This shall be a supplement to my outlines in which I have recently introduced the federal taxpayer identification number as the heart of a scientifically morganized scheme which robs pensions and landowners, and redistributes funds to the North American Group on a separate set of books. It will demonstrate that my version of things makes sense, while the lies and non-explanations of this wild-west financial free-for-all which has developed, are nonsense.

It is the bookmaster's job to keep taxpayer numbers buried under layers of pass through accounts, and in sensitive cases, some money travels through several countries before the final distribution or commission reaches an end user. There are many devices to further obscure the picture when foundation money and charitable trusts and benevolent organizations are used. With religious organizations, it started with the sale of church bonds and insurance policies. Finally, the casinos were able to hitch their stars to the special tax status of church gambling, municipal gambling and Sovereignly Immune Indian gambling, and like the evangelists of old warned, these people would like to take us all straight to Hell. They are driven by the belief that earthly pleasure is all that exists, which explains today's pervading socio-pathological need to grind the faces of the poor with flashy shoes.

The North American Trust Company, one of its formal early entities, was begun in 1902, its important bonds executed 1900-1901. There are quite a few distributions and commissions to keep straight now, four and a half generations later. Too bad IRS doesn't look into the generation skippers in that trust company! We are probably all owed a refund.

With time, a template may be devised, a lay-over film like the old encyclopedias made for the human body, which makes it easier for an accountant to line up little blocks of numbers, though this idea has certainly been virtualized by now. Or maybe they used punch-cards.

I, having none of the accountant's secret tools, see the meaning of blocks of numbers by understanding the relationship of entities which I affirm with historical facts and recorded documents. I should be given a PhD in this, if there were such a thing. But that wouldn't guarantee anyone would listen anymore than they do now.

Therefore, as I began in 911-BP, all the evolution of white collar mob profit begins with fixed numbers which must remain layers and layers apart from criminal activity. So parts of a federal id can interlock with parts of another number, but in a diamond lock, nothing two dimensional. All our banking numbers were established by insiders bossing around the clerks. For example, Wolfie's FDIC Cert.# 3511 and BABA's FDIC Cert.#3510 are related because they were assigned in San Francisco originally. Yet 3510 is the beginning of the federal id for Magnavox, and 3511 the beginning of the federal id for Lincoln National Corporation, an Indiana entity.

The taxpayer identification numbers for BABA and Wolfie were assigned in Indiana, yet in 1933, 35-series FDIC numbers were issued in CA. It is possible to manipulate the issuance of numerals in a taxpayer number when so many bank presidents first work in the IRS, or when you are a Bechtel, a Harriman,and a Fleming. Or, if you a special agent of the government, a special number may be assigned to you.

We are also governed by Federal Reserve District Numbers, Federal Land Bank and Home Loan Bank districts, and IRS Regional Districts.

Homeland Security has informed us that terrorist activity is organized in geographic cells, the same as gangsters, and local mobsters. It is important to identify cells by zip code, telephone numbers, bank accounts, mortgages and stock gifts between members. A cell is governed from the county seat by two law firms, one "democrat" and one "republican." Like the CIA, players have handlers and may know only who is who a couple of levels over their own head. The rule of being a player is if you get caught, which is usually by conspicuous, indiscrete behaviors, you are on your own, at peril not only for your own life, but for your family's.

Nevertheless, who has more responsibility than the ones whose job it is to keep crooked things looking straight, to continuously weave a web that no one will live long enough to solve?

continued with a few primer examples.


