30/1990: Original Creation State: DE

12/20/1985 GERMAN AMERICAN INSURANCE, INC. : 518 MAIN ST , PETERSBURG, IN 47567 : 198512-806 : Active Creation : 12/20/1985

12/20/1985 Ohio SHAMROCK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 668553 Corporation For Profit Dec 20 1985

12/26/1985 Statement of Continued Existence of Ohio Knights of Pythias

12/26/1985 COPPER FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING INC : 205 N COLLEGE 515, BLOOMINGTON, IN 47401 : 198512A004 Creation : 12/26/1985 Inactive : 8/5/1993

STAR FINANCIAL BANK : 106-108 S WAYNE ST , HAMILTON, IN 46742 : 198512A151 Creation : 12/30/1985 Inactive : 3/1/1991 Other Names : 10/5/1989 THE HAMILTON BANK

12/30/1985 STAR FINANCIAL BANK, MUNCIE, INDIANA : 1138 Lincolnway East , MUNCIE, IN 47305 G: 198512A136 Creation : 12/30/1985 Inactive : 1/1/1991 Other Names 10/12/1989 CENTRAL BANK & TRUST

12/30/1985 COMCAST CABLE OF INDIANA, INC.: 1500 Market St. 36th Floor, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19102 : 198512A138 Creation : 12/30/1985 : Original Creation : 4/2/1984 Original Creation State: DE


Look here at this 9/11/1967 David J. Stern entity with a real estate plat of Maxfield's:

09/11/1967 THE HARBORAGE ASSOCIATION INC. Filing Information Document Number 713323 FEI/EIN Number 592171931 Date Filed 09/11/1967 State FL Status ACTIVE Last Event AMENDED AND RESTATED ARTICLES Event Date Filed 01/09/2006 Address 21 HARBORAGE ISLE FT LAUDERDALE FL 33316 Agent RURP, WILLIAM R 1322 SE 17TH ST FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33316 US Name Changed: 07/26/2001 Address Changed: 04/19/2006 Officer/Director VPD STERN, DAVID J 801 UNIVERSITY DR, #500 PLANTATION FL 33324 Title PD MCCORMICK, NUCCIA 11 HARBORAGE ISLE FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33316 Title TD CLINE, GIBBONS P.O. BOX 22748 FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33316 Title D WITTENBERNS, ROGER 10 HARBORAGE ISLE DR FT LAUDERDALE FL 33316

9/11/1967 Allen, IN B30A-P71 PLAT 09-11-1967 OLD BROOK FARM SEC VI (LOTS 80-100 INCL) TO Legals SEC: 16 TWP: 31 RNG: 1

Followed by an entity I feel has something to do with the Koch entity XCEL OIL.

EXCEL CONSTRUCTION OF FORT WAYNE INC : 11727 SCHWARTZ RD, FORT WAYNE, IN 46805 : Control Number: 194530-079 Creation : 10/16/1967 Inactive: 7/31/1989

Oh yes, 1967:

KEN-TEX OIL CORPORATION OF INDIANA: 803 BOULDER RD, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46217 : 194522-081 Creation: 7/11/1967 Inactive : 4/18/1989

07/28/1967 Moorhead and Bordner signed a last Annual Report for the Kryder Company; "next meeting of shareholders to be 07/01/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967

d.7/30/1967 Alfried Krupp; announced 7/31/1967; he had been confined to bed for the last two weeks

LINCOLN OIL COMPANY Charter Number: X00065474 Status: Fictitious Active Entity Creation Date: 7/28/1967 State of Business.: MO

07/28/1967 Moorhead and Bordner signed a last Annual Report for the Kryder Company; "next meeting of shareholders to be 07/01/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967

08/29/1967 ICC examiner recommended that Spedco, via K.W. Maxfield "Our North American Cousin" be allowed to buy North American Van Lines in exchange for 22 million in Pepsico stock.



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