Travis O. Thompson (R), who in 1984 was in possession of the priceless original Will of Jean Baptiste de Richardville, Chief of the Miamis, was at the time senior program manager for Boeing, in charge of on-time delivery of 747 and 767 planes. His Statement to the Hawaii Public Housing Authority is, after Boeing, he became Director of Finance for the County of Maui, "responsible for fiscal managment of a major political entity," and a board member of Maui United Way.

TOT has been on the HPHA since 2003, appointed Chairman of the Hawaii Public Housing Authority in 2008, a financially challenging era for HPHA and the rest of us. Members of communities which opposed his nomination did so on the basis of his pursuing plans which were unfair, then suppressing citizens' right to speak at open public meetings. TOT suppressed opposing public testimony at three meetings in January and February of 2008. TOT then went on over the heads of the citizenry, announcing The Deputy Attorney General said he could proceed with his plan which was placing transitional families in housing ahead of others who had legitimately applied and been on the waiting list for quite some time.

"These actions by Mr. Thompson and the Board have been a disservice to our community and have weakened our faith in the democratic process. We strongly oppose the confirmation of Mr. Thompson's appointment," the dissenting citizens concluded in their letter to the Housing Authority.

What sort of OP was TOT involved in with Boeing, Bain Capital, Countrywide Agency and a Fort Wayne Historical Will document which was supposed to be in a fire proof safe in Indiana 5/29/1984?

The Richardville Reserve abutted lands developed by The Kryder Company, Inc. along the Old Bluffton Road and the Lower Huntington Road. It appears the only beneficiaries in the Miami Tribe are an elite group of developers in Fort Wayne who remodeled Lincoln Tower after it was foreclosed in 1997, reinstating a new bank there controlled by Steel Dynamics.

TOT's wife is a realtor.

On 3/10/2008, the day preceeding the Confirmation of TOT's 3/11/2008 Gubernatorial Nomination to the HPHA, Bain took over a 1919 Valparasio, Indiana securities brokerage, now harbored in Gary, Indiana.

MACLENNAN & BAIN, INC.: 214 ABERDEEN DRIVE, VALPARAISO, IN 46385 Active Creation Date: 8/11/1919 Other Names 3/10/2008 MACLENNAN & BAIN INSURANCE (Assumed)) