Sincere thanks to anti-fascist for providing the opportunity to make the following presentation. I have had it for years, without the ability to explain its relevance. Now that we know Romney claims Steel Dynamics as one of his successes, it is my earnest hope that now I will begin to make sense and be seen as relevant. Continued with images and narrative....

To begin, Fort Wayne National Corporation was a multi-bank holding company with illegal Articles of Incorporation made in 1969. You will see that, first of all multi-bank holding companies were not yet allowed in 1969, and the Articles as stated are the Articles of a manufacturing and industrial alliance. They say nothing at all about being associated for the purpose of bank holding, a requirement in U.S. Code. I have shown these Articles to a number of unpleasant attorneys who snarled at me and said, you must be mistaken, these ARE NOT the Articles of a bank holding company. But Kryder Real estate concealed by FWNC proves why this organization was actually functioning as a multi-bank holding company in 1969, making illegal Articles which were never properly re-stated.

First to note is that the Articles were approved by William N. Salin, 1969-1970 Indiana Secretary of state, now owner of the largest privately held bank in Indiana, Salin Bank. He was a member of Beers (Allen County GOP Chairman), Mallers (theatres), Backs, & Salin where Frank Kryder's Leo cousin-by-marriage, Kenneth W. Maxfield was of counsel.

Now Leo, Indiana, where the Kryders made their last Plat in 1944, Kryders Addition to the Town of Leo, is a little bitty town. There, following the death of Frank Kryder, Maxfields acquired the area Harvester dealership, were Presidents in money-stuffed Grabill Bank, and unlike the Kryders, hadn't much Real Estate to begin with. Though Maxfields deny any knowledge of the Frank Kryders and their Real Estate Companies, it is seen that Orange W. Maxfield, former president of Grabill Bank, signed Frank H. Kryder's WWI draft registration in Leo.

Rep. Mark Souder is from Leo, Indiana. He published a book, Country Folk, on the history of Leo-Cedarville family, neglecting completely to mention that John Kryder III, a Republican candidate for State Senator in the 1860 Lincoln election, Justice of the Peace, and gentleman farmer had lived in the area since the early 1800's. Nor was it mentioned that Clarence Frank and Minnie Kryder, who lived on various lands in Grabill, Leo, and surrounding areas, including DeKalb County, went on to build Fort Wayne's residential neighborhoods 1919-1954. Mr. Souder left that out, but he made quite a glorified presentation of the new North American Van Lines quarters, headed by Kenneth Maxfield, after Frank H. Kryder died in 1966.

Some time ago I called a branch of the family in Leo, Mr. Dick Kryder, to ask him about Kenneth W. Maxfield.

"Kenny???" he said with more than faint surprise, "He's not a lawyer, he's just North American Van Lines."

He just wouldn't believe me since he and Maxfields had been Leo neighbors for generations. Kenny was NOT a lawyer or he'd of known.

Yet, just a few miles away in the City of Fort Wayne, Kenneth W. Maxfield, according to yellow page ads, was "Of-counsel" in the law firm of Beers, Mallers, Backs and Salin.

For purposes of identifying a geographic banking cell, or several financial institutions operating as 1 vs. the public, the green dollar signs on the Map Quest graphic are:

2002 Location of Fort Wayne National Corporation/Fort Wayne National Bank, Lincoln National Corporation/Lincoln Bank and Trust Company, and Salin Bank and Trust in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana

Also located in the Fort Wayne Bank Building: Bordner and Felger, The Kryder Company, Inc. Baker and Daniels, Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin; Central Soya and some North American Van Lines Offices (formerly).


Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation
Steel Dynamics Fort Wayne National Corporation


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leighmf 7 years 31 weeks ago

Fort Wayne National Corporation was devised by James M. Barrett III, partner with McNagny who was an incorporator of the three-day Allen County National Bank, a paper bank into which was merged Lincoln National Bank & Trust while operating under the charter of the paper bank, maintaining the name Lincoln National Bank & Trust.

