To be explained using the Shevell Asssociated Transport and Eastern Freight Ways connection to North American Van Lines in 1966 when the Kryder Estate disappeared, and who influenced Hoffa in the assembly of, and decimation of, the Central States Teamsters Pension funds, as compared with the crashing of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Trust in 1930. Also to be explained are Kryder assets at stake when Hoffa was declared legally dead 7/30/1982.

But first, the scene of the crime- the restaurant where Hoffa's abandoned car was found in 1975:

9/12/1963 MACHUS RED FOX, INC. ID Num: 139927 Agent: ROBERT J. MACHUS Registered Office Address: 725 S. HUNTER BOULEVARD BIRMINGHAM MI 48009 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3022 BIRMINGHAM MI 48012 Formed Under Act Number(s): 327-1931 Incorporation/Qualification Date: 9-12-1963 Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGA MERGER Date: 4-15-1997 9/12/1963 4/15/1997

9/12/1963 George H. W. Bush, president of Zapata Oil Co., announced he would oppose Democrat Sen Ralph Yarborough in the next race for Senator.

Then, dramatic events leading up to the crime:

7/16/1975 Daniel Shevell, president of Eastern Freightways and Associated Transport committed suicide. His brother Myron then took over the business, though he was not a founder.

7/30/1975 James Hoffa disappeared July 30, 1975, declared legally dead July 30, 1982 7/30/1975 7/30/1982

8/3/1975:Pictured in newspaper: "HOFFA'S CAR - The 1974 Pontiac driven by Jimmy Hoffa was found abandoned outside the (Machus) Red Fox restaurant in Detroit's suburban Bloomfleld Hills.



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leighmf 7 years 51 weeks ago

Having inspected the scene of the crime, the next considerations are, who would most want Hoffa offed, and who would be able to accomplish the act without underworld repercussions? How did the Lindner, Kryder, Schultz (Scrigna), Shevell, Disney, and Bush family get entangled, and in what?

Our background entities Allied-Atlas must be introduced while we return to the year the impetus peaked to bring Nazi funds and war profits into the United States secretly :


3/5/1941 3/05/1941 Associated Transport incoporated in Delaware (SHEVELL)

3/7/1941 Fred C. Koch incorporated Wood River Oil & Refining Co. in Minnesota

3/27/19413/27/1941 A.O.I. Union National Life Insurance Company

3/26/1941 Headline "President Franklin Roosevelt's Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, signed Vesting Order Number 248 seizing the property of Prescott Bush under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The order, published in obscure government record books and kept out of the news, explained nothing about the Nazis involved; only that the Union Banking Corporation was run for the Thyssen family of Germany and/or Hungary ,'' nationals ... of a designated enemy country. ''

5/2/1941 5/02/1941 ALLIED STORES CORPORATION Initial DOS Filing Date: MAY 02, 1941 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: DELAWARE

5/4/1941 Liquidation of the Standard Trust of Cleveland completed with 47.5% return to depositors. Depositors were primarily The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers who were steered into bad investments and the Florida Land Boom. Like the Teamsters planned for a retirement community, so had The B.L.E. planned to retire to the Plat of Venice, Florida. The Brotherhood lost Venice which is now home to a third generation Kryder lawyer.

7/25/1941 A Presidential Order froze Japanese assets in the United States and caused a run on Japanese banks.

7/31/1941 Headline " THYSSEN'S CASH 'FROZEN' IN U. S. German Industrialist Who Helped Hitler Has 3 Millions in N. Y. Bank"

"... In tracing the money, the news paper named the Union Banking Corporation as its "normal guardian,' describing that firm as an investment corporation set up in 1924 with funds supplied by a Thyssen-controlled banking house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Thus, the funds of the Union Banking Corporation and subsidiaries were frozen as a Dutch-controlled firm at the time of the German occupation of the Netherlands. Citing the prior confiscation ol Thyssen properties, however, the Herald Tribune speculates that "it might appear that the assets here are legally a part of the German government's assets in the United States."

08/01/1941 Thyssen fund frozen- in funds of Union Banking Corp., Prescott S. Bush and E.R. Harriman Directors.

9/21/1941 b.MCCARTNEY, LINDA L 21 Sep 1941, an Allied heiress through her maternal line. Lindner Department Stores

11/01/1941 Navistar, Inc. incorporated in Illinois

12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Bombed

12/29/1941 Incorporated in Oklahoma- UNION OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA Filing Number: Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA Formation Date: 29 Dec 1941 Registered : 115 S.W. 89TH STREET : OKLAHOMA CITY OK 73139 8511

Discussion to follow...

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leighmf 7 years 50 weeks ago


Allied and Atlas are two mirror spin-off holding devices of Aetna, one of the eldest Old World funds in America. Early on, Aetna named all of its mining, manufacturing, shipping, and financial entities Aetna. This practice was stopped by The Armstrong Investigation of 1905 when it was alleged that insurance companies had become tyrants of commerce and should not be the actual owners of private enterprise funded by a public insurance pool.

