As the world comes closer and closer to Critical Mass Stage, a truer than true tale of the planned genocide of certain American families via estate lawyers and trust companies knits itself together, as one mysterious death, murder, drugging, poisoning, and suicide after another emerges in the documents of three family fortunes, though varying in nature, generated in the Depressing War Years of the Prescott Bush generation, and certainly in the case of Kryder, were concealed by agents of G.H. Walker & Company, Inc., St. Louis, MO and now exist as distributions and royalties to nasty and naughty people.

I will let Yoshannah tell you his story and experience with a granddaughter of Howard Hughes, a CIA hallucinogenic nightmare mirroring the experience of Katherine Anne Kryder 1966-1972 as well as the continuous drugging of Ruth Lilly by her trusteees, attacks on our families which persist in the present day because of the hidden trustees of our property.

For that matter, my ancestor Chief Metea was poisoned by the Allen County Indian Agent so the Pottawatomie could be marched out of their beautiful land reserve in Indiana to Oklahoma on "The Trail of Death."

What strikes me so in Yoshannah's story is that like me and my mother Katherine Kryder, actual elimination of his own family members in traumatic ways created chasms in his knowledge and understanding of his own roots and why things were happening. Independently we were spurred on our searches of official records and archived history, where we both found we were almost cut-off forever from our own heritage by usurpers, who plan to leave us on Tobacco Road with a bag of mercury-treated soybeans.

Cigarette fiends! Dopers! Poisoners! They can't get rid of us fast enough.

Well, I am going to stand by Yoshannah's Disney, as long as he doesn't present f@rt joke films or creepy Tim Burton stuff for use by impressionable young children.



bamboo's picture
bamboo 8 years 7 weeks ago

White Dragon Society is helping you my friend.Very few are aware of the relationship between Howard Hughs 2 billion$ fortune/Enron/Baker/Bush. The Cons can't line up fast enough to testify against one another. Cheney is presently in negotiations to save his ass. It's going down now but they will not let go easily and IMHO billions of lives will be lost in the next 24 months.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 7 weeks ago

Hot Damn! A Hand for Each Hand was planned for the World. Seventeen years ago I gave my hand tracing to the Reverend J.C. Cook because she has top notch experience in dealing with voo-doo and black arts, and boy does she know her Bible.

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