The Wind in the Will 000's, Gone With the Wind, Inherit the Wind,The Winds of War, King of the Wind- these are words emanating from the Maker, the Entity which holds the Original Plat for the World. Which document has not been seen for quite some time if ever. Whether it has been hidden by mystics, or stashed in a Skull and Bones Safe Deposit Box at Mercantile Trust, Judgement will be justly carried out for the 1950 Will of Clarence F. Kryder to his heirs, or Berry Street and its icons will continue to bring down the Wrath of God upon the entire country. That's the way it is working, as told in Holy Scriptures of many kinds. Someone has not been making their payments on the Maker to the correct recipients- Men, who have been entrusted with power, they know who they are, have been deceiving the Vault of Heaven from where the wind blows.

The treasure of a righteous man is incorruptible, and Clarence F. Kryder was a righteous man who spent WWI, The Great Depression, and WWII helping to develop Fort Wayne Indiana, with his own resources, into Look Magazine's America's Happiest City in 1950. That's how he left the town he and others conscientiously planned, while his 1950 Will, Trusts, and Transfer of Property was left in the hands of people on Berry Street who are green with corrosion, who connived to deliver the Kryder heirs the classic Lurch, starting a new entity the moment of Katherine Kryder's untimely, suspicious death. More importantly, they have corrupted and undermined our nation with above-the-law securities trading, disguised patent relationships, and secret mutual funds.

SURRENDER MINNIE, G.H. Walker and your F.R. Linclons. I saw a vision of the anchor of Blackbeard clear as day, several hours before it was pulled out of the deep and officially discovered. What do you think about that? It must be a Message to you.

"A North Carolinian tale holds that Teach's (Blackbeard's) skull was used as the basis for a silver drinking chalice; a local judge even claimed to have drunk from it one night in the 1930s.[114] The name of Blackbeard has been attached to many local attractions, such as Charleston's Blackbeard's Cove.[115] "- Wiki; Charleston being location of First U.S. Scottish Rite Temple.

The year was 1976- G.H.W. Bush was Head Skull of the CIA. Clarence and Minnie's original HOLC Bonds converted to Treasury Notes of 1976 had to secretly be converted off the books of The United States Treasury, else a DEATH TAX NOTICE would have been generated to the IRS. This never occurred. Of course I was busy celebrating the Bi-Centennial, unawares I was being ripped off by the future President of the United States. Isn't it funny that the last in a chain of Federal Securities issued to bail out bankers in 1933-1934 finally rolled over into a new type of security in 1976, exactly 2 100-yr. bonds from The Declaration of Independence? Doesn't this make one think the Treasury has been pyramiding bonds to help certain banking organizations and industries grow stronger and stronger, which all seem to belong to one happy little family of families?


Wells Fargo Bank; Norwest Bank La Crosse, National Association 305 Fifth Avenue South La Crosse,WI 54601 FDIC Certificate #: 5351 Date Established: 1/1/1876

(DuPont, Florida National Bank) FLORIDA INLAND NAVIGATION COMPANY JACKSONVILLE FL 01/28/1876: exp. 12/14/1936

3/2/1876 " THE LINCOLN TOWER IN LONDON. —Tbe New Christ Church, in Westminister, London, is especially interesting on account of the tower built by subscription as a memorial to Abraham Lincoln." The Decatur Republican

Jardine Matheson (British opium trade) set up the first railroad in China in 1876 from Shanghai to Woosung.

"Deutsche Bank acquired the banks Berliner Bank-Verein and Deutsche Union-Bank in 1876 and became then the largest bank in Germany"

Note Union Bank/Union Pacific/ Harriman

July 1876 Mitsui Bank established as a private bank.(Capital stock: ¥ 2 million). The important truth here being that Fort Wayne industry needed copper and the Mitsuis had copper with no way to get it out of the mountains. Harriman, who used only Krupp Steel tires, sold the railroad equipment to the Mitsui family.

08/11/1876 DIEBOLD, INCORPORATED 1276 Corporation For Profit Aug 11 1876 Active Canton Stark Ohio

(Flagler, Barnett Bank, Standard Oil) JACKSONVILLE, ST. AUGUSTINE AND INDIAN RIVER RAILROAD AND NAVIGATION CO 06/06/1876 : exp.12/31/1963 (1963, closing of Estate of Minnie V. Kryder simultaneous with NAVPAC.



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