The Kryder Estate will now demonstrate why so much debt is DUE on 8/2/2011 because it has been pyramided upon stolen and concealed assets in a pool in which the Kryder Estate circulates under the auspices of G.H. Walker & Company, MO. Considering the break up of the Standard Oil Trust in 1911, the importance of August 2 is seen in 1912 - in conjunction with Omaha's first 99 year lease, Jardines Matheson establishing its first bank in China, and Samuel Insull, establishing what is otherwise known as Commonwealth Edison, along with our TAG the 1912 Plat of Pontiac Place Addition of which Clarence and Minnie Kryder own an undivided one half-interest which has never been taxed or accounted for in their estates. The Kryders knew real estate is the only asset which couldn't disappear in Allen County, Indiana. Now, lo and behold their interest dating from 1912 has been transferred untaxed time and again by G.H. Walker & Co.

Probably every member of Congress is receiving a Union Pacific Royalty in some form, and now they've been told it's always been bad money. The way is to compromise them first, then make demands.

In short, money has been borrowed against a HUGE 99 yr. lease while for a fact, the Kryder Securities dating from 1912 are missing, and since no one is supposed to know they are missing, they can just be hiding in the pool in a vault when they technically belong in the U.S. Treasury until legally redeemed. Legal Redemption has never taken place. Someone else with invisible transferring powers keeps them for pyramiding debt which is being pushed off on the whole country. That's the Robert Fleming, Lord Touche wealth acummulation plan taught to Harriman.

Further, hidden securities are used to shield ongoing money laundering in this enterprise by nationally layering cash through investment companies into five year revenue bonds. Every five years, the deck is shuffled, and money from the same illicit mutual fund is relayered in other cities, other states, through other firms. It is all quite organized, with its own filing system, and once studied thoroughly, the financial future becomes completely predictable. Their own dates of origin prevent their escape, for back then they assumed no one one-hundred years later will have any way to connect an organized scheme. There was no way then to foresee the computer and internet, and the ability to create a database based on dates of federal interest creation and transfer.

Now, based on the lengths of bonds, bank charters, insurance charters, the 40 year and the 50 year real estate corporation, taxpayer identification numbers or the lack thereof, we can pull away their shower curtain and have a good laugh, because time lapse has the culprits 100% exposed, due to their making too many assumptions, including mortgage assumptions.

1/8/1912 "TAKING WABASH IN HAND. An official announcementt is now made as to the drastic measures for the reorganisation of-that famous American railroad which delights in the name of Wabash. A committee, consisting of the New York, Amsterdam, and London representatives— the London one being Mr. Robert Fleming has been constituted at the instance of the bondholders." Now, Jardines Fleming is merged with Chase.

8/2/1912 (owned by Insull, founder of Commonwealth Edison) NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY : 801 E 86TH AVE, MERRILLVILLE, IN 46410 : Control Number: 192445-018 Status: Active Creation Date: 8/2/1912;

9/19/1912 Pontiac Place Addition was platted in Fort Wayne, Allen County

8/2/1934 (Wells Fargo at Frank Kryder's birthplace, Decatur,IN 46733 FDIC Certificate #: 14579 Date Established: 1/1/1883 Bank Charter Class: Federal Reserve Member Date of Deposit Insurance: 8/2/1934 )

Minnie Kryder's FDIC Certificate was #14518, transferred through Valley National to National City Bank.(see Valley National and failed North American Bank below.)

8/2/1935 ALLIED BUILDING MATERIAL AGENCY, INC.: 3600 Woodview Trace , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 : 192871-144 Creation : 8/2/1935 Other Names 8/2/1935 ALLIED BUILDING MATERIAL AGENCY 6/17/1997 INDIANA LUMBERMENS MUTUAL AGENCY INC

8/2/1946 There is THE NICKEL PLATE IMPROVEMENT COMPANY INC: THREE COMMERCIAL PLACE , NORFOLK, VA 23510 : 194122-165 Active Creation : 8/2/1946 :

The Nickelplate RR built an elevation through Clarence and Minnie Kryder's Fairfield Terrace development, and their Nickelplate RR Bonds have never been accounted for, nor have their federal national mortgage securities for Lots in Fairfield Terr. Sec A and more than 500 in Sec. B. Instead of their federal national mortgage securities being in the U.S. Treasury, they have been borrowed against as many times as possible since 1933, never taxed or accounted to their estates.

