Now what do you suppose can be discovered in a seemingly routine data entry in a national Unclaimed Property Database?

"1990 Unclaimed Property BUSH, GEORGE W 1163 E 65TH ST , LOS ANGELES CA 900011617, $3,159.00 Source: California, Old Account: KMI/CONTINENTAL GROUP %CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS %SSB?"

First I consider that it may or may not be what it appears to be, and that I have no way of knowing who entered it into an unclaimed property database. This is because unclaimed property is held by the State Treasurer. In Indiana, for example, Tim Berry worked for North American Van Lines then went from there straight to the State Treasurer's office.

One always has to consider and judge, from which side doth a subliminal message emanate?

" L. sublimare "to raise, elevate," from sublimis "lofty" (see sublime). Psychological sense is first recorded 1910, probably influenced by subliminal...The scare over subliminal advertising came in 1957"

I can take off right from here with Loft, inc., the original Pepsico holding company, limestone quarries, lime phosphates, and the 1910 Lincoln Trust Company. You also have your 2/06/1957 BP: American Oil: OLD NAME : STANOLIND OIL AND GAS COMPANY, and stuff like 'at, as we say in Leo-Cedarville. That's for starters.

Without blinking an eye I already connect the 1990 expiration of the 1950 North American Properties, Inc., with KMI Kinder Morgan, Inc. pre-ENRON with the name Continental, a correspondent name of Lincoln banks. I see game numbers and can be confident that creation/dissolution dates put with all the data in that simple entry will show how the "pass through account" concept works to move money and/or secret messages for and to they whom have been called, "The Bush Crime Family."

No indeed, I'm not going to let them get me down when I can pull their pants off first.



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leighmf 5 years 17 weeks ago

The down to earth approach begins with anchoring a principal which can be anchored, such as KMI/Continental. Prior to 1990, date of the Bush Unclaimed Property Entry, or BUPE,

2/15/1985 (Louisiana filing) FLORIDA EXPLORATION COMPANY : MERGED INTO KMI CONTINENTAL EXPLORATION COMPANY ON FEBRUARY 15, 1985 Status: Not Active (Voluntary action) Domicile Address: 1601 ELM ST., DALLAS, TX 75201 Principal Office: 1200 TRAVIS, HOUSTON, TX 77002 Principal Bus. Est. in Louisiana: 400 POYDRAS STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 Qualified: 01/09/1980 President: T. W. ROLLINS, 508 W. WALL, MIDLAND, TX 79702 Exec Vice President: KEITH D. KERN, 1200 TRAVIS, HOUSTON, TX 77002 Exec Vice President: RICHARD D. KINDER, 1200 TRAVIS, HOUSTON, TX 77002

(Here exists another acronym for keeping multiple sets of books since FEC can be used for either Florida Exploration Company OR Florida East Coast Ry.)

The same day as the FEC merger

2/15/1985 THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR CORPORATION : 1995 NORTH PARK PLACE STE 370, ATLANTA, GA 30339 : 198502-463 Active Creation : 2/15/1985 Date to Expire:

filed Articles in Indiana.

The Florida Exploration Company, in the Liberty National/First Natonal (Harriman) Bank Building filed Articles in Oklahoma with an effective date in 1980.

#2300345062 FLORIDA EXPLORATION COMPANY Foreign For Profit Business Corporation Legal (RA) Registered Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 735 1ST NATL BLDG OKC, OK 73102 (RA) Effective Date: 1/9/1980.

The series 230034 in Oklahoma documents also includes a 1934 ENRON entity

#2300349496 ENRON CORP. Foreign For Profit Business Corporation Legal (RA) Registered Agent: SECRETARY OF STATE 2300 N LINCOLN BLVD RM 101 OKLA CITY, OK 73105 4897 (RA) Effective Date: 9/5/1934

#2300343706 LOOMIS, FARGO & CO. Foreign For Profit Business Corporation Legal (RA) Registered Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 735 1ST NATL BLDG OKC, OK 73102 (RA) Effective Date: 12/30/1971


#2300340819 DIAMOND SHAMROCK PETROLEUM CORPORATION Foreign For Profit Business Corporation Legal Registered Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 735 1ST NATL BLDG OKC, OK 73102 Effective Date: 9/28/1979 .


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leighmf 5 years 17 weeks ago

I now encourage every person in the United States who can get to Google Maps to look up this address for George W. Bush:

1990 Unclaimed Property BUSH, GEORGE W 1163 E 65TH ST , LOS ANGELES CA 900011617, $3,159.00 Source: California, Old Account: KMI/CONTINENTAL GROUP %CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS %SSB?"

I will wait while you get a good look. Please go to street level view and ogle the facility which is at

1163 E 65TH ST , LOS ANGELES CA 900011617...

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leighmf 5 years 17 weeks ago

Did the California State Treasurer make a mistake, or am I just a kook-ball who thinks this is THE George W. Bush when probably another George W. Bush resides at this address in South Central LA, who has forgotten about a $3,159.00 dividend from Kinder Morgan? Huh? What say you, Scotland Yard?

