Indian Cemetery Violated in Florida

Once again the Corps and the District, the two agencies most responsible for the irreparable environmental destruction of South Florida, and now in charge of its restoration, have immersed their booties in the ultimate dudu by disturbing an ancient sacred burial place of Florida Indian tribes after misrepresenting to the tribes that there were only 56 assorted bones on the site.

The Historic Resources officer for the Miccosukee Tribe, Tina Osceola, stated to Christine Stapleton, author of the story featured in the Palm Beach Post,

"As far as our confidence level is concerned, I can't say it's been shaken," Osceola said. "I can't say as a tribe we had any confidence in the government to begin with."

Oh Hallelulah!

This story naturally appeals to my beliefs that disturbing sacred burial grounds is something to be avoided. Excavation of environmentally sensitive lands permitting is awarded only with copious historical studies and proofs, supposedly. Yet the very two agencies I have written on most scathingly in the past, The Corps and The District, have completely blundered into an ancient Indian cemetery and probably incurred any number of curses upon themselves and our water supply now.

Already Lake Okeechobee is below normal for this time of year.


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