8/02/1949 NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, INC. Current Entity Name:NA LIQUIDATING CORP. Initial DOS Filing Date: 08/02/1949 County: ERIE Jurisdiction: INDIANA Entity Type: FOREIGN BUSINESS CORPORATION Current Entity Status: ACTIVE DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity) NA LIQUIDATING CORP. 500 FIFTH AVE. ROOM 410 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10110

8/02/1951 BARNETT BANK OF HOMESTEAD 499 ENGLISH AVENUE P.O. BOX 68 HOMESTEAD FLA 33030 Filed 08/02/1951 State FL CONVERSION 08/12/1981

(Fred Barnett Shoaff employed Kryder Estate lawyer) Homestead is South Florida's principal agricultural region.

8/2/1954 Minnie Kryder's Farm Loan Bonds of 8/2/1954, originating in 1918 to this day have never been taxed or accounted for. But they were transferred by G,H, Walker & Company Charter Number 13974, St. Louis MO. Farm Loan Bonds are federal securities. Instead of being in the U.S. Treasury, they have been diverted to G.H. Walker & Company along with assets of Minnie's Trust Estate. Money has been lent out against those bonds which was never intended to be repaid.



8/02/1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident (Wiki "The outcome of these two incidents was the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by "communist aggression". The resolution served as Johnson's legal justification for deploying U.S. conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam."

Sound familiar to WMD tactics?


8/2/1972 ALLIED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Number: C0662053 Filed: 8/2/1972 Status: forfeited Jurisdiction: IOWA Address 701 FIFTH AVENUE DES MOINES, IA 50391 Agent KIRT WALKER 2301 CIRCADIAN WY SANTA ROSA, CA 95402

(Fort Wayne daisy chain World Oil/Commonwealth Edison price gouge of 1973-1974)

NIC 1982-08-02 NORTH AMERICAN BANK, THE located at 80 NORTH MONROE, PHOENIX, AZ was established as a Non-member Bank
This institution has failed (see Institution History). The last available information is: NORTH AMERICAN BANK, THE 80 NORTH MONROE PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES 85002 Institution Type: Non-member Bank Primary Federal Regulator: FDIC Insurance: FDIC/BIF RSSD ID: 17763 FDIC Certificate #: 23931 Routing Transit Number (RTN): 122105126 Activity: COMMERCIAL BANKING

Further history: acquired: COLUMBIA BANK 11 WEST VAN BUREN AVONDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES 85323 Institution Type: State Member Bank Primary Federal Regulator: FEDERAL RESERVE Insurance: FDIC/BIF RSSD ID: 485166 FDIC Certificate #: 25907 Routing Transit Number (RTN): 122105333 Activity: COMMERCIAL BANKING ;1985-03-18 COLUMBIA BANK located at 11 WEST VAN BUREN, AVONDALE, AZ was established as a State Member Bank. 1992-02-28 COLUMBIA BANK failed. VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA, THE acquired the remaining assets.

VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA, THE This institution has closed (see Institution History). The last available information is: 241 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE OFFICE 241 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES 85004 Institution Type: Domestic Branch of a Domestic Bank RSSD ID: 103862 Head Office: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION

8/02/1984 RE/MAX OF FLORIDA, INC. Filed 08/02/1984 Status Active OLD NAME WAS : RE/MAX OF FLORIDA, NAME CHANGE 11/27/1984 OLD NAME WAS : XAMER, INC.

8/2/1985 HEAVEN'S GATE MINISTRIES CHURCH Number: C1282224 Date Filed: 8/2/1985 P O BOX 410217 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111 Agent LESLIE HARVEL 422 GUERRERO ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 (mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe)

8/2/1985 PERUGINI MORTGAGE COMPANY: 6418 Lima Rd., FORT WAYNE, IN 46818 : Control Number: 198508-081Creation Date: 8/2/1985 Inactive Date: 8/12/1998 Other Names 2/22/1989 PEOPLES MORTGAGE COMPANY INC (Former) 5/24/1993 PEOPLES MORTGAGE COMPANY

1985-08-02 Institution is closed. ALLIED INSURANCE located at TAOS, NM . see 1972.

