To understand that the Mormon prophet, the Union Pacific RR, and Robert Fleming (National Bank of Scotland to RBS) are all working together for the enrichment of Congress, the heirs of Harriman, Her Majesty and the impoverishment of the peasantry, all the entities of KeyBank have to be identified and organized properly in history. Securities companies are the name hybridizers, they have been caught seeding more than one bank with the same set of securities. There has to be a way of keeping track of all this on the books of The Blind Trust, by word, deed, and numbers.

As I read this over I remember the prayer of Confession we made in the Episcopal Church of St. Mark. I, such a golden as well as mannerly little child, took church very seriously eventhough I didn't understand it. I knew the entire service by heart. Ironically, one of my grandfather's prime betrayers, Thomas Moorhead, I came to find out in the study of my grandfater's life, was also an Episcopalian. So was my mighty Voice Teacher, George Sidney Dane, of Lynn, MA, and an esteemed member of rank in The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and an eternal member of the Jesuit Brotherhood. All these make perfect sense now, with the Episcopalian prayer for forgiveness for "sins we have committed by Thought, Word, and Deed against Thy Divine Majesty."

Now I understand the Divine Majesty is The Will. My great-grandfather made an indestructible Will, and he was a Good Man. The treasure of a Good Man is stored in the Vault of Heaven and is incorruptible, though the Kingdoms of the world are green with corrosion. There is a quite a bit about real estate and inheritance in the New English Bible, published in Edinburgh. Any well-versed Mormon should know these things, as well as what are the Wages of Sin.

Consider that in past real estate, an indenture was a deed with two halves, each having a toothed edge which fits together upon completion of the agreement. The Union Pacific took this a step further, dividing their treasure chest into eight pieces which all must fit together for the holders to benefit.

(Prophet Bank) KeyBank National Association 50 South Main Street, Suite 1905 Salt Lake City,UT 84144 FDIC Certificate #: 1254 Date Established: 8/1/1925 of Keybank National Association 66 South Pearl Street Albany,NY 12207 FDIC Certificate #: 6937 Date Established: 4/1/1825

The National Bank of Scotland was established in 1825

The Prophet work 20 years at the predecessor of KeyBank, Commercial Security Bank Ogden, Utah

Commercial Security Bank was a consolidation of Commercial National Bank and Security State Bank 8/1/1925

Commercial Security Bank merged with National Bank of Commerce, Ogden 6/30/1930 on the same day of creation of

Union Bank And Trust Company, Kokomo, Indiana (FDIC Cert: 12842) Note: This institution is currently part of Keybank National Association, Cleveland, Ohio (FDIC Cert: 17534) Date Event 1 6/30/1930 Institution established. Original name: Union Bank And Trust Company (12842)

In 1941

08/01/1941 Thyssen fund frozen- in funds of Union Banking Corp., Prescott S. Bush and E.R. Harriman Directors.

9/4/1941 9/04/1941 Consolidated Grocers, Inc. Baltimore (Sara Lee) ; 8/14/1946 aka The South Street Company; first inc 9/8/1941

(becomes KeyBank NA) KEY BANK OF IDAHO Entity Number: 561232-0143 702 W IDAHO ST BOSIE, ID 83702 State of Origin: ID Agent: NANCY J CHOULES : 50 S MAIN % KEY BANK Salt Lake City, UT 84144 Expired 06/30/1997 Status Description: Merged Utah History Registration Date: 09/30/1941 Last Renewed: 09/30/1996 Former Business Names IDAHO BANK & TRUST CO.

(Anyone remember the movie Idaho Transfer?)

KEY BANK OF IDAHO Expired as of 06/30/1997 and according to Federal Reserve data

1997-06-30 FRITCH STATE BANK was renamed to FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO, THE and moved to 901 S FILMORE, SUITE 101 AMARILLO, TX and changed from Non-member Bank to National Bank
2002-08-24 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO, THE was renamed to AMARILLO BR and changed from National Bank to Domestic Branch of a Domestic Bank.
2002-08-24 TEJAS BANCSHARES, INC. changed from Financial Holding Company - Domestic to Domestic Entity Other.