Barrett, from an early family of hunters and fur trappers turned lawyers, does not know anything about the Frank Kryders, and enjoys offices in The Kryder Company former offices at 215 East Berry, formerly known as The Elektron Building, then in Kryder days The Standard Building, now as a historical landmark The Elektron Building, offices of Barrett & McNagny. The facts are that Frank's daughter from his second marriage married James Bond, and my North American half-cousin, Richard, a NAVISTAR top executive, let it slip that Barretts and Bonds are related which is why James M. Barrrett did James Bond's "estate work."

Ironic it has always been to me, the old Elektron name, in time actually amounted to "Elect Ron."

continued after Bat Masterson...

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leighmf 7 years 31 weeks ago

When William N. Salin was Indiana Secretary of State, Fort Wayne attorney, Walter P. Helmke, father of former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke, was elected to the Indiana State legislature. It was then that thousands of Indiana corporation whole files were lost by the Secretary, leaving huge holes in Indiana's corporate history and mergers, which effectively makes the system incomprehensible and too much for investigators to deal with, especially when they are not sure what they are looking for. At least, that is what the Indiana State Attorney, the FBI, and the Securities Commissoner seem to say. It's just too complicated. It's all they can do to keep up with obvious flyboys who have gone overboard, like Marcus Schrenker did, as grandson of a former Indiana Probate Judge.

(Judge Schrenker is found in the Newspaper Archive to have been trying to change the disposition of charitable bequests in the 1950's. He attempted to take Power from a Personal Representative who was to give a bequest to a hospital chosen by the deceased. Judge Schrenker wanted the money to go to another hospital and he fought the Personal Representative in Superior Court, a kindly little lady, to have her removed as Executrix, though she was appointed by the Will of her friend. He actually lost, but it was definitely indicative of the spirirt and trend which continued as the template for an organization of estate lawyers in Indiana to consolidate assets of New Dealers as they died off, into one big bloody attorney-held pool.)

Walter P. Helmke, R, claims to have never heard of the Frank Kryder family, and he is also noted as a Fort Wayne historian. His law firm is Helmke, Beams, and Boyer.

Glen Beams was the son of Robert Beams- a sales manager for The Kryder Company, Inc. Robert Beams later went on to become County Tax Asssessor for Allen County.

Before The Kryder Company, Inc. moved to the Fort Wayne Bank Building in 1962, its last address in the Standard Building was Walter P. Helmke's Office, according to Polk's City Directory, where Kryder Real Estate and Jap Jones along with Moss Engineering are listed as Hotel/Motel Builders.

This was the year Frank, Sr. died, 1950. At that time Anthony Wayne (Summit Bank) Bank occupied the first floor of the Standard Building. The Kryder Company, Inc., Kryder Insurance, and two Kryder building corporations occupied a number of rooms on the second floor. The main office was in room 225. When Frank Sr. died, one of the building companies he incorporated continued to use 225 Standard Building as its corporate address until 1967. The bookkeeping department of Anthony Wayne Bank also moved into the same room as the Kryder construction company, until a new Anthony Wayne Bank was built.

Minnie V. Kryder, wife of Frank, Sr. died in 1960. Her Probate Estate valued at $47 by the County Auditor, was handled by a Baker & Daniels & Shoaff lawyer, Thomas Moorhead, and federal tax expert, Glenn W. Bordner.

However, Moorhead never heard of any Kryders either when I called him in 1993 from Florida. He told me he wasn't even an estate lawyer in 1960, but a criminal defense lawyer. I called Glenn Bordner's secretary, Janice Burgette, who told me that Bordner had died in 1987, but his successor Felger, of Bordner & Felger wouldn't have any records of anything because Moorhead and Bordner burned everything in 1969.


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leighmf 7 years 31 weeks ago

The day before Steel Dynamics Holding, Inc. was created, the Federal Reserve entered a Krupp Mining entity into the Federal Reserve database (NIC).

(NIC) 1993-08-26 KRUPP LONRHO MINING CORP. located at 455 E. EISENHOWER PARKWAY, ANN ARBOR, MI was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

The same day that Steel Dynamics Holdings, Inc. was created, The Maritime Bank of California FAILED.

8/27/1993 STEEL DYNAMICS HOLDINGS, INC.:Status: Merged: Creation: : 8/27/1993 Inactive Date: 10/23/1996 Other Names: 6/16/1994 STEEL DYNAMICS, INC

8/27/1993 August 27 34 (i)Failed MARITIME BANK OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Total assets $32.4 million. Total deposits $30.5 million in 1,200 accounts. Insured deposits assumed by Western Bank, Los Angeles, California; and Bay Cities National Bank, Redondo Beach, Califoria. Advance dividend 58 percent of uninsured claims. FDIC outlay $14.0 million (PR-105-93).

