Golden Eye

Now that some numbers have officially been released, Kitty Carlyle can be calculated with a summary of the data.


The Union Pacific Railroad currently owes the U.S. Treasury 5.6 trillion in federal securities which are managed in a private POOL of assets, sequestered from the Treasury, but which originated in The New Deal as a sound base for the U.S. Treasury. Clearly something went wrong with securities of the New Deal, because we are not sound, having been led here by troublemaking gold hoarders who did everything they could come up with to prevent the coming of The Sound Financial Community.

The securities were FDR issue, and were numerically tagged by the Kryder's legally unaccounted-for pool of Special Tax Condition Federal Securities so as to be caught eventually in the horrifying POOL of G.H. Walker & Co., Inc., the long - time UNSUBS. Frank obtained his magical SSN in July 1942 when Bush and Harriman gold holding for Thyssen was first suspected, before the fund was frozen October 1942.

The UPRR has used the same asset pool to secure multiple sets of loans and acquisitions for Kitty Carlyle. Numbers prove Walker pays back to the Treasury 1% annually of what is made from Minnie. Though Minnie belongs in the Treasury, her gold value is in Walker's Vault. Walker's Vault is a satellite of the Apex floating above the U.S. Treasury's Pyramidal Base. From our Apex, gold has been translocated to the satelllite vault, and the void has been stuffed with Walker's International Paper.

The debt ceiling determines the space between the Base and the Apex. But we should wonder about the Gold Floor of the Apex, which has to be the debt ceilng of the Base. Is there an American Gold Floor anymore?


The amount of debt pyramided on 14,000,000 in 1898 by the Union Pacific RR was 56,000,0000 at the close of the Home Owners Loan Corporation in 1954, and in 57 years has become 5.6 trillion with 1% yearly on the current figure being paid back to the Treasury.


5.6 (missing in interest actually due the Treasury) - 2.4 (raise ceiling) = 3.2 trillion the UPRR does not have to put back now.
3.2 + 1.2 cuts = 4.4 trillion the UPRR does not have to put back now.
4.4 +1.2 cuts next year = 5.6 trillion intact original POOL + profits made on pyramided acquisitions of the 4.4 trillion, less losses due to downgrading of U.S. credit rating.


All heirs and assigns of the 1863 37th Congress receive royalties in some form from the UPRR forever and ever.


Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.