7/18/1977 "Bad investments slash Teamsters pension fund WASHINGTON (AP) - A Teamsters Union pension fund, which poured money Into casinos and other questionable transactions, may have lost half its assets in bad investments, Sen. Charles H. Percy, R-I11., charges. Percy, whose statement will be delivered at a Senate committee hearing Monday, said losses of the Central States Teamsters Pension Fund could total between $500 million and $700 million. He released his-statement Sunday.

"We have learned of millions of dollars of bad investments in Las Vegas gambling casinos, a Florida dog track, O h i o and Pennsylvania race tracks, and a Connecticut jai-alai center," Percysaid. "Millions have also been Invested in a luxurious California resort frequented by Teamsters officials, and a failing Chicago hotel whose construction was .financed .by a bank which .had a fund trustee serving on its board of directors. Millions were loaned to a firm which allegedly gave at least one trustee a gift of substantial stock."

This is ever so Berry Street! Can't you smell it?

What I find completely fascinating about the missing 700 million is that the original creation date of MF Global, Inc. (MF standing for "Man Financial," not "MoFo") is

7/26/1974 MF GLOBAL INC. File Number 50488195 Status MERGE/CONSOLIDATED Qualification Date (Foreign) 07/26/1974 State DELAWARE Agent C T CORPORATION SYSTEM 208 SO LASALLE ST, SUITE 814 President KEVIN R DAVIS 50 HOOK RD BEDFORD NY 10506 Agent City CHICAGO

which reared its head just as I was right in the middle of my Jimmy Hoffa, Shevell, Lindner and Kryder story.

Remember, it was Hoffa's 1974 Pontiac that was found abandoned at Machus Red Fox.

Since the FBI is actually agreeing to investigate this 700 million which has disappeared, they must start at the scene of the crime which would be the day MF Global Inc. opened a bank account, or became incorporated. Both activities are synonymous. When I investigate, I like to at least start with the "year" something is born, as we know these entities don't occur spontaneously, but according to schedule which contains their pre-life and after-life. Therefore:


2/5/1974 LINDNER DIVIDEND FUND, INC. Legal LINDNER FUND FOR INCOME, INC. Charter Number: 00166947 Creation Date: 2/5/1974 Dissolve Date: 11/20/1995 State of Business.: MO Agent Name: ERICK E. RYBACK Office Address: 7711 CARONDELET AVE, STE 700 ST. LOUIS MO

05/01/1974 N.Y., Chicago & St. Louis Railway (Nickel Plate Development Corp a subsidiary) open mortgage of April 1, 1924 due.

7/26/1974 MF GLOBAL INC. File Number 50488195 Status MERGE/CONSOLIDATED Qualification Date (Foreign) 07/26/1974

(article) "Eastern Freight Ways in Newark that has been looking into...Associated Transport, another large trucker, in August 1974,"

08/09/1974 Pres. Richard M. Nixon resigned; "'Temporary authority to manage Associated Transport was granted to Eastern Freight Ways by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) on Aug. 9"

9/1/1974 Fort Wayne Union Railway bonded debt of September 1, 1924 due- First National, Trustee

9/10/1974 740021102 ASSOCIATED TRANSPORT INC FROM LIEN, FEDERAL TAX Allen County, Fort Wayne

9/10/1974 In Florida Section 26 land: Norvell C. Bryant got deed from Stansbury (Eckerd Drugs VP) to Parcel; This was mortgaged Real Estate transferred from Stansbury Trust to the Trust of the wife of Frank Kryder's Fort Wayne lawyer; Bryant's interest was transferred to the same Trust. When the land was sold from the wife's trust, the trusts of Bryant and Stansbury were paid though Bryant and Stansbury were deceased.

9/13/1974 "AT Has New Manager Associated Transport Inc., is now operating under the management of Eastern Freight Ways Inc. 'Temporary authority to manage Associated Transport was granted to Eastern Freight Ways by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) on Aug. 9. Asked to comment on the situation, Ray Vaughn, office manager of Associated Transport in Burlington, told the Times News that any comment would have to come from the New York office. A call to the New York office resulted in the following statement by a spokesman for the new Associated Transport President Daniel E. Shevell: "Associated Transport is operating with the temporary management of Eastern Freight Ways pending consideration and approval by the ICC of permanent control for Eastern Freight Ways to manage Associated Transport." Shevell could not be reached, and the spokesman declined to answer any questions as to whether this would be termed a merger of a takeover, or the reason for the move. A written press release from the New York office simply announced the election of officers, the reduction of the former ten divisions to five and the appointment of assistant vice presidents to head the new divisions. "Daniel E. Shevell, president, stated that with this new combination of Associated Transport, Inc., and Eastern Freight Ways Inc...." (did not contain his brother Myron Shevell.)

11/12/1974 STERLING NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Charter Number: O00001774 Status: Merged Entity Creation Date: 11/12/1974 State of Business.: IL (Washington Security, 1963); Sterling-Lindner Department Stores closed by Allied

11/13/1974 PD PROVENZANO,ANTHONY RESIGNED 11/13/1974 as President of A-Z Electric

12/27/1974 Allen County Records Recorded Date Document Type 12/27/1974 740028859 ASSOCIATED TRANSPORT INC FROM LIEN, FEDERAL TAX

12/27/1974 SHARPS, PIXLEY (CHICAGO) INC. Filing Date: DECEMBER 27, 1974 County: NEW YORK Status: INACTIVE

Now here is a piont that the FBI should really take up with the Federal Reserve, and that is the controversial changing of the name "Lincoln" to "Linclon" for two years after which Associated Transport and Eastern Freightways declared bankruptcy and the Federal Reserve recorded that "Linclon" changed its name back to "Lincoln."


1/1/1975 End of 1910 Lincoln Trust aka Wells Fargo


"Two Trucking Industry Giants To Close Down By The Associated Press

Two former giants of the trucking industry, Eastern Freightways and Associated Transport, have been thrown into bankruptcy and are going out of business. The companies' 6,000 employes in 24 states, including about 1,000 in the Carolinas, have been told they no longer will have jobs after Friday. Only a skeleton staff will be maintained to complete the orderly closing In Cabarrus of the 75 terminals. Since their merger a few years ago, the companies have operated as Associated Eastern. Burlington, N.C., will lose the most jobs among Carolina cities Effected. About 500 employes at the big terminal on Interstate 85 and in the division maintenance center at Burlington will be thrown out of work. Other terminals are in A s h e v i l l e , Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Hickory and Winston-Salem, N.C., and Greenville, Columbia, Wallace and Charleston, S.C.

Associated Eastern reported revenues of more than $130 million annually. At the end of 1975 it owned 4,700 trailers and 3,330 heavy-duty road tractors. Associated Transport had its roots in North Carolina. The late H.D. "Buddy" Morton of Charlotte was one of the principals in forming it through the merger of several trucking firms in the South and in New England. The president of Associated Eastern, Myron Shevell, said Wednesday that lending institutions "declined to expend further financing for continued operations."

He said Manufacturers Hanover Trust and the Chase Manhattan Bank, both of New York City, and First National Bank of Boston, leading members of the group of lenders, have agreed to make $4 million available to cover payroll and other costs incurred in closing down, both companies. High Point Enterprise, Thursday, April 29, 1976"


.....continued in the Hoffa section


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