Standard Oil et al. were also being complained about by individual producers, so in anticipation of anti-trust, anti-monopoly, anti-restraint of free trade legislation, a nomenclature was devised to allow one central holder of commodities, manufacturing, transportation, insurance, and banking over a long period, which would appear to be a competitor of itself or its subsidiaries.

Example: Standard Oil, American Oil, Pennzoil, Marathon Oil, Zapata Oil, Shell Oil, BP are the same company.

Example: Coke=Pepsi

Mineral and land leases and easements are owned by Allied or Atlas. Many easements were gifts of the government or acquired with public bond issue money for management by private concerns.

Dividends or commissions are issued through Distributors to those who have sold their assets to a pool.

The Armstrong Investigation also helped decide that banks should not be allowed to invest in private enterprise. Therefore by 1910, The Lincoln Trust in Fort Wayne became an important foil for Harriman's Mercantile Trust- both organizations were pooling the assets of certain families to control prices and generally stack the deck. While Harriman as a New York Banker was usually scrutinized for various unfair practices, no one thought twice about what went on in Fort Wayne.

The Atlas entity is more associated with chemicals, metals, glass jars and bottling, and explosive type activities while Allied Stores was the ultimate merging device for dry goods. Today's # One Allied store is Macy's, you can tell by its Navistar. There are also Allied Groceries and Pharmacies.

Today's conglomerates and their few inferior overpriced brands for sale are the result of last century's deliberate sifting of family-developed assets methodically to the central holding devices.

Though Atlas and Allied were created to exist on the books as separate funds, there is one link common to them both and that is North American Van Lines, a franchise operation. The simultaneous loans received by Shevell and North American in the sixties, with the disappearance of the Kryder federal assets, then Shevell's companies becoming bankrupt 10 years later, the suicide deaths of Katherine Kryder and Daniel Shevell in between, and two weeks later the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa- this all comes together when one realizes that Lincoln pulled the strings of the Central States Teamsters Pension fund. The fund at the time of Hoffa's disappearance was 3 times greater in worth than NAVL, Eastern Freightways, and Associated Transport, Inc. consolidated.

To quickly connect the families I've brought up, Kryder connects to Lindner to (Scrigna-Berkshire Hathaway) and the original Associated Transport through the Atlanta Cotton Exchange, The Realty Trust Company of Atlanta and coca-cola.

Pepsi insanely lusted after coke and Disney, NAVL was sold to Pepsi by a Kryder-y lawyer who didn't own it, and Scrigna can't find their Disney stock, though in Fort Wayne, via another Kryder-y lawyer, Disney Family assets under Shamrock merged with Central Soya. The estate of the Central Soya founder, as reported, was ridiculously small.

To follow will be some enlightening details from the newspapers and so forth which suggest that Jimmy Hoffa could have exposed G.H.W. Bush's Pepsi Lincoln money portals in 1975 with the dissolution of The Lincoln Trust, and that the Teamster pension funds were actually building enterprises like mortgage companies for the truck manufacturers.


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leighmf 7 years 50 weeks ago

Timeline of Violent and Allied Deaths

In which cases these deaths are closely linked either by securities holding arrangements, trustees, or voting powers.

1962 Louise Lindner Eastman, plane crash (Shevell Associated Transport)
1963 President Kennedy, assassination (Pepsi, Prescott Bush CIA)
1972 Katherine Anne Kryder, suicide (see Kiester, Lincoln Financial, Pepsi-NAVL)
1975 Daniel Shevell, suicide (Central States (Lincoln) Pension fund, Myron Shevell)
1975 James Hoffa, disappearance (Central States Myron Shevell, GHW Bush CIA)
1977 Dr. K.D. Kiester, plane crash (Duncan, OK, MK-Ultra CIA)

Dr. Kiester could have put a lot of puzzle pieces together. He was put onto Katherine in exchange for special financing for his psychiatric facility. That's the way the Teamsters funds were managed, to benefit the growth of North American Allied Atlas Global Van Lines. And Bush- who grew right into a hedge. After his private plane went down on the way to his mountain retreat, the announcement and obituary was withheld. News of his death was released the same day the newspapers printed the CIA admission of its covert human drug-testing and behavior altering programs during the 1960's.

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leighmf 7 years 40 weeks ago

Tying North American Van Lines to Hoffa and Eastern Freight Ways as Lincoln Controlled Central States pension funds:


08/29/1967 ICC examiner recommended that Spedco, via K.W. Maxfield, Frank Kryder's North American Cousin, be allowed to buy North American Van Lines in exchange for 22 million in Pepsico stock.

8/31/1967 Jimmy Hoffa is planning methodically for the evening Aug. 31, 1967. 8/31/1967- the uniform contract, or Teamsters strike.


7/25/1968 Central States Securities Application for Admission signed 7/25/1968 for Indiana

7/26/1968 Spedco changed name to North American Van Lines

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leighmf 7 years 11 weeks ago

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