(1985 Central Soya merged into Shamrock, Roy Disney President. That's Amarillo Shamrock as in Yellow Pages and Yellow Cabs; Columbia Bank was established- aquired the failed North American Bank and then itself failed in 1992 see below)


1990-08-02 AMSTERDAM-ROTTERDAM BANK, N.V. moved to 20-22 FOPPINGADREEF AMSTERDAM, 0, NETHERLANDS and changed from Foreign Banking Organization to Foreign Banking Organization as a BHC. (ABN AMRO or Standard Federal, Fort Wayne )

8/02/1991 LINCOLN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Domestic Articles/For Profit Jun 15 1972 B812_0075 B812_0075 Domestic/Dissolution Aug 02 1991 - link from Allied Insurance Agency A 1972, see above 8/2/1972

(1992-02-28 COLUMBIA BANK failed (see 1985). VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA, THE acquired the remaining assets.;VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA, THE This institution has closed (see Institution History). The last available information is: 241 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE OFFICE 241 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES 85004 Institution Type: Domestic Branch of a Domestic Bank RSSD ID: 103862 Head Office: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION )


8/2/1993 THE BLACKSTONE GROUP, INC.: 6350 N. Shadeland Ave. Ste. 2, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220: 1993060625 Creation : 6/16/1993 Inactive : 3/12/2001 Other Names: 8/2/1993 LEXINGTON GROUP LTD

8/2/1995 FAIRFIELD SALES & MANAGEMENT, INC later "Fairffield Realty." was incorporated in Indiana.

8/02/1999 8/02/1999 990055197 MAXFIELD KENNETH W FROM DEED

8/2/2001 THE CITADEL CORPORATION OF SULLIVAN COUNTY : 32 S COURT STREET, SUITE D, SULLIVAN, IN 47882 : Control Number: 2001080700464 Status: Active Non-Profit Domestic Corporation Entity Creation Date: 8/2/2001

32 Court Street has served as both the initial Sullivan Insurance Company incorporated by Rob Morrow, former president of Union Trust, Kokomo,and later, president of Lincoln National Bank and Trust in Fort Wayne, but as the home office of the Reeves Alanar Church Bond Pyramid

8/2/2001 ENTERPRISE WAREHOUSE, L.L.C. : ONE CONAGRA DR , OMAHA, NE 68102 : 2001080300006 Creation : 8/2/2001 Inactive : 10/9/2003 Original Creation : 7/30/2001 Original Creation State: DE

Conagra is a Cheesy operation made of North American Van Lines and Central Soya, and cheese and other foods of Leo, IN and/or Fort Wayne National Bank Building.

8/02/2001 "Energy Services Williams Completes Merger With Barrett; Announces Management Team TULSA, Okla. and DENVER -- Williams (NYSE: WMB) and Barrett Resources Corporation (NYSE: BRR) announced the completion of their planned merger. Barrett stockholders approved the merger at a special stockholder meeting today in Denver. The certificate of merger was subsequently filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware."

Continued, whereby in the next section of this post, I will show some of the charter and taxpayer numbers which cement together the truth of what I say.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 31 weeks ago

NEXT PART: $4,200,000,000,000.00 exactly covers the pyramided debt of the Union Pacific RR on an 1898 mortgage of $14,000,000.00. This is calculated to the day. (Recall, "Days are Numbers"- A Parsons.).

Below I will show in a very simple calculation how the debt must be covered by Day 21,273 or their pyramid will collapse. I will show how The State Bank of India 33682 and Regions Bank 33764 all add up to G.H. Walker & Co MO Charteris #12423, created in 1939.....:

calculations to be shown here.....

It is not so hard to follow, but due to the number of congressional zeroes in the figure I get tired and have to rest sometimes. First we must hearken back to the original $14,000,000 in railroad bonds in 1898 from which the Union Pacific RR has generated $4,200,000,000,000.00 for itself and now demands that they be covered as a National Debt. Because, The Union Pacific RR is the 37th Congress, and all their heirs and assigns forever, and Robert Fleming taught them the old way of doing things so as to go back to the days of inbred sons and heirs.

1898 $14,000,000 mortgage of the Omaha, Kansas City & Eastern railroad

Monterey and Santa Catalina RR stock wiped out by foreclosure .

Lincoln Trust Co., Nebraska was incorporated as Lincoln Safe Deposit and Trust Co., later segregated into two companies in 1911.

UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY 7007768 1416 DODGE ST, OMAHA, NE 681790001: MERGED Date of Formation in Kansas: 03/19/1898 State of Organization: UT

6/8/1898 d. Eli Lilly

National Bank of Egypt 6/25/1898 under 50 year concession 6/25/1948 6/25/1998 1998-06-25

"Formation by Jardines and HSBC of the British and China Corporation ('BCC') which was responsible for much of the development of China's railway system" (and opium trade.)