Take a look at the lawn maintenance here. I think our former president George W. Bush should receive a Community Uglification Award from the City of Los Angeles for keeping such a residence where my beautiful mind is injured by the sight of the garden!

Why doesn't he take that unclaimed dividend and slap a coat of Sherwin Williams on the house and put in a Foundation Planting at least?

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leighmf 5 years 17 weeks ago

This is old George W. Bush CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS account is some deep dudu.

KMI preceded KMI/Continental:

3/27/1985 KMI Continental Offshore Production Company Status: Inactive -Filing No: 1985-000227946 Sub Status: Archived Type: Profit Corporation - Foreign Standing - Formed in: Delaware Initial Filing: 03/27/1985 Inactive Date: 02/05/1988 Purpose Code: Oil and Gas Principal Office: 13910 Championforest Drive #200 Houston, TX 77069 USA Mailing Address: 13910 Championforest Drive #200 Houston, TX 77069 USA

3/27/1985 SUMMIT HOTELS INTERNATIONAL, INC. 8585 N. STEMMONS, 400 SOUTH DALLAS, TX 75247 Document Number E01101

3/29/1985 SMRK Merger Corporation Articles Filed

SMRK was the merger corporation for Shamrock Capital and Central Soya in Fort Wayne. Present in the filings are Roy Disney, Thomas Shoaff, of Baker & Daniels & Shoaff (also a director of Fort Wayne National Corporation), Douglas G. Fleming, and David Heath Swanson (also a director of Fort Wayne National Bank and ADM) who is now serving a sentence for defrauding the Countrymark farmers co-operative.

Summit was the merger of Anthony Wayne Bank, beneath the Kryder offices on 215 East Berry St., and Peoples Trust, where 23 acres of the Kryder Company Original Plat of Waynedale was conveyed to Peoples Trust, Tr.

Anthony Wayne Bank was a conversion of the Fort Wayne Morris Plan Company to a state bank. The Morris Plan Industrial Bankers aided the flow of Alfried Krupp's assets in and out of the United States during WW II, and made certain through the efforts of American Generals that Krupp was released from prison and given back his holdings. Therefore we have one of the generals becoming president of Continental Can coupled with the creation of American General Finance.

These are the amazing events of 1943:

1943-1944 Alfried Krupp liquidated Nazi bonds and reinvested $20,000,000.

1943 40 year first mortgage bonds of the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company, Pennsylvania Railroad System became due;

9/21/1943 to 10/2/1943 Third War Loan

09/28/1943 Atlanta banker Henry C. Heinz, a former officer in the Central Bank, was shot and killed by a masked prowler outside his home, though some accounts say the murder occurred inside the home; he was married to Asa Candler's daughter, Coca Cola heiress. By 1943 the Candler bank had been merged into Citizens & Southern. Anyone can ask Judge Mills B. Lane about this- he has three generations in C & S.

(Katherine Kryder's Great Uncle, Larkin H. Parris, was a C&S VP and was auditor of the Coca Cola bank. It was in Atlanta that "Bunny" and Frank Kryder met. They married in Covington, KY, and lived in Fort Wayne when Katherine was born in 1931).

10/15/1943 Kryder Company Inc. Affidavit empowering Lauren O. King, Trustee for Kryder Trust F.S. 58070 (F.S. Farmers State?) ;

10/15/1943 Anthony Wayne Bank (former Morris Plan Bank ) received approval by Dept. of Financial Institutions; bookkeeping department established in C.Frank Kryder's office

ZAPATA OIL LEASE HOUSTON, Nov. 18.-1943 "The Post said today that the Texas company has acquired leases on 17,000 acres in Zapata county west of Rio Grande City for oil prospecting"

12/15/1943 Conversion of Fried.Krupp, A.G. to sole proprietorship of Alfried Krupp, effectively activating Lex Krupp. This awarded German tax-free status to the Krupp Empire in Germany until 1968 (Pepsico/NAVL merged).

12/16/1943 Creation of Anthony Wayne Bank, a conversion to a state bank of the Fort Wayne Morris Plan Company, 215 E Berry Street, first floor of the Standard Building aka Elektron.

Naturally metal and cans and bottles such as made by the Ball Corporation, which also supplied the first component of Zyklon B to Germany, were as essential to Coca-Cola as to Pepsi, and therein lie some fast ties to the Bush Family and the Continental Can.

The Georgia filing for Continental Holdings indicates the jurisdiction is Wyoming.

CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS INC. Control No.: K010633 Status: Active/Creation Date: 6/5/1990 Jurisdiction: WY Principal Office Address: c/o CT Corporation System 1201 PEACHTREE STREET, N.E. Atlanta GA 30361

Wyoming records state Continental Holdings was formed in Wyoming and has its principal office in Broomfield, Colorado in the same geographic cell with Ball.