The day Steel Dynamics Holdings and Steel Dynamics merged, Antiqua funding was created:

10/23/1996 ANTIGUA FUNDING CORPORATION: 1 CIT DRIVE , LIVINGSTON, NJ 07039 : 1996101285 Active Creation : 10/23/1996 Original Creation : 7/17/1996 Original Creation State: DE

The day before Indymac FAILED, Steel Dynamics Foundation was created:

7/10/2008 THE STEEL DYNAMICS FOUNDATION, INC.Control Number 2008071000438: Active Creation : 7/10/2008 4:53:19 PM (Indiana Non-Profit)

7/11/2008 Indymac FAILED, went into receivership, and then became IndyMac Federal Bank, F.S.B. (58912) in Pasadena, California.

Some common elements coming together here are Krupp, FAILED, Foundation and Steel.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 31 weeks ago

Though incorporated 1/13/1969 (see Lucky 13 Mining Company@UP, Alias Osama), Fort Wayne National Corporation claims its official founding was 1982, the year the Kryder Company, Inc., a fifty-year real estate corporation expired according to its Articles. How did this coincidental enigma come to pass? And how did it ever get past the Bank Examiner, except that Paul Shaffer, president of Fort Wayne National Bank was formerly a Treasury Agent and Bank Examiner?

Investor confidence was shattered in The Great Depression. That is, shattered after having been battered for decade after decade by banks and insurance companies already. Miserly types, such as Clarence Frank, Sr. was, constantly scrambled to keep their gold in places where it can't disappear, such as real property and government-backed securities. His diligent paper trail cannot be completely swept away unless we are bombed. The SEC can always inadvertently lose Zapata Oil 1960-1966, and attorneys can lose the books of a corporation inside a bank building, but Plats corresponding to U.S.Treasury Records of Federal Home Loan Banks and National Farm Loan Associations cannot be taken apart or erased. Real estate cannot disappear, and that's what makes it real.

The federal government offered the lowest yielding investments during The New Deal. Safety was the appeal, 100% backed and guaranteed by the United States Treasury. Special tax conditions allowed investors to live on tax-free interest, with no tax on the principal due until the security was either cashed out by the owner when living, or at their death. When special tax condition securities are presented for redemption, an automatic Notice of Tax Due is sent from a Treasury Office to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service Regional Office. At least, that is how the system was supposed to have worked.

It was a big mistake for G.W. Bush to start babbling about "Death Tax" because the term we were most familiar with prior to his faux pas was "Estate Tax." While we may have thought the president was just being Skull and Bones creepy, there is a distinction between Estate Tax, which is assessed when an estate exceeds a certain dollar amount, and Death Tax, which is tax due on a security at death. It is possible to owe Death Tax, and not Estate Tax, and vice versa.

Death Tax securities come from the New Deal, and don't think the lion's share wasn't purchased by Our Gang, DuPont, Ball, Rockefeller, Flagler, Harriman and Hearst etc. Though I believe they left the purchasing of Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds, the lowest yielding investment, to individual town developers like Kryder and Sebring, who had ethics and a sense of duty towards those whose houses they were trying to build.

Frank Kryder, Sr.'s life was devoted to aiding farmers not only by teaching improved methods in farming, which was called "Institute Work," but also to presenting farmers with ways to avoid the kind of financing that loses the farm. He was himself organized as a National Farm Loan Association, and was Trustee for the members, all from Blackford County, Indiana.

Real estate owned in fee simple by Clarence Frank and Minnie Kryder was developed as Waynedale Gardens, Original Plat, Waynedale Gardens 1st Add., Waynedale Gardens 2nd Add, and Waynedale Gardens 3rd Add Extended. Before the Depression, this real estate conveyed to The Farmers Trust Company, Tr. made funds available for farmers to borrow at a lower rate of interest than offered by the commercial banks.

