How to break an interlocking numerical system down to its smallest components is key to what we cannot see. Much has to be deduced from data plus imagination, but simple numerical proofs are most convincing.

We are numbers, not men, The Prisoner was trying to tell us- we are prisoners of Number 1. Number 1 knows us by our filed legal document numbers, and in more advanced cases, by our account numbers of any sort, phone numbers, address, and zip code.

As an exercise, make a database of all your numbers beginning with your social security number, file numbers of fictitious entity registrations, or other state filed document numbers, birth registration, mortgages, probates, trusts, judgments, mutual fund accounts, equipment lease numbers, serial numbers on bonds or shares, loans, ignoring hyphens and spaces, writing each number or group of numbers as one uninterrupted number. Next, highlight matching blocks of three numbers in your list. You may find more than three numbers in matching blocks. This is how information is gathered and reassembled into larger less distinguishable numbers for Number 1's use.

Why was Thin Thread Ignored? Because the whole USA could have accidentally been knit together into Sense, Truth, and Confound Discovery.

Let's start at the beginning with NSA, whose building number is 9821, and the Kryder Company, Inc. folio 193007098.

The Real Estate Company was not incorporated until 1932, but 12/28/1921 is the Recorded Partnership of The Kryder Company Realtors, C. Frank and Frank H. Kryder, 305-306 Carroll Building; in Allen County Partner Book 2 p 31

In '70 the Penn Central was the worst railroad bankruptcy in American History.

The simplest applicationI I can find thus far begins with the SSN of George Herbert Walker, Jr. 491164976.

Walker (4911 x 2) -1 = NSA 9821. Times two, to account for the underworld books lodged against free commerce.

This should put to rest any further questions as to who in this information file is Number 1.

Note the 11 x 2 =22 years in a hidden railroad lease, revealed by Robert Young, New York Central president, 1958.

There was once a National Security Bank of Chicago which is now U.S. Bank 6548.

NSA 9821 + USB 6548= Kryder Deed 16369 transferred 8/29/1947.

8/29/1947 MORRIS PLAN FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION Legal Name: FIRSTMARK FINANCIAL CORPORATION: 110 E WASHINGTON ST , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204: 194045-113 Creation : 8/29/1947 Inactive : 2/13/1991; Kryder assets left in Morris Plan Industrial Bankers aka Anthony Wayne Bank, Summit Bank, Chicago National Bank of Detroit.

"7/26/1947 When the War Department was abolished by the National Security Act of 1947 (61 Stat. 495), July 26, 1947, army G-2 functions and components, including ASA, transferred to Department of the Army in the National Military Establishment."

NIC has a batch of numbers monitored as the entity "National Security."


This entity is not registered in AZ, DE, CO or the usual places, just ahead of Fort Wayne National Life Insurance Company of Phoenix, which charter has yet to be located.

(1998-07-01 FORT WAYNE NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of PHOENIX AZ was acquired by NATIONAL CITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, subsidiaries of Fort Wayne National Corporation, Inc. 1/13/1969, sans taxpayer i.d. til 1981. )

Regions Bank 12368 - NSA 9821 = 2547

1900125470 OKLAHOMA MORRIS PLAN COMPANY Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 735 1ST NATL BLDG OKC, OK 73102 Effective Date: 4/27/1948

Photo ID: 00002547 Collection: Historic Photos Notes: NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES HEADQUARTERS, 1976. ; Historical Collection of the Allen County Library- note 1976, the year G.H. Walker & Co., Inc. had to redeem the Kryder HOLC-Treasury Notes.

How about this for National Security? Grannies everywhere, pay attention!

Minnie's C bond 47504 - Regions Bank 35136 = Regions Bank 12368 !

I have cartloads of these in-your -face simple calculations, but it takes a lot out of me to make it comprehensible, if at all.



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