Continental Holdings Inc. Status: Active Filing No: 1990-000259647 Old Name: Continental Can Europe, Inc. Standing - RA: Formed in: Wyoming Initial Filing: 04/04/1990 : Purpose Code: Finance (Loan, Investments, Securities), Stock, Mortgage Brokers Principal Office: 1025 Eldorado Blvd. Broomfield, CO 80021 USA Mailing Address: c/o CT Corporation System 1720 Carey Avenue, Suite 200 Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

President / Director John M Ryan 1025 Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80021 Secretary Neil J Eckstein 1025 Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80021 Treasurer Robin E Grey 1025 Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80021

80021 BALL GLASS CONTAINER CORPORATION : PO BOX 9005 TAX DEPT, BROOMFIELD, CO 80021: 198704-933 Status: Active Creation: 4/24/1987

The Federal Reserve indicates that three days before the Wyoming formation of Continental Can


Now we can understand why Evansville is a manufacturing center for large cans on wheels and pre-fab housing, and get an idea of who got to buy the most war ships for scrap.

And don't forget, Casino Aztar, a Ramada enterprise, has exclusive rights to the assumed name, City of Evansville.

AZTAR INDIANA GAMING COMPANY, LLC Entity Address: C/O TROPICANA ENTERTAINMENT, 3930 HOWARD HUGHES PARKWAY 4TH FLOOR, LAS VEGAS, NV 89169 : Control Number: 1999070729 Status: Active Creation Date: 7/15/1999 . Other Names12/8/1999 CASINO AZTAR (Assumed)) 12/7/1999 CITY OF EVANSVILLE (Assumed))

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leighmf 5 years 17 weeks ago

I may now proceed with the explanation of why the Zapata SEC filings were destroyed in 1981, when the 1969 Fort Wayne National Corporation first applied for a tax payer id.

1990 Unclaimed Property BUSH, GEORGE W 1163 E 65TH ST , LOS ANGELES CA 900011617, $3,159.00 Source: California, Old Account: KMI/CONTINENTAL GROUP %CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS %SSB

Ties to Southeastern Drilling Co., Zapata Oil overseas operations, and ultimately to ENRON (KMI/Continental Holdings), an underlying Krupp investment in 1943, to Fort Wayne National Corporation, the 1966 Fort Wayne Bank Building, and the ABN AMRO Standard Federal Bank Building had to be severed in the readily searchable record. The correct assembly of history and real estate transactions prove that relations and financial transactions never ceased between Prescott Bush and designated Enemies of the United States when the Thyssen fund was frozen in 1941. He just kept on doing whatever he wanted because it is none of the public's business.

The Gulf War protected the interests of Zapata which became buried under the name Southeastern. The Persian Gulf War (8/2/1990 2/28/1991):

NIC 1990-08-02 AMSTERDAM-ROTTERDAM BANK, N.V. moved to 20-22 FOPPINGADREEF AMSTERDAM, 0, NETHERLANDS and changed from Foreign Banking Organization to Foreign Banking Organization as a BHC. (becomes ABN AMRO )

2/28/1991 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail 910007378 DEED 02-28-1991 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties HEALTH CARE REIT INC TO CALVARY TEMPLE CHURCH INC FROM


Let us not forget here that Frank Kryder was married to "Bunny," a name planted in my head as a baby, and BUNNY was the OSS Agent in Iraq.

12/28/1981 SOUTHEASTERN DRILLING PROGRAM 1981-1, LTD.Document Number A11788 Filed 12/28/1981 State FL Status INACTIVE 05/11/1990 %SOUTHEASTERN PETROLEUM CORPORATION 4860 N.E. 12TH AVENUE FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33334 Registered Agent Name & Address SOUTHEASTERN PETROLEUM CORP. 4860 N.E. 12TH AVE. FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33334


The Countrymark Cooperative, was later targeted and defrauded by an officer of Fort Wayne National Coporation/ADM executive/Central Soya, David Heath Swanson., following the merger of the Shamrock Pool with Central Soya.

5/11/1990 CONTINENTAL LOSS ADJUSTING SERVICES, INC. : CNA Plaza Statutory Reporting 21S, CHICAGO, IL 60685 : 192669-023 Creation : 6/2/1928 Inactive : 6/29/2000 : Original Creation State: IL Other Names 5/11/1990 UNDERWRITERS ADJUSTING CO

1/27/1987 NORTH AMERICAN CHEMICAL ORGANIZATION, INC. (69)4202 Corporation For Profit Jan 27 1987 Cancel

Richard B Cheney Birth Date: 30 Jan 1941 Address: 242 W 14th St City: Casper State: WY Zip Code: 82601-4202 (Wyoming formation of Continental Holdings formerly Continental Can, Europe)

1/27/1987 SOUTHEASTERN PIPE LINE COMPANY Document Number P13015 FEI/EIN Number 741879463 Date Filed 01/27/1987 State TX Status INACTIVE 11/09/1990 Address 407 SAN JACINTO BLDG. 911 WALKER HOUSTON TX 77002

11/09/1990 Expiration of North American Properties, Inc. which contained Kryder 1943 Trust F.S. 58070

11/09/1990 Dynegy Inc. agreed to acquire rival Enron Corp. in a stock deal valued at $8.5 billion and to assume $15 billion of Enron debt . (This deal did not take place).


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