Needless to say, the lawyer-run banking establishment of Lincoln, the brewers, bottlers, and railroad manufacturers, were in favor of grinding the bones of any independent protective association, cooperative, or brotherhood which presented itself, into their bread.

The Trust Officer of Farmers Trust was Harley Somers, also a director of The Federal Land Bank, Louisville, KY, District 4. The Farmers Trust closed in 1930. Harley Somers remained Secretary-Treasurer of the Fort Wayne National Farm Loan Association. The Waynedale land was conveyed from Harley Somers, Tr, and Farmers Trust, Tr, back to Clarence Frank Kryder as Original Grantor. In that Deed is written that Clarence Frank Kryder accepted Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds for the lots in Waynedale.

The government called on the developer to accept low yield HOLC Bonds from the Federal Home Loan Bank for Lots, instead of cash. Homeowners who were in foreclosure, or close to it, were then able to refinance at a lower rate of interest because responsible landowners PATRIOTICALLY volunteered to earn the lowest interest on their capital.

Apparently, patriotic investing is a thing of Christmas Past. Other than the occasional mention of savings bonds, I do not remember any bond campaigns during my lifetime. Though in Kryder days the newspapers and committees were constantly engaged in promoting the investments offered by our own U.S. Treasury. What's up with that?

The tax exempt assets of the Kryders, generated by their farming, real estate and insurance business were never lawfully cashed out and taxed. Neither Clarence Frank Sr. nor Minnie Kryder had tax-payer numbers, and it is in the Official Records of Allen County that Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds accepted for the development of Waynedale Gardens were registered to Clarence Frank Kryder. Frank Kryder Jr. did not inherit the bonds when Minnie died in 1960- he had been appointed Successor Trustee to his father since 1950. Glenn Bordner, federal taxation expert who lectured at Purdue, was to have arranged a generation "skipper" as I call it, a very practical move since Frank died just six years later after his mother.

Had Frank elected to take the Estate in 1960, Death Tax and Estate tax would have been due by August 1963. Had Frank elected to take the Estate in 1960, after being taxed in 1963, it would have been subject to Estate Tax again in 1966 when he died.

There are no Probate records for Frank, Jr., or Death Certificate filed in Allen County where he died. I can only conclude they went into the same bonfire as the other client records described by secretary Burgette as part of a lot of things that were charred by Moorhead and Bordner in 1969.

Thus it appears the skipper hopped directly to Fort Wayne National Corporation which did not have a taxpayer id 1969-1981. There was in those years, after Salin, a very strict Indiana Secretary of State, Edwin Simcox- Lord knows how he ever got in. Until Evan Bayh came along, Federal ID Numbers were required of all corporations on their annual reports. The exception is Fort Wayne National Corporation, whose 1969 Articles describe an industrial, manufacturing, and service association which enjoyed 13 years of corporate existence without filing any returns. Unlike other Indiana corporations of the period, FWNC typed "NONE" in the box indicated for Federal Tax ID. That is the advantage of a holding company whose assets are concealed in the trust department of one or more of its present and future bank acquisitions.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 31 weeks ago

I asked my attorney in Indianapolis, long ago, "Do you think the reason they had no taxpayer id is because they were holding tax-exempt securities?"

"That makes more sense to me than anything else I can think of," he replied.

After a number of years of making filings for me as Personal Representative of the Estate of Frank Kryder, and several costly discussions, counsel suddenly informed me by mail he was leaving the practice of law. I never heard another word and had to find new counsel.

This is not easy when a typical response from a law office outside of Fort Wayne is, "Oh no, we don't like to go to Allen County."

Later I noticed that his office was located in the same building with an FDIC office maintained in Indiana, along with Heartland Financial,

"More money gone amiss," as Yoshannah Scrigna, now owner of The Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc., would say. (Way to go, Angelo!)