In 1969 The Union Pacific Corporation became domiciled on South Temple: UNION PACIFIC CORPORATION : 607859-0142 : 136 E SOUTH TEMPLE STE 2100 SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84111 State of Origin: UT : 1108 E SOUTH UNION AVE Midvale, UT 84047 Status: Active Utah History Registration Date: 02/03/1969.

The North American Exploitation Company in 1906 set up shop in The North American Building in Fort Wayne. (1906 begin Harriman's Liberty National Bank, OKC). Reliance was always a Lincoln insurance fund, Rambler was a car, but why name a mine Mormon Girl? Is this a way Robert Fleming insured there would by enough Flemings in the future of securities and counting houses?


The Banks of the Prophet


leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

What does a Mormon Girl have to do with a Rambler and a mine? I think it has something to do with George Wilcken Romney, chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962, the 43rd Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969. Indeed I do. Especially knowing that Mr. Romney did his Missionary work in England and Scotland. I should add, Frank, Jr. spent the war years in Ypsilanti, MI 1942-1950, til the death of Clarence Frank in 1950. My grandfather then returned home to Fort Wayne to take watch over Minnie, d. 1960.

Curiously George W. Romney's employment years coincide with pivotal changes of asset moving in the Kryder Estate:

1954: Closing of Home Owners Loan Corporation (begin Zapata Oil)

1962: Kryder Company, Inc. moved to 807 Fort Wayne Bank Building, filed change of residence with SOS

1963: Closing of Estate of Minnie; Creation of NAVPAC; Moorhead and Bordner attorneys for estate filed an affidavit to encumber all assets of the Kryder Company, Inc., Frank H. Kryder, president did not sign. Affidavit states Bordner was in possession of all the books and corporate seal of the company.

1969: Clandestine formation of Fort Wayne National Corporation; Moorhead elected VP of Allen County Bar while still officially VP and fiduciary of the assets of The Kryder Company. Inc.

Naturally there should be a demand to see some sort of evidence of this Pieces of Eight Indenture Theory, and I am obliged to give demonstrations.(While I put this together carefully, the LDS Genealogy Department can work on my birthdate 12/17/1953)

Because I'm older than I look- that's what good livin' will do.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

It is probably easiest to establish first the relationship in Utah between the old Reliance fund and American Motors Co. where we see that AMC merged on the same day Reliance Gas Pipeline Company was formed in KA. That of course means issuance of pipeline mortgage bonds which tend to last 50 years, the length of time of a "50-year" real estate corporation.

AMERICAN MOTORS SALES CORPORATION Entity Number: 563223-0143 : 50 W BROADWAY 8TH FLOOR Salt Lake City, UT 841012006 State of Origin: DE : Expired as of 06/07/1988 Status Description: Merged Utah History Registration Date: 09/24/1946 Last Renewed: 10/06/1987

RELIANCE GAS PIPELINE COMPANY 7382484 Previous Names: RELIANCE GAS MARKETING COMPANY: 1050 SEVENTEENTH STREET STE.1100 , DENVER, CO 802651101 : MERGED OUT OF EXISTENCE of Formation in Kansas: 06/07/1988 State of Organization: DE

(look up Fleming Foods of Kansas on your own)

In the 1980's comes Utah's

RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO. Entity Number: 747391-0143 Company : 350 S GRAND AVE STE 5100 Los Angeles, CA 90071 : C T CORPORATION SYSTEM Registered Agent Address: 1108 E SOUTH UNION AVE Midvale, UT 84047 Status: Active Status: Active as of 08/14/2002 Renew By: 08/13/2013 Registration Date: 08/13/1980 Last Renewed: 07/19/2012

synchronized with Shevell's Eastern Freight Ways DE filing

8/13/1980 0897473 Formation Date: 08/13/1980 Name: EASTERN FREIGHT WAYS, INC. Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity Type: GENERAL Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE

and in Indiana with

NORTH AMERICAN METALS & TRADING CORPORATION : 130 S AUDUBON RD , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46219 : 198008-330 Creation: 8/13/1980 Inactive: 4/18/1989

Pardon my saying so, but this is all one big Linclon Reliance Steel Dynamic Alfried Krupp Union Pacific Motor Coach Continental Can, upholstery by Kinder Manufacturing.

