There are many spellings which emerge for the names of suspected and confirmed terrorists, and reporting hasn't helped the confusion. Therefore, to interpret Osama bin Laden's ultimate role in the world, which indeed links him to Pelosi, Bain, Ptech and the DEA, I had to find the officially accepted spellings of the four names bearing the encryption, in which case, spelling always counts.

These being:

oussama ziade
osama bin laden
salem bin laden
white kamellia

In this encryption are 51 letters. In Islam (5) for success and wealth and (1) for political success.

Neither U.S. nor British Military Intelligence are famed for their naturally endowed high imaginations, and during World War II it became necessary to recruit authors with imaginations like those of Ian Fleming and Leslie Charteris, to come up with scenarios for dealing with the enemy. While Fleming was an enlisted officer, Charteris, author of The Saint novels and teleplays, and a good friend of Katherine Kryder, had a Roosevelt pass to move about as he pleased, avoiding Chinese deportation, himself a descendant of the Shang Dynasty, and half-British.

Mr. Charteris was invited on the maiden voyage of the Hindenberg, to "imagine" ways it could be hijacked. The Saint novels can be most valued for Charteris' street map perfect descriptions of towns and cities around the world. Shops, restaurants, banks, houses, street names and numbers were recorded in exact detail in the books- the world as it existed then.

Fleming supposedly thought up plans to foil the Nazis and capture the Enigma Machine.

Later in time Leslie Charteris resigned from the Screenwriters Guild when Howard Hughes harasssed writers who would not testify they were not members of the Communist Party.

What Fleming and Charteris were privileged to see and do during War Time was later preserved through a seemingly innocent genre of novels, films, comic strips, and movies which held together what I define as the Roosevelt Intelligence Community (RIC), quickly dismantled by post-War re-organizations and the 1947 creation of a new intelligence agency,The CIA.

Those who lived before us had much to tell but were silenced by fear of atomic mutual destruction between Russia and the United States.

But it was not the end of RIC which left us, by necessity, an encrypted life raft.

Long before Ptech and electronic encryptions RIC was confined to the old fashioned number and letter codes and decoders. We are taught games to create words from a random toss of the dice, or to make as many words out of one word as possible. These were always my favorite games, besides Monopoly, because of a fascination with words, and the arrangement of words for effect.

Ironically, when I began documenting corporate cryptology, which relies on alter-entities to create a money moving gradient, I found this old knack of mine to be more than useful. As I worked back in time I picked up more and more threads of RIC and saw the underworld, The Lying Invisible World, hid from our trusting, unsuspecting eyes.

Therefore I am going to spill and spell for you, brothers and sisters, what Osama bin Laden was all about in the eyes of Allah, with a random toss of the correct letters belonging to four entities (see comment #2 for White Kamellia, and know that Robert F. White was president of 1984 Bain Capital Fund ). In the final analysis, it seems to me that when it comes to Truth, Allah and God share the same concerns.

oussama ziade- President of Ptech
osama bin laden
salem bin laden- Father of Osama
white kamellia- a Louisiana Klan organization

In the beginning was the word. Now here comes the big letter toss.....oussamaziadeosamabinladensalembinladenwhitekamellia

and with a bit of concentration the letters have a story to tell.

"Allah see DEA, Moduslink, Bain maze await Osama bin Laden E mail."

51 crazy letters from randomness into sense. It's a tough nut to chew, and with Anti-Detection measures put into place to protect the rich and powerful, we are enslaved. If you don't like God, if you don't like Allah, call it The Eye in the Sky. This is our protector which shines light into the dark places which keep us in ignorance.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way- why let a rotten 1% of the crop spoil the harvest for all?


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 6 years 37 weeks ago

Thanks for all of that do you come up with all of this stuff? I certainly don't understand it all but I do believe that 9/11 was an inside job and that an awful lot of people are unwilling to consider anything beyond what they hear or read on the main stream news media. I think I understand why you are so passionate about all of this stemming from being cheated out of your rather sizable inheritance. That would drive me to want to fully understand all of the behind the scenes criminality that takes place as well.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 37 weeks ago

Thanks for reading it Pal- I come up with this after 20 years of putting buried history back together by using newspaper archives, all manner of public records, and databases of FDIC, SEC, Fed Res., Social Security Death Index, FOIA, Deeds and Trusts, extensive genealogy research, a library of old Moody's Manuals, Polk's City Directories, Polk's International Banking Directories, and by reconstructing the society of Fort Wayne, Indiana from its incorporation to the present day.

I had to learn railroad history, corporation history and mergers, banking history, laws, the evolution of the insurance giants, as well as document the mysterious deaths, murders, and suicides which are on this trail for a century.

None of these subjects ordinarily would have interested me, but the deeper I dug the worse things became. Plus, others have contacted me with information.

The biggest challenge as you say is communicating what was always meant to be too confusing for people to follow. That is how we are hoodwinked! That is why USDOJ and SEC investigations are incomplete- they do not connect the seed capital of the biggest and worst schemes to the source. So far, the SEC's commitment to controlling Ponzi schemes has resulted in disjointed pursuit of cases which they fail to link together.

True, a few guys go down like Bernard Madoff and Scott Rothstein. They took on high risk duties for someone else's seed capital. They were paid handsomely, but at their own risk. I am finding now that the seed capitalists in those two cases in particular are coming back as claimants using alter entities.

So, I don't pull this out of my hat. And, we are all being cheated by this behavior which is escalating, by the failure of Law Enforcement to put two and two together.

Robbing pensions through Ponzi schemes is just another angle of the mortgage crisis- it attacks another segment of the population.

We are all due a National Disgorgement from a predatory organization which includes politicians, high ranking military and other government officials as well as those who gather up all this dough for corrupt practices and terrorism, whether financial or violent.

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