This is a succinct recounting of events prior to the arranged Mortgage Crisis of 2008, which demonstrates the co-operation of elected officials participating in Covert Fraud Protection for the benefit of themselves and those in power. In reality, fraudsters are not confined to a particular political party, but are motivated to garner for themselves as insiders, The New Commonwealth.

Evan Bayh, as Indiana Secretary of State 1986-1989, may have touched off the Countrywide fiasco by admitting a non-existent mortgage corporation into Indiana Secretary of State Records, while California Secretary of State March Kong Eu may have been intimidated into cooperating with the scheme, considering the whole chain of events.

March Kong Fong divorced in 1970 and in 1974 was elected California Secretary (D), winning in every county in the state. By 1976 she married Singapore industrialist Henry Eu, of a wealthy mining, Chinese Herb, and real estate empire, who never became a citizen (as of 2009) and carried a passport when in the country. After serving until 2009 undefeated as Secretary, her attempt to run for U.S. Senator was squelched by her husband's flat refusal to provide any financial disclosures concerning his enterprises and income.

March Kong Eu in 1986 was in office when Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado was admitted into California as a Colorado foreign corporation authorized to do business in California. The error was that there is no Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado, Lakewood, Co. having a corporate record of existence in Colorado.

The CA corporation was filed 7/11/1986 when March Kong Eu was involved in re-running for Secretary. A few weeks after winning the election she was terrorized in her home by an axe-man 11/10/1986. Her husband was taking a bath at the time and did not hear her screams.

On the day of the attack, an investment advising group, Fairfield Equities LLC formed in Arkansas. The Kryders developed more than 500 Lots in Fairfield A and Fairfield B ( this A + B concept is important for understanding Trust A and Trust B fraud schemes).

Evan Bayh won the election in Indiana and took office 12/01/1986. On the same day the Federal Reserve began monitoring BIL MANAGEMENT & TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK, 345 Park Avenue, a non-Federal Reserve member with a bank in Liechtenstein.

Also on that same day in Fort Wayne, Indiana The Waynedale Foundation was created. Several hundred lots in Waynedale were developed and sold by the Kryder family, but Covert Fraud Protection schemes of lawyers and politicians continue to prevent any of the Fairfield or Waynedale assets from reaching the Kryder lineal heirs because they are being used for fraudster gain and the purposes of those stronger and mightier to seize possession of other peoples' property.

Evan Bayh admitted Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado as a foreign Colorado corporation authorized to do business in Indiana 3/26/1987 Inactive Date: 11/12/1993. The inactive date corresponds with the expiration of Kryder Trust F.S. 58070, according to Record Deed of Official Records.

This was the last possible means by which trustees could maintain any hold of Kryder assets in Trust 58070, even adversely, so as of 11/12/1993 a new set of alter-identities was devised to make bad bank loans and issue predatory mortgages, and launch the program which convinced so many to borrow their equity which later made their house worthless.

Aside from not being found in the state database, the fact that Colorado has no record of Far West Mortgage of Colorado as a corporation is verified by the absence of a Colorado Secretary's Certificate of Existence which is required by law to be in the Indiana and California files. It is not in the file stamped during Bayh's term, and why would there be one if the entity doesn't exist anywhere at all except as someone's secret bank?

The second BIG error made by Bayh as Secretary of State of Indiana is that he did not heed the rules for naming a corporation. "Far West Mortgage of Colorado " is technically a fictitious name without use or the word corporation, corp, incorporation, or Inc. This is clearly written in Indiana Corporation Law by Schortmeier- apparently one of Indiana's last good guy lawyers, and also a Secretary of State.

Name ambiguity and alter-entities are the mechanics of money laundering, and it was concealed money obtained by fraud which allowed alter entities to lend, bundle and resell bad mortgages till we got it in 2008. But, thirty years, or one mortgage cycle from Far West, 3/26/2007, it was well known we were on the way to a crash.

Evan Bayh went on to serve as Governor of Indiana from 1989-1997 and was then for one year, a partner at Baker & Daniels, last known address of the Kryder Company, Inc.

It is seen that 3/26/2007 a certain Nevada corporation became inactive- CENTEX INTERNATIONAL, INC. : 2728 N. HARWOOD STREET, DALLAS, TX 75201 :Creation : 7/1/1997 Inactive Date: 3/26/2007 Original Creation Date: 12/31/1987 Original Creation State: NV

Centex played a role in financing Las Vegas real estate for Fort Wayne lawyer Richard Blaich, who while at Baker & Daniels set up a Foundation for a childless elderly couple. Once his clients were deceased, the lawyer went to Vegas and incorporated the Foundation there. Indiana citizens put enough pressure on then Secretary of State Todd Rokita and the Securities Commisioner to sue to have the Foundation removed back to Indiana. It is now in the hands of Steel Dynamics. The work of the Foundation is to send really poor children to Disney World, just to let them know what they are missing.

The lawyer was found dead in his garage- a suicide which had nothing to do with the scandal, the newspapers reported.

Todd Rokita has a problem of his own left baking in the Indiana Secretary of State Records. That being the Casino Aztar which he allowed to register the name "City of Evansville" as an alter entity.

When the Securities Commissioner, Todd Rokita's Office, and the attorneys for City of Evansville were informed, they said it was perfectly legal for a casino to be assigned the name.

Is this not aiding and abetting potential money laundering? I am from the casino, and I go to a bank and open an account with my certificate that says I am authorized to bank under the name City of Evansville. I can transfer and receive money from everywhere at the speed of electronics, but it is all going from my left pocket to my right, neither of which has anything to do with the City of Evansville.

This is Covert Fraud Protection in action by government officials and officers of the court. What chance do we stand from our Neutralized positions to put an end to this exploitation? Law enforcement will not help. The government won't guarantee its own pledge to investors in federal securities. Lawyers are easily paid off to engage in various trickeries against their trusting clients.

In one more thirty-year mortgage cycle, we'll be back to slavery.


Evan Bayh, March Kong Eu, Todd Rokita


leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 4 weeks ago

Done deal. Letter sent. Thank you for making the opportunity easily accessible.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 7 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks, leighmf.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 3 weeks ago

It should be a true comfort to us all that this year's American Certified Fraud Examiners will be held at the seductive Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Reviews say it is by far the most impressive casino in Vegas, with heavy use of wood and steel in the construction, a Disney-esque architecture with distinct Russian overtones.

I hope they have a good time gambling responsibly and being shown by the big casinos how they are straight operations. The focus of the Fraud Examiners is to be directed to the less fortunate, lower class casinos which are more likely to be crooked.

Rooms come complete with a seductive girl in the bed,

a place to bet on horses with a seductive couple,

and cool Bachelor/Bachelorette areas where you are bound to find your perfect match.

We can expect major ideas in Fraud Prevention to be nourished in this environment that will give us hope for the future in the detection of bank fraud, mortgage fraud, estate fraud, tax fraud, and of course, money laundering.

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