According to the Federal Reserve database, the day after these entities were created

NIC 1980-08-14 Institution is closed. : Coca-Cola International.

continued ...

leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

We can compare MA and UT creation of Lincoln entities

RELIANCE ASSET MANAGEMENT CORPORATION Entity Number: 1131204-0142 Company : 48 POST OFFICE PLACE 3RD FLOOR SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84101 State of Origin: UT : Expired as of 11/01/1995 Utah History Registration Date: 08/13/1991 Last Renewed: 12/20/1994

11/01/1995 created: FORT WAYNE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC The name was changed from: LINCOLN RE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. on 8/15/2006 The name was changed from: UNDERWRITERS & MANAGEMENT SERV on 2/9/2000 Identification Number: 351571900 Old Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 11/01/1995 Nov 1 1995 Date of Withdrawal: 08/15/2006 The location of its principal office: No. and Street: 1700 MAGNAVOX WAY, P. O.B OX 7808 City or Town: FORT WAYNE State: IN Zip: 46801

with the execution of a casino deed

8/15/2006 Number of Pages: 4 Cost to Buy: $10.00 Add $1.00 for certified copy Document Type: DEED Grantors Grantees CASINO PROPERTIES LLC CASINO THREE JHF LLC CASINO TWO JRW LLC CASINO FOUR SMC LLC CASINO ONE JEC LLC LOWSPEED LLC

with the expiration of a Boston, Tulsa INDIANA OIL PURCHASING COMAPNY 511 S. BOSTON TULSA, OK [08/15/1956] [08/15/2006]

a name change LINCOLN RE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. on 8/15/2006

and the recording of

8/15/1956 Rebozo subdivision Plat

(Also see Moduslink Pelosi, Bain, Rebozo).

Here again we see another 50-yr. pipe line mortgage/ 50-yr. real estate company existing in the framework of Indiana Oil Purchasing Company.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

It appears they do allow gambling in the City of Saints, and they like to play cards with Indiana.

CASINO MANAGEMENT OF AMERICA, INC. Entity Number: 1136070-0142 : Corporation - Domestic - Profit Address: 6337 S HIGHLAND DR NO 319 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 State of Origin: UT Registered Agent: No agent, refer to UCA ?16-17-301 Registered Agent Address: Unknown, NA 00000 Status: Expired Status: Expired as of 12/01/1998 Status Description: Invol. Diss / Utah History Registration Date: 9/23/1993 Last Renewed: 11/24/1997


9/23/1993 PLAYERS INDIANA, INC. : 3900 Paradise Rd, Ste 135, LAS VEGAS, NV 89109 : Control Number: 1993090976 Creation : 9/23/1993 Inactive : 9/9/1996

the day ENRON was withdrawn, according to the Federal Reserve database

2002-03-11 AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS CORPORATION was renamed to WYETH and moved to 685 THIRD AVENUE MADISON, NJ. (American Cyanamid + General Dynamics)

The day after Players Indiana became inactive, according to the Federal Reserve database


Here we are, oh thank heaven, in the hometown of homie B. Edward Ewing, Carlyle Management CEO and a former VP of General Dynamics in the Seafirst WA Boeing days. I gotta love you, Bernie, white as you are, 'cause every penny you spend, Jesus Saves.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

One moral way around Utah's casinos is classifying a casino as a performing arts trade. This may have come out of the tradition of Mormon Family Night performances.

CASINO PARTIES OF UTAH, INC Entity Number: 4922987-0142 3361 SOUTH 200 EAST STE 4 SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84115 Registration Date: 05/18/2001 Last Renewed: 04/10/2012

BAIN CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC Identification Number: 043517071 Old Federal Employer Identification Number (Old FEIN): 000754074 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 5/18/2001 May 18 2001

Utah's Continental Can Casinos on wheels are another way to keep things rolling.