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Robindell 5 years 14 weeks ago

Many if not a majority of people here in Indiana seem completely ignorant of the corruption and abuses which take place in business, particularly within the financial services and banking industry. They don't understand that at least some of the candidates they will likely vote for and elect have come out against government regulation of business. The people don't know enough about health and science to be concerned as to the adverse effects of increased pollution on health and on our environment a whole, which might result from having extremist Republicans in office. They don't care that the economy has already been harmed by wreckless, greedy behavior in the finance world. There are many farmers in Indiana, to be sure, although some of the farms are probably owned by agribusiness. The commodities futures brokerage firm of PFG/Best and its parent comapny, Peragrine Financial Group, is missing $200,000 million in customer money, and the CEO tried to commit suicide outside of the company's headquarters in Cedar Falls, IA after leaving a note in which he admitted forging his signature and embezzling millions over two decades. The Commodies Futures Trading Commission only now caught up with him. MF Global is another commodites brokerage firm that is going under due to mismanagement.

Chicago's CME Group has proposed to the CFTC that brokerages no longer be permitted to have a dime of the customers' money. Instead, they suggest that the futures clearinghouse should hold the funds and would simply follow the directions of the brokerage firms who represent the customers.

I used to have several savings accounts all at savings and loan associations. In two cases, I banked by mail. I had one account in California. That institution is still going strong but is now called a "savings bank." The other was in Maryland in suburban Washington. That institution, which no longer exists, was insured not by the federal home loan agency, but rather, by Maryland savings and loan agency. I may have had an account there before Nixon was first elected as president. That means that my savings account at that savings and loan was insured by Spiro Agnew, the corrupt former Maryland governor.

Bloomington, Indiana had some nice savings and loans which I liked and had small accounts at, Workingman Federal Savings (that is what it was called), and Fountain Savings and Loan. They had a small fountain when you first walked into the building. Bell Federal Savings in downtown Chicago used to do a fair amount of advertising, and they called their corner "the Weather Bell Corner," because they had a sign with a bell on the corner which gave the temperature and had a light to indicate the basic direction of the forecast. The weather bell is still there, but the space is now a Walgreen's. Reagan and I would assume the Republicans in Congress deregulated the savings and loan industry, and the rest is a sad chapter in financial history.

My father was an accountant and worked mostly in Chicago. He used to have to work with auditors from Arthur Anderson and Co., which was headquarted in Chicago. He used to come home and complain that their audits were a joke and that he could have shown them just what he wanted them to see, that he could have easily "pulled the wool over their eyes," and the Anderson auditor would not have know the difference.

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leighmf 5 years 14 weeks ago
Quote Robindell:

Peragrine Financial Group, is missing $200,000 million in customer money, and the CEO tried to commit suicide outside of the company's headquarters in Cedar Falls, IA after leaving a note in which he admitted forging his signature and embezzling millions over two decades

I feel like a Profiler reading this. I have been documenting a hundred years of banker suicides and murders and mysterious deaths. Rather than from guilt and remorse, I believe a participant in a ring is just as often killed or kills themself to protect their family. It's the rules. I'm curious now and will have to look Peregrine up because I already have work on MF Global.

As for Andersen, they must hire below average workers who won't catch on to what the Partners are doing.

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leighmf 5 years 14 weeks ago

Peregrine Company follows the Fort Wayne template of operators in Nevada, Massachusetts, Indiana, which can be proven by their own filings. All important here is that Casino Aztar in Evansville has filed the right to also use the assumed name "City of Evansville." Follow me and you will see the holding device. Before I am finished, Bain Capital will work into this, you'll see.

IA Filing: 141315 PEREGRINE FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. Active 2/28/1990 Chapter CODE 490 Fictitious name PFGBEST Fictitious name PFGBEST.COM LARRY L ANFINSON Address Address 2 726 W 4TH ST City, State, Zip WATERLOO, IA, 50702 PEREGRINE WAY CEDAR FALLS, IA, 50613

MA Filing: PEREGRINE CO., INC. dentification Number: 001010479 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 08/20/2009 The is organized under the laws of: State: IN Country: USA on: 09/17/2008 Ct: 4775 W. TECO STE 130 City or Town: LAS VEGAS State: NV Zip: 89118 Country: USA The location of its Massachusetts office: 303 CONGRESS ST. wn: BOSTON State: MA Zip: 02210 PRESIDENT JOHN BRENAN 1474 TRADE CENTER DR., STE 212 FISHERS, IN 46038 USA SECRETARY DANIEL PATRAS 4775 W. TECO STE 130 LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 USA SECRETARY DANIEL PATRAS 4775 W. TECO STE 130 LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 USA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENAN 1474 TRADE CENTER DR., STE 212 FISHERS, IN 46038 USA

