The answer is yes and can be shown in any number of elaborate ways. I am striving to make it easy. The short form involves the fence as was formed between MA and UT, somewhat KeyBank states of the moment, via Neil Bush's Points of Light. All are 7/11/ Entities and any investigator of political slush is welcome to my intricate weave of 7/11 slush funding. But this is for reading enjoyment purposes only,

ENRON POWER ENTERPRISE CORP.Corporation Identification Number: 760289935 (Old FEIN): 000317243 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 11/03/1989 Date of Involuntary Revocation: 08/31/1998 The is organized under the laws of: State: DE Country: USA on: 07/11/1989 : 1400 SMITH ST. City or Town: HOUSTON State: TX Zip: 77002 Country: USA Term PRESIDENT KENNETH D. RICE 1400 SMITH ST., HOUSTON, TX 77002 USA 1400 SMITH ST., HOUSTON, TX 77002 USA TREASURER KURT S. HUNEKE 1400 SMITH ST., HOUSTON, TX 77002 USA 1400 SMITH ST., HOUSTON, TX 77002 USA

Wyoming filing (Neil Bush Director) WY Points of Light Initiative, Incorporated Status: Inactive - Revoked (Tax) Filing No: 1989-000255221 : Formed in: Delaware Initial Filing: 07/11/1989 Term of Duration: Perpetual Inactive Date: 02/14/1992 Purpose Code: Charitable Principal Office: The Corp. Trust Co. 1209 Orange St. Wilmington, DE 19801 USA

POINTS OF LIGHT INITIATIVE, INCORPORATED Entity Number: 1039843-0141 : 160 E 300 S 2ND FLOOR BOX 146705 SLC, UT 841146705 State of Origin: DE Expired as of 11/15/1990 Status: Revoked Utah History Registration Date: 07/11/1989

What does this boring looking stuff really mean? On 7/11/1989, Points of Light was created in Delaware and with speed of light filing was also received, stamped and filed and open for business in both Wyoming and Utah the same day as Enron Energy Corp. This is anomalous since foreign entities which have first registered in Delaware are required to submit the Delaware Certificate of Existence to the Secretary State of State (in this case, to Utah and Wyoming) which has to be stamped as received before the corporate application can be stamped received and filed.

However, we have already seen in the case of Far West Mortgage of Colorado, Inc., Evan Bayh allowed this entity which is not incorporated in Colorado to be admitted in Indiana as a foreign corporation, without a Certificate of Existence. Not to mention that certain Indiana lawyers have had no regard ever for the rules of bank holding and 2 in 1 institutions.

Could it be that so many rules going out the window has caused us all some unnecessary losses?


Was ENRON Bush Slush?


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leighmf 5 years 24 weeks ago

Look at the relationship between Standard Oil, Utah, MA, Credit Suisse and ENRON OIL CORP:

(MA filing) ENRON OIL CORP.: 760092004 (Old FEIN): 470663482 Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 03/19/1984 Date of Withdrawal: 09/04/1990 The is organized under the laws of: State: DE Country: USA on: 01/27/1984 : 117 STEVENS AVE. City or Town: VALHALLA State: NY Zip: 10595 Country: USA

(California filing) STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA Number: C1241263 Filed: 3/19/1984 Status: active Jurisdiction: DELAWARE Address P O BOX 6028 SAN RAMON, CA 94583 Agent THE PRENTICE-HA LL CORPORATION SYSTEM, INC. 2730 GATEWAY OAKS DR., SUITE 100 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833

(Utah filing) CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON CORPORATION Entity Number: 903401-0143 : 11 MADISON AVE New York, NY 10010 State of Origin: MA : 2180 South 1300 East STE 650 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 : Expired 01/31/2003 Utah History Registration Date: 06/10/1985 Last Renewed: 05/15/2002

(Wyoming filing) STANDARD OIL COMPANY, INC. DBA: : IN Filing: 06/10/1985 Status: INACTIVE Defunct Date: 03/19/1997 Address: 200 E. RANDOLPH DR CHICAGO, IL 60601 Agent: THE PRENTICE/HALL CORP/ County: LARAMIE Address: ORATION SYSTEM, INC. 1821 LOGAN AVENUE CHEYENNE, WY 82001

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leighmf 5 years 24 weeks ago

Just for practice, consider the pre-ENRON greatest driving financial forces of the NGPL and how the finances of any company are governed by mortgage debt.