CASINO CARAVANS, INC. Entity : 3091 S MAIN ST Salt Lake City, UT 84115 State of Origin: UT Registered Agent: RICHARD ALAN MABEN Active as of 06/29/2005 Renew By: 10/17/2012 Utah History Registration Date: 10/17/1985 Last Renewed: 08/25/2011

(Summit (Anthony Wayne NBD) North American) SUM-NA TRANSPORTATION INC: 4841 INDUSTRIAL RD , FORT WAYNE, IN 46825 Creation :10/17/1985 Inactive: 4/30/1990

4/30/1990 CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY, INC. Entity Type: Foreign Corporation Identification Number: 061296108 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 06/23/1992 Date of Withdrawal: 01/28/1994; organized under the laws of: State: DE Country: USA on: 04/30/1990 Current: 800 CONNECTICUT AVE. City or Town: NORWALK State: CT Zip: 06856

VERITRANS SPECIALTY VEHICLES, INC. : 1110 D.I. Drive , ELKHART, IN 46514 : 1989040204 Active Creation : 4/4/1989; former 6/23/1992 NEW GOSHEN COACH CORPORATION

The people who supported a casino- free Massachusetts just didn't stand a chance against Romney, "Casino Aztar" aka City of Evansville, and Credit Suisse Indiana Venture Capital.

02/11/2008 CASINO FREE MASSACHUSETTS INC. Identification Number: 000970980 Date of Organization in Massachusetts: 02/11/2008 Date of Involuntary Revocation: 06/18/2012 : 43 PARSONAGE RD. City or Town: PLYMPTON State: MA Zip: 02367 Country: USA


02/11/2008 BLIZZARD EVANSVILLE ACQUISITION, LLC : Active File Date: 2/11/2008 4:27:36 PM Corp Number: E0085402008-1 Qualifying State: NV 10 Manager - KAREN S GREENE Address 1: 9901 COVINGTON CROSS DR Address 2: STE 190 City: LAS VEGAS State: NV Zip Code: 89144

2008-02-12 CREDIT SUISSE/INDIANA VENTURE FUND, L.P. located at NEW YORK, NY was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

Casino Free Massachusetts was revoked on the same day as

BAIN CAPITAL, INC. : 043102403 Old Federal Employer Identification Number (Old FEIN): 000347041 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 11/05/1990 Date of Involuntary Revocation: 06/18/2012 Date of Involuntary Revocation: 06/18/2012


INFORMATION PARTNERS, INC.Identification Number: 043200584 Old Federal Employer Identification Number (Old FEIN): 000438716 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 08/19/1993 Date of Involuntary Revocation: 06/18/2012, W. Mitt Romney, president.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 11 weeks ago

Now I shall like to show how the first Indiana organized citizens against gambling were easily snuffed out by NAVPAC, so the metal-heads could get their way with slush funds. The Organization needs Casinos, Pawnshops, Vending Machines, and Cash-n-Carry mega chain stores because the money being hidden, laundered, and re-distributed has a Malthusian dynamic of its own.

I assure you that Minnie V. Kryder will have her day in court for NAVPAC utilizing her trust to establish casinos in Indiana.

To preface, there are now seven problem gamblng councils or rehabilitative outreach organizations registered with the Indiana Secretary of State. Is this what we need? Added to cigarettes, drugs, food, and alcohol, here is one more addictive device to insure The North American Group and The Queen can have whatever they want. They are the profiteers in all this! Why can't they just say no to stinking human health degrading industries?

The first Indiana anti-casino citizens group formed in 1985, a time when Cousin Maxfield was preparing to sell NAVL to Norfolk Southern and Central Soya and Shamrock-Disney were preparing to merge.

1/29/1985 INDIANA CITIZENS AGAINST LEGALIZED GAMBLING INC s: 151 N. Delaware St #2020, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : Control Number: 198501-954 Creation Date: 1/29/1985 Inactive Date: 12/30/1991

NAVPAC immediately sprang into action.

1/29/1985 IMCO REALTY SERVICES, INC.: 3883 AIRWAY DRIVE , SANTA ROSA, CA 95403 : 1988100806 Creation : 10/24/1988 Inactive : 10/19/1992 Original Creation : 1/29/1985 Original Creation State: DE Other Names 10/24/1988 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY

The Prophet's bank rears three of its heads here.

History of Union Bank And Trust Company, Kokomo, Indiana (FDIC Cert: 12842) Note: This institution is currently part of Keybank National Association, Cleveland, Ohio 6/5/1989 Changed name to Ameritrust Bank, Howard County (12842). 4 10/19/1992 Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Society National Bank, Indiana in South Bend, Indiana (4336)

In 1973, Wyoming banker Robert A. Morrow, after completing two years as a treasury agent in Texas, and then being president of Union Bank in Howard County, transferred to Fort Wayne as president of Lincoln National Bank & Trust Company of Fort Wayne.

Other Names 6/9/1989 AMERITRUST BANK, HOWARD COUNTY : 224 N. MAIN ST., BOX 748, KOKOMO, IN 46901 : Control Number: 197301-131 Status: Merged Creation : 6/11/1930 Inactive : 10/19/1992 Other Names 6/9/1989 UNION BANK AND TRUST COMPANY

The Federal Reserve entered the name change into their database of 6/5/1989.


6/5/1989 formed in MD: MARRIOTT HOTEL PROPERTIES II LIMITED PARTNERSHIP : 10400 FERNWOOD ROAD MARYLAND, BETHESDA, MA 20058 : LP89060017 Creation : 6/5/1989 to Expire: 12/31/2099 Inactive: 9/15/1992

6/05/1989 formed in DE: NEW YORK LIFE ACCEPTANCE CORP. 750579 Foreign Corporation Jun 05 1989 Delaware; Transferred mortgaged title to Fort Wayne Bank Building to "Wayne Partnerhip" in 1991.

INDIANA CITIZENS AGAINST LEGALIZED GAMBLING INC s: 151 N. Delaware St #2020, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : Control Number: 198501-954 Creation Date: 1/29/1985 Inactive Date: 12/30/1991

The day after the citizens group became inactive, the Federal Reserve made these entries in its database

1991-12-31 FERALLOY NORTH AMERICAN STEEL CORP. located at C/O FERALLOY CORP, 8755 WEST HIGGINS RD, SUITE 970, CHICAGO, IL was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

1991-12-31 Institution is closed. ABN BANK INTERNATIONAL USA renamed to ABN AMRO BANK INTERNATIONAL USA.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 5 years 9 weeks ago

The earliest KeyBank transactions in Allen County, Indiana Records appear in 2006. Keep in mind that Bain Capital was seeder of Fort Wayne's present greatest benefactor, Steel Dynamics, which replaced the last generation's idol, Lincoln National Bank & Trust Company. It is amazing what these institutions have done for Allen County with peoples' estates, especially people who have no one to come looking into their Probate once they are deceased.



Where it is to be noted that these pass through certificates are at the heart of the mortgage crisis and act as plaintiff against countless homeowners. Clearly they are Lincoln National German American instruments of destruction belonging to Wells Fargo & Co., which can be shown over and over with historical fact.

2006-09 9/25/2006 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail 206058078 ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE 09-25-2006 09:19 AM $60000.00 1 page Parties HSBC BANK USA NA TO HOME EQUITY LOAN TRUST SERIES ACE 2005 SD2 TO KEYBANK NA FROM

The same day KeyBank assigned the above series, a somewhat suspicious entity was activated in Oklahoma City.

2300447925 REGENCY WINDSOR CAPITAL, INC. Legal (RA) Registered Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 120 N ROBINSON STE 735 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73102 (RA) Effective Date: 9/25/2006

Next comes the new Federal Reserve-Netherlands portal

NIC 2006-11-14 WACHOVIA NETHERLANDS B.V. located at AMSTERDAM, 0, NETHERLANDS was established as a International Nonbank Sub of Domestic Entities.

on the same day as this deal went down in Allen

11-14-2006 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail U206000972 FINANCING STATEMENT ASSIGNMENT 11-14-2006 02:11 PM $0.00 1 page Parties LASALLE BANK NA SECURED US BANK NA SECURED COMMERCE BUILDING DEBTOR

then you have your Mormons, Germans and Ewings, all in the same geographic cell

2006-11 11/16/2006 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail 206070116 ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE 11-16-2006 09:11 AM $112500.00 2 pages Parties HSBC BANK USA NA TO DEUTSCHE ALT A SECURITIES INC MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST TO KEYBANK NA FROM

11/16/2006 206070106 EWING BEN D FROM MORTGAGE


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