The missing Kryder Estate is a Secret Service jurisdiction as it involves treasury notes, treasury bonds, and a long suspected double-mint pool of phony paper backed by Kryder, The Frank Freimann Trust, North American Properties, et al., originating in the gangster days when Gus Winkler stole 2 million in federal securities from Lincoln National Bank and then convinced the Treasury to print an identical new set because he had burned them.

It is a travesty of Justice that 11 of the best of the best of the Secret Service are whoring it up in Colombia while the most obnoxious treasury crime of the 20th Century, the illegal 1976 conversion of the Kryder federal securities shunted into the Secret Part of the Federal Reserve mutual fund shared by the Queen and the Carlyle Group, which though discovered as being held illegally, remain in adverse possession of such parties with or without their knowledge but with the blessing of the Secret Service, apparently!

Please note this as a perfect example of Federal Law Enforcement being awarded preposterous extravagances, indulgences, and a license to do illegal things, for keeping off the trail of really Big Crimes, by not looking behind every Bush, Walker, Fleming or Harriman.

Thus sayest The Last Will and Testament of Clarence Frank Kryder, illegally filed in Probate, too long after his death, the day the Home Owners Loan Corporation legally ended.



anonymous green 5 years 31 weeks ago

History seems to relate that Winkler ratted on his friends and turned over the stolen bonds to the authorities, 575 thousand out of 600 thousand $.

Still, the robbery netted 2 million.

If Kryder had their assetts in that bank, it allegedly never re-opened.

anonymous green 5 years 31 weeks ago

Of course the Secret Service agents were set up... we live in a bait-car society, and always have.

What we call politics is actually subterfuge.

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leighmf 5 years 31 weeks ago

At the time, Kryder assets were in every bank in Fort Wayne and in several trust companies. As well their federal securities backed real estate owned by the Realty Trust Company of Atlanta, founded by Asa Candler, Coca-cola magnate, and in particular, Citizens and Southern Bank, where my great-uncle Larkin H. Parris was vice-president along with Mills B. Lane, later in time.

In Fort Wayne, all banks that closed since 1835 reorganized or merged and are today alive and richer than ever, as PNC, formerly National City, Wells Fargo, NBD, and their overseas correspondents ABN-RO and Credit Suisse. Any other bank in town is just one of them in disguise, or a privately-held spin-off prize.

Part of the Winkler era securities were recovered, but the Treasury was "convinced" by Winkler the federal issue securities were burned and the only way to make their owners whole would be for the Treasury to issue an identical set, 2 million.

On what other occasions in the 20th Century may double-issue securities have been printed by the Treasury, for holding as phony paper used as security by an insider trust company which might be laundering enemy funds?

Of course, the day he was set free, Winkler was gunned down in front of a Chicago Brewery. In Fort Wayne, Berghoff the Brewer was director of several trust companies and president of Lincoln National Bank when it was the German American National Bank. His partner was Bass the railroad manufacturer.

Does anybody get this? Most importantly, why doesn't the Secret Service get this?

1. Fact- We are mysteriously more than ever at the mercy of banks and financiers who have the power to make or break us. We are NOT free, but enslaved.

2. Fact- A New Deal missing pool of railroad gold bonds (Kryders Addition), farm and federal securities has been used over and over for at least 79 years, by a Top Brass Organization to acquire an unfair advantage which now controls our quality of life and ideals for the future.

3. Fact- We have all been robbed by the Union Pacific RR Bankruptcy-Union Bank of Switchita-Harriman-Bass-Alpine Berghof-Hitler-Bechtel-Wells Fargo-Lincoln National Life Insurance-German American Beer Banks,

Pennsylvania National Corporation, Fort Wayne National Corporation, Credit Suisse, G.H. Walker & Co., Inc., Lincoln Trust Company and the 1970 Penn-Central Bankruptcy coinciding with Flagler System Realty absconded and hidden from the Florida East Coast Ry Bankruptcy settlement on common stock. "Commoners" are never allowed to gain or pass on wealth. That in itself should raise the battle cry! Where did the idea of "common" and "preferred" stock come from do you think?

As for our love of all things royal, we mostly have Robert Fleming, on the side of the crown, and E.R. Harriman with Drs. Alzheimer and Krupp directing their Viennese banking coven prior to the promotion of Hitler, to thank, as well as some of our own American Generals and Presidents.

Law enforcement in America serves the royalist regime which successfully infiltrated our country through the World Wars, upholding what we should in all fairness call Lex Krupp. With world class expertise, the real Handlers of our Watchers turn agent heads in every direction except the right, and shower them with chances to compromise themselves.

Do we know that Ball-DuPont American Cyanamid manufactured the first component of Zyklon B which was then combined with another component in Germany for the completed product?

Following the assassination of Lincoln, whose private presidential train car was completed just in time for his funeral procession around the nation, Wells Fargo lost the remains of the Confederate Treasury and the papers of Jefferson Davis, on the banks of the Atlantic Coastline Railroad (i.e. Bank of America/Barnett Bank) where it ran through the cotton plantation of the Father of Florida's Railroads, Senator David Levy, a Jewish convert to Christianity.

I believe I have laid this out very clearly in many ways and from multiple directions which establish all roads lead to THEM- them what built and owned the roads from the beginning of the United States.

It is quite possible the agents in Colombia were set-up to discredit the United States Secret Service and provoke chaos in the agency and in our minds. This should tell us insiders are on the brink of some secret Washington dirty deal which won't be discovered until later.

"We're lost in this Masquerade."- L. Russell

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