From 2003

"Heartland Financial investigation Vulnerable novice buyers fall prey to scam artists

...two Indianapolis financial services companies bilked 330 investors of more than $29 million

Bradley Skolnik, the state's securities commissioner, said it's hard to quantify just how much fraud has grown during the past decade...Federal investigators say many of the 330 investors allegedly duped by Heartland Financial Services and JMS Investment Group are from Indiana...Other big cases: The owner of a financial services company in Marion is missing, along with up to $12 million in investments from about 400 clients. Federal and state regulators announced last month that they are investigating Phillip Ferguson, 50, of Summitville...Mishawaka businessman Gary Van Waeyenberghe is accused of scamming 200 investors in 29 states out of $21 million in an auto loan fraud scheme. Elkhart, businessman Steven D. Hudkins pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding investors of more than $500,000 ...The Heartland case and those in Marion and Mishawaka are among the biggest-money cases to emerge in Indiana ...since the notorious Firstmark Corp. bankruptcy case in 1988. It caused investors to receive only 17 percent of the $57 million they invested. They recouped another $5 million through a class-action lawsuit."

I noticed the concurrence of Federal ID Numbers of JMS Investment Group in Florida, and the recently exposed Scott Rothstein of KUSNICK & ROTHSTEIN, P.A. Filing Information Document Number S92623 FEI/EIN Number 650294449

COMPFLORIDA, INC.(JMS INVESTMENT GROUP, INC.) 2100 CORAL WAY SUITE 400 MIAMI FL 33145 Document Number S81720 FEI Number 650294402 Date Filed 09/20/1991 State FL

In Florida, Firstmark Corp filed Articles the same day Transtar International filed in Walton Hills, OH:

Florida Foreign Profit FIRSTMARK CAPITAL CORPORATION 110 E WASHINGTON ST INDIANAPOLIS IN 14202 Date Filed 04/19/1979 State DE DISSOLVED 10/13/1989 Filing Information Document Number 843065 FEI/EIN Number 161096054

4/19/1979 TRANSTAR INTERNATIONAL, INC. 534122 Corporation For Profit Apr 19 1979 Cancel Walton Hills Cuyahoga Ohio

"January 7, 2002 K. Richard Payne, Heartland Financial Services President, to Plead Guilty to Mail Fraud and Money Laundering ... PAYNE's trial ...was scheduled to begin on January 28, 2002. PAYNE... was indicted on October 25, 2000 ...charged with multiple counts of mail fraud and money laundering in connection with a scheme to defraud hundreds of investors of millions of dollars. "

So for the first decade the Kryder Estate was opened, the attorney was sandwiched in an Indy office building between these guys and the FDIC. Remember, the FDIC maintains offices and has filed with the Secretary in only a few states.


When the FDIC incorporated in Indiana, 7/17/1942, Frank H. Kryder filed an application for a social security number at age 47. This is another permanent piece of paper which cannot be destroyed unless the Records of the Social Security Administration become compromised.

He states he is the president of The Suburban Building Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Inc. which office is located in room 225 Standard Building, or 215 East Berry Street, the present cave of Barret & McNagny, variously officers, incorporators and directors of Fort Wayne National Corporation, Inc.


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leighmf 7 years 30 weeks ago

Back to Fort Wayne where the Olin B. and Desta Scwhab Foundation has now been placed by the court into the hands of Steel Dynamics/North American Van Lines/Fort Wayne National Corporation lawyers and principals. It is used to give business and publicity to Disney.

The Schwab kindly bequest of a childless couple was originally created by Baker & Daniels lawyer, Richard Blaich. This is seen in the 1989 Articles of Incorporation for the Foundation.

Thereafter, Blaich moved to the offices of Beckman Lawson, LLP in the Standard Federal Building, 1 Summit Square. Part of this building was erected on real estate from the Charitable Trust of James I. Evans (after his death and when his lawyers owned the land), a childless and heirless manager of The Standard (Elektron) building in the years the Kryders were there along with Walter E. Helmke, Paul Helmke's grandfather.

Walter P. Helmke and his associates inherited the Evans estate and proceeded to devalue its real estate and sell it amongst themselves as estate lawyers in anticipation of building a new City-County Complex in 1969.

In 1969, Moorhead, then Vice-President of Record of The Kryder Company, Inc., succeeded to the Vice-Presidency of the Allen County Bar. And I mean Vice.

Needless to say, 1 Summit Square was an estate lawyer erection. It houses lawyers, securities brokers, the Fort Wayne FBI field office and Standard Federal Bank, controlled by ABN AMRO.

After the Schwabs were dead, Blaich moved the foundation to Nevada where CENTEX sold him millionaire's digs where he hung out. That is until citizen complaints about moving an Indiana foundation out of state FORCED the Securities Commissioner and Secretary of State Todd Rokita to file an injunction to have the Foundation re-incorporated in Indiana.