Mortgage dates from Moody's-

NPGL mtgs of 1958-7/1/1978 20yrs. = 1 bank

and 11/1/1958-11/1/1978 20yrs.= 1 bank

Note the irony of two mortgages issued and due in 7 and 11 of the same years.

As shown with North American Properties, Inc., 11/01/1950, a 40- year corporation by its articles, can hold the securities of a 50-year real estate corporation which is owed a 50 year railroad or pipeline bond, used to securitize two or more banks. This was a perverse way of using a real estate company which was liquidated into federal bonds, as a multi-bank holding company, until the rules were finally changed in 1970 and bankers went insane without restraints. Freddie Mac was created in 1970, and Fannie Mae had been privatized by President Johnson in 1968.

1958-07-01 PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK OF SEATTLE, THE located at 900 2ND AVENUE, SEATTLE, WA was established as a National Bank.

A 1958 Kryder mortgage ended up with Security Pacific National, TR., Costa Mesa.

1978-07-01 JASPER STATE BANK located at 3-D PLAZA, JASPER, IN was established as a Non-member Bank (Citizens)

At the end of the NGPL mtg, a new financial institution is entered into the database, in the 711 hometown of homie Bernie Ewing. So far the score is Bernie- All, Leigh- 00.

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leighmf 5 years 24 weeks ago

Thank you so much for these links- the Bush Art is a gas corp.

I already see some connections to plug in.

Lawyers can never recall and judges can alwaysrecuse, but if the Truth becomes so hit-you-in-the-face, perhaps the world will try a good old- fashioned shunning to get the family back in its own corral.


anonymous green 5 years 24 weeks ago

The Old Boys are gone, all of them died.

Their new apprentices are old men now, or dead themselves.

Their children's use of the poison pill philosophies has done it's work, and they are back in their corrals already.

The Manchurian Americans they left behind are our real problem now, and are the ones it would be most effective to shun.

But I am interested in where you are headed with your story, and which direction you are pointing.

anonymous green 5 years 24 weeks ago

Which directions are those?

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leighmf 5 years 24 weeks ago

Well, as I said somewhere, I'm pulling their pants off before they get me first. I will not say telling the tale is not a long and winding road. I am trying to crank out at least an outline before another War is started.

The need to file under fictitious entities can now, after two hundred years of American bond cycles, be analyzed and used against the old "secret organization." I have the story woven up tighter than a lycra body suit now - and I encourage everyone to start looking things up in their county records and getting a grip on where all the entities came from which bombard your perspective day by day. Who really owns your City/County Complex?

Yessir, we are talking corporate entities, fictitious enemies, non-domestic sub-entity others, and foreign banking organizations, all with bank account and taxpayer ids assigned.

All our banking has always been created on the books of the accountants, from Robert Fleming to Lord Touche to Arthur Andersen. After a number of years at looking at filing numbers and taxpayer identification numbers I knew the only way to keep things crooked in the eyes of the public but straight in the eyes of AA was to base their secret system around taxpayer ids. That is the primary number the accountancy has to keep disassociated many degrees from criminal acitivity. They can see what they are doing, but IRS and other monitoring agencies can't. IRS gives the deciding number- from that all other identifiers are constructed, from postal codes to document numbers, account numbers, charters, policies and mortgages. It's easy when you are the bank, the insurance company, the phone company, and have an in with the Post Master General. There is of course a certain nomenclature too that has to be learned like Lincoln Continental, American General, and 7-11. But in the end, it's those things which are the truly fitting pieces of the puzzle, things which can't be denied as we all look at the sharpening picture.

Capers like the massive bank failures, railroad bankruptcies, ENRON, Fannie Mae, and now the actual bailing out of financial giants, the primary thieves, require a global network to keep ahead of the authorities.

