Good Mourning, America. As it turns out, the news has announced that we do have our own Royalty, and they are the Hollywood Royalty, not the Hoteliers, as I had hopefully proposed. Further, they are all coming out tonight in theatre billed as "Hollywood Royalty Meets Real Royalty" as the world holds its breath to see Kate's gown. I am amazed to hear of some of the Hollywood Royalty who are on the guest list, considering their liberal political views in the past.

The question is, can Hollywood Royals play polo or land a helicopter on water or row for great distances? Are they good at chess? For, William has been caught on film looking boreder and boreder, and I have seen his mother's famous smirk captured in several still shots this tour. Hollywood Royals drink and take drugs, shoplift, and openly engage in bad behavior. This meeting of Hollywood vs Real Royals is the ultimate Saint Andrew's Cross, or Descension of Chi as foretold by Shang Tang. Tonight, the earth shifts on its axis.

From Mount Rushmore to the Capitol to the Grand Canyon, from the secluded Greenbrier Resort owned by CSX, to The Breakers in Palm Beach, owned by the Flagler System, or even Whitehall itself, does all Kate want to do during her first trip to America is meet LA Hollywood Royalty on stage? And, if one cares not to look upon America the Beautiful, but the America we hide, why not tour the backwoods of West Virginia, South Carolina, and Gary, Indiana?

Clearly the Royal Pit Stop in America has no more meaning or depth than the Hollywood which America has been trained to worship, for marketing purposes only.

Idols of the King-

It was said we love to set them up amongst ouselves- Celluloid and Tabloid Images to worship. Images which tell us what to wear, how to look rich and be poor, how to feel superior, how to marry a real prince, how to get into the Playboy Mansion.

Else we are all spiraled into decrepitude, tonight the cup turns over for another waiting to receive- curtains, dishes, or a double-boiler, or something very special, just for me.



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