The 99-year lease of The New Territories (Hong Kong) was granted in 1898

Jardines helped establish The Star Ferry Company = port leases and transportation bonds

"representatives of the Standard Oil Company will probably enter the Directory of the American Cotton Oil Company. There are Intimations that the Messrs. Rockefeller, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Flagler have acquired such an Important Interest In the securities of the Cotton Oil"

In New Bern, North Carolina, Caleb D. Bradham, pharmacist, created Pepsi Cola.

12/24/1898 Death of Randal Trevor McDonald, Fort Wayne benefactor and president of Jenney Electric Company who fought to keep the industry owned locally. It was sold by Berry Street lawyers to GE almost immediately after his death.

As for the $14,000,000, please carefully note:

1898 $14,000,000 mortgage of the Omaha, Kansas City & Eastern railroad

1/5/1904 "1/5/1904 ""HEIRS OF LATE JAMES CHENEY FOUND MORE WEALTH. The estate of the late James Cheney, the Fort Wayne millionaire, is said to be much larger than at first thought. It is now claimed that the wealth left by him to his three daughters will amount to between $10,000,000 and $14,000,000. Information has come from New York, where an examination of the safety deposit box was made and this, it is said, contained, more securities than, the relatives thought were owned by Mr. Cheney...The first knowledge the general speculating public in "Wall street had of his command of wealth was in July, 1893, during the panic. He was called to New York during that month three different , times. On each- of these1 visits he cleared over $500,000. His earnings on investments made in Wall street in that-.month made him worth more than the first estimates of his wealth made in this city (FORT WATNE) at the time of his death."

1/1934 "The Union Trust, with ten million of Van Sweringen paper, got $14,000,000 from the R. F. C." - THE BETRAYAL OF CLEVELAND by John T. Flynn, Harpers Magazine, Jan. 1934

5/27/1951 5/29/1951 Official closing of The Home Owners Loan Corporation, delivering a $14,000,000 surplus to the Treasury.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 31 weeks ago

Therefore, we see the magic number of $14,000,000.000 four times between 1898-1951 = $56,000.000.00. Keep this in mind for later.


2011-1898 = 113 years x 365 days = 21245 days -28 leap year days = 21,273 days.

Now subtract the number of days til debt is due from State Bank of India FDIC# 33682 - 21273 = 12409.

Now subtract the number of days til debt is due from Regions Bank FDIC# 33764 -21273 =12491.

These are numbers in the GH Walker & Co series 12423.

Adding 09+91+23=123, get the beginning of abstraction of Regions Bank FDIC# 12368. (91-23=68)

Recall GH Walker & Co 22572 + 11111 (Polaris) = State Bank of India FDIC# 33683.

And State Bank of India #33682 = 30070 (Kryder pool) + 3612, last four digits of Frank's SSN.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 30 weeks ago

The Pyramided 14 Million Debt of 1898:

Between 1898 and 1951 (when $14,000,000) was returned to the U.S. Treasury via the Home Owners Loan Corporation, are 53 years. In that time, within the same organization of institutions and their clientele, the amount went off and on the books four times (see above history) creating a figure of $56,000,000.


2011-1898 = 113 years til debt due.

2011-53= 60 years left.1951, there were 60 years til the pyramided debt which was $56,000,000 in 1951 would become due.

30 years = length of an insurance company (mutual fund) charter. Each 30 years the pyramided debt grows exponentially with new 100 year bonds.

60 years can be kept on two sets of books, one which contains the Kryder HOLC Bonds, etc., and one of an actual mutual insurer, one that is the trusted unregulated mutual fund manager for the unregulated FDIC, for example.

The National Debt in the year 2000 was 5.7 trillion.

In 2011, the UPRR debt is 5.6 trillion, having been reduced in 11 years (.5 x 22 yr RR lease) 1 billion.

We are told that 4.2 trillion in cuts are needed. That would cover the UPRR debt with a deficit of 1.4 trillion.

It's pretty easy to see that $14 million in 1898 is $1.4 trillion in 2011.

Raising the ceiling 3 trillion, 3 X 1.4 trillion UPRR Deficit = 4.2 trillion in cuts.

The UPRR owes the Treasury (5.6 ) trillion, but instead will continue to disguise that debt as an asset which has grown exponentially from the 14 million debt of 1898 .

Call it, "Reverse Accounting."

Not finished.


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