Indiana National Bank, then, was the repository for the Pythian assets which were United Mutual LIfe and all its many guises, American Central, American United, Colonial, CLICO, with assorted combinations and various Fig. 47 Birds of the West Indies two-faced falcons, 1947 CIA aka. In tracing the various portions of Kryder interest in Kitty Carlyle, a national network of related enterprises emerges which appears to have been ensconced on Spring Streets, USA, including

INB BANKING COMPANY : 460 SPRING ST, JEFFERSONVILLE, IN 47130 : Control Number: 198104-860 Creation: 4/30/1981 Inactive Date: 2/9/1996 19 81048 60.

When I see 1960, I am reminded that I was happy until 1960 when Minnie died. But in 1963 the curse of melancholy began. For many years I thought it was the Kennedy assassination. Our house was scrubbed and decorated for Thanksgiving. The school play had been performed, the pies were planned. Then I remember nothing of that Thanksgiving except the vision of Katherine, her beautiful face wrecked with tears, weeping in front of the television. It is true she was never the same mother after that, she never did stop crying. Yet now I know it was not November 1963, but August, when Minnie's Estate was closed, bearing the FDIC Certificate Number of Valley American Bank and Trust Company, later to be merged into Fort Wayne National City Bank, that is when Katherine's and my life went down the kommissionstube.

Document Number Name Event Status Form Formation Date 1 14481048183 14481048183 FAR WEST FINANCIAL MORTGAGE Trade Name Effective Individual 07/01/1997

All very in keeping with Far West Mortgage of Colorado, incorporated as a Colorado corporation in Indiana, without a Certificate from the Colorado Secretary, for the simple reason that it is not incorporated in Colorado.

I can never be happy as long as Minnie is in captivity, so to pass the time away till death, I have done all this work and unravelled the tangled way of the Doubloons in an effort to free her. It is a terrible, dark work. I am glad Minnie didn't live to have to endure the rest of the sixties after two world wars and The Great Depression. And I'm glad Frank didn't have to see 1968. There is no reason for Katherine to have not lived, except that Walker wanted her gilt-edge securities and Lincoln Tower had banking plans on her death. Little did I know when I started seventeen years ago on the Kryder Estate, I would be carried into the blackest vault on earth, laden with the spoils of widows, the weak, the innocent, the unsuspecting; spoils of war so heavy the walls are encrusted with blood, a vault loaded up with the wages, annuities, pensions, hopes, and dreams of a nation-


1970-12-31 INDIANA NATIONAL CORPORATION changed from Domestic Entity Other to Bank Holding Company.

1970-12-31 LINCOLN TOWER CORPORATION changed from Domestic Entity Other to Bank Holding Company.

NAVPAC, Inc., A.O.I. 8/08/1963: Articles were executed on the date of closing of Minnie V. Kryder's Estate, no taxes paid, merged into North American Van Lines 12/31/1970

1970-12-31 BOATMEN'S BANCSHARES, INC. located at SAINT LOUIS, MO was established as a Bank Holding Company.

Only her hairdresser knows for sure- Katherine dead 9/15/1972,

9/15/1972 THE LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION 429665 Corporation For Profit Sep 15 1972 Brecksville Cuyahoga Ohio

4/15/1974 Lincoln Tower Corp., holding company of Lincoln National Bank & Trust Hells Cargo became Lincoln Financial Corporation.


NIC 1974-12-31 Institution is closed, the 1969-08-08 CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN FINANCIAL CORP located at ATLANTA, GA was established as a Finance Company. Judge Mills Lane, three generations in Citizens & Southern.

(State Street) TYPOTRONICS, INC. Charter Number: 00137292 Status: Good Creation Date: 8/8/1969 State of Business.: MO Agent Name: Winsby, Douglas Office Address: 11124 S. Towne Square #103 St. Louis MO 63123

Isn't that hilairous? Typotronics- get it, Lincoln, Linclon, Repubublic of Texas- there are so many of them in NIC. Because those changes of spelling dates are in reality ways for JABA to track its own pyramid for e-gyp America.

I learned a song at the Dane Studio, Into the Night.

"Silently into the Night I go,
into the starry night, through the dark and the dew.
I care not where the road may lead
If I but come again at last to you."

My Mrs. Dane, My Katherine, My Minnie.

I suppose I could change it to, "through the dark and the dudu."



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