That is when the court awarded control of the Schwab Foundation to Steel Dynamics, et al.

Blaich was found dead in his garage, but the papers denied the "suicide" had anything to do with the Foundation, calling him "happy."

The key links in this section are:

ABN-AMRO, Nevada, and CENTEX.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 30 weeks ago

In the true style of Fort Wayne estate lawyers, the name of The Olin B. and Desta Schwab Foundation is already in the processs of being changed in the public perception, contrary to the design of the Trustor. On the website which was required by the State Attorney General after the foundation had been bilked by Richard Blaich, the foundation name has been shortened already to The Schwab Foundation. This is their modus operandi, already having despicably changed the name of the Kryder era "James Irwin Evans Charitable Trust" to "Moss-Evans Trust." putting one of their own attorneys "Moss" in front of Evans name. Indeed, the attormeys last longer than their clients and proceed to create the impression they are the town heroes, on someone else's buck.

In this way the lawyers distance themselves from the true origin of the charities and foundations they have the privilege to mingle in their own banks, and over time, say by the next generation, no one will ever know who Olin B. and Desta Schwab were, though Mr. Schwab clearly intended for his wife's name to be preserved in their foundation. The legal name of the foundation is The Olin B. and Desta Schwab Foundation.

The same with James Irwin Evans, who had no children. Now he is Moss-Evans. Mr. Evans died in 1981 and no one knows about his trust, or him.

Likewise over the years, corporate entity names and mergers been used to confuse the trail, and cause huge breaks in Indiana records, to sever the connections to certain Depression and war industries which have been funneled through family estates into the control of organized lawyers. This makes "following the money" in any investigation shallow, never reaching far enough back into the past to see who is really manipulating commerce, and for that matter, the life, liberty , and happiness of others.

anonymous green 7 years 30 weeks ago

Try Clarence Woodard, deceased, self proclaimed 'mayor' of Orinda, CA, my ex-step-father.

One of the original California millionaires that set the Reagan/Bush machine in gear.

When GHW Bush visited the surviving family of his CIA mentor, my grandfather, there in Orinda just before he left office, the protest was so big you couldn't get through that little hamlet.

'Uncle' Clarence, as my kids called him, ran a Romney-like escapade called Woodard Industries, a re-organization scheme, probably like the ones that turned your family's fortunes into dust.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 30 weeks ago

I don't know where you get the idea my family's fortunes are dust. They are gilt-edge guaranteed securities of the U.S. Government. That is what makes them so coveted by bad people. They are Federal Home Loan Bank mortgages and Farm Loan Bonds which have been turning over for 95 years. I hardly call that dust. They are being used in a pool as a battering ram against democracy.

anonymous green 7 years 30 weeks ago

My mistake, I thought they had been devalued on paper to almost nothing before being folded into someone else's portfolio where they suddenly became very valuable once they were removed from the 'offending' family's hands and unfolded.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 30 weeks ago

That is what distinguishes this case. My great-grandfather anticipated what would happen after his death and exchanged gold bond interest for registered U.S. securities permanently associated with his real estate plats. The family lived "good but not rich" according to a cousin, entirely on tax free interest. Since their deaths terminating in 1966, that interest is continuously rolled over in a layering operation starting with 5-year municipal or revenue bonds up to 50-year mortgages. Meanwhile the Kryders' principle has been growing for 95 years because "cashing out" would nail the crooks with a Notice of Tax Due. Further, since the securities have been successfully concealed for so long, they are much more useful hidden in a pool with similar old cases than they are liquidated and distributed.

A 95 year untaxed family Trust is against trust and securities law.

Hence, this wad is used to waste other estate property which is then called a turnaround operation of the Carlyle Group, or Mitt Romney, to be acquired for a song and converted to an amazing operation such as Steel Dynamics.

Example- loans are made secured by the Kryder securities pool which are never paid back. Multiple parties can claim the securities for loan purposes at once, especially through the concept of "financial leasing."

Certain estate lawyers and accountants are nationally organized to subvert the SEC and FTC. With their "color of title" holdings they have put together monopolies which the authorities can't seem to disrupt.

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