IN filing: PEREGRINE CO., INC: 4618 PENELOPE DRIVE, WEST LAFAYETTE, IN 47906 : Control Number: 2008091800341 Status: Active Creation Date: 9/17/2008

9/17/2008 " But the real action at Goldman came after Lehman blew up and the American taxpayers — through their proxies, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, the head of the New York Fed — decided to rescue American International Group, the global insurer." New York Times 2/19/2010

Now the Lehman deal really concealed another relationship between CSX realty and Burger King-

You see that besides Iowa, Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. filed the same entitiy in Las Vegas (as a domestic corporation) on the same day that the entitity Fort Wayne Mortgage Corporation filed in Las Vegas.

NV Filing: PEREGRINE FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. File Date: 12/30/1999 Type: Domestic Corporation Entity Number: C34030-1999 Qualifying State: NV Business ID: NV19991480299

NV Filing: FORT WAYNE MORTGAGE CORPORATION File Date: 12/30/1999 Type: Domestic Corporation Corp Number: C34008-1999 Qualifying State: NV : LAS VEGAS State: NV Zip Code: 89119 Treasurer - BONNIE MORROW Address 1: 29177 SHIRLEY PO BOX 71255 City: MADISON HEIGHTS State: MI Zip Code: 48071 : President - ALAN STOTSKY 43 FIESTA WAY FT LAUDERDALE State: FL Zip Code: 33301 Secretary - ALAN STOTSKY

while in the state of Washington on the same day, the Florida entity Intermex Wire Transfers was filed:

INTERMEX WIRE TRANSFERS, INC. UBI Number 602003075 State Of Incorporation FL Date of Incorporation 12/30/1999 Dissolution Date 04/01/2008 UNISEARCH INC Address 1780 BARNES BLVD SW BLDG G City TUMWATER State WA ZIP 985120410 Chairman RINCON , JOHN MIAMI , FL Vice President RINCON , CEASAR MIAMI , FL President RINCON , CARLOS MIAMI , FL

Next as AA I have several taxpayer identification numbers which must somehow be associated with commonwealth holdings that are nevertheless concealed by a structure of tax id holders. This is not for tax purposes but for fencing corporate bleed outs and government bailouts.

For those who haven't looked into it, taxation is NOTHING to the very rich. They don't need to hide legitimate wealth from taxes. There have always been gilt edge investments which are kept for the length of a corporation or trust to cover taxes at the end and nothing is lost, unless one happens into the wrong nest of estate lawyers.

It is illegitmate wealth which must be hidden from taxation, not because it can't afford the taxes, but because it exposes wrongdoing. The problem that illegitimate wealth accumulation faces is like the problem of world garbage. Everything it generates has to be hidden until it can be layered back into commerce, or used for slush, take your pick.

The amount of wealth which is disappearing according to the acts of one individual who goes down for the crime is out of balance with what one person possibly needs to steal and live like royalty for a lifetime.

So the fixed numbers in this case are those belonging to

FEI/EIN Number 650492035 Intermex

FEI Number 650452699 -FALCON LIFE INSURANCE GROUP, INC. (Peregrine Falcon, you know)

FEI/EIN Number 232082094 COMMONWEALTH TELEPHONE TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION whose Florida Document Number 847532 is a match to the Missouri Document Number of

G.H. Walker III Consulting, LLC LC0847532 Limited Liability Company Active 10/9/2007


and just for the heck of it

FEI/EIN Number 362801777 MF GLOBAL INC. Date Filed 06/20/2007 .

Next I will organize these numbers a la Andersen and return with a report.

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