Nevertheless, the players still haven't found a way to hold money that is usable without actually filing a paper and getting a tax number. So, that is the ONLY way to ever nail this gang because they shred and burn everything else. They can be nailed by what they have to file, and by their Deeds- every piece of real estate has a history which leaves an indelible trail.

Whenever you see an incorporation date or dissolution date in gang business, those are financially historical moments when assets have changed hands. New accounts have been opened. Things have been exchanged. Powers have shifted.

Without Kryder real estate, I would not have been able to Consolidate the story. Since their federal home loan mortgage bonds are in the same North American Properties pool since 1950, with concealed assets of Magnavox Defense Electronics, Murphy Oil, the Estate of Geo. Sebring (lots of real estate to trail in that case), with concealed assets of the stock exchanges of North American Van Lines, Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Company, Continental Can, and Stanolind, the Wabash, Pennsy, the Florida East Coast Ry, and Norfolk & Western, once I got a grip on the holding plan, I've been able to see into the major crimes against the people since the Treaty of Greenville, orchestrated by a relatively small group, whose legions of distributees are on the payroll doing the dirty work.

Some people have overstepped their bounds and buried the true nobility.

But them dumb.

I can provide the citations, so to speak, which back up the imagination and research of those who are seriously sick and tired of World Trade Center Disasters, poison food, assassinations, and daily threats to body and mind, who work to bring the Light. It is what we don't know , what's in the dark, that causes us to fumble. The evil ones are like vampires and will shrivel in the dawn.

Every important Senate investigation gets shot down or turned into mumbo-jumbo. They're nothing but a game of Liar's Poker.

But we, spawn of the real CIA, can trip them up in their paperwork, so there's no going back, no place to hide. Finally, their faces will be red with shame, and the faces of the Red Man ablaze with glory.

Thus it is written, by the hand that writes.


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leighmf 5 years 22 weeks ago

Here is an excellent link-up illustrating the need for the Master Books (see Being Arthur Andersen) to keep certain entities dis-associated from common holdings or organization, using the fixed number of a taxpayer identification.

1/22/1969 (Central States-Rebozo) COMAL CORP Document Number 340498 FEI/EIN Number 591277297 Date Filed 01/22/1969 State FL DISSOLVED Event Date Filed 11/14/19861800 NE 114 STREET NO. MIAMI FL 33181 PD MALNIK,ALVIN I. (Miami attorney for the king pins)

WESTERN SURETY COMPANY : 19871007297 Type: INSURANCE COMPANY Date: 06/02/1945 Status: GOOD State : CO

Western Surety Company bonded the lawyers of two fraud estates, (1960) Minnie Kryder and the (2002) Estate of Paul R. Smith, Pinellas County. The lawyer of the latter estate was introduced to the deceased by a Shoaff lawyer, and a Shoaff lawyer handled the Estate of Minnie 1960-1963. A Baker and Daniels and Shoaff lawyer originally set-up and bilked the Olin B. and Desta Schwab Foundation, now controlled by principals of Steel Dynamics.

see Comal above (ENRON) SOUTHEASTERN EXPLORATION COMPANY Document Number 354725 FEI/EIN Number 591277052 Date Filed 10/31/1969 State FL MERGED 03/31/1988 1400 SMITH PO BOX 1188 HOUSTON TX 77251-8188

10/31/1969 Creation of hidden Allen County National Bank FDIC#20070

To further dis-associate Lincoln from Malnik (591277297), Rebozo, and Texas exploration enterprises 591277, the numbers run


with PA domestic corporations in this series

TEXAS COMPANY THE Entity No. 354720 Filing Date 02/13/1959 Pennsylvania USA County Dauphin Jurisdiction MA

TEXAS EASTERN EXPLORATION CO. Entity No. 354724 Filing Date 12/21/1973 PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania USA 19109 County Philadelphia

It was originally the "Pennsylvania Syndicate" which arranged to drain the everglades and orchestrate the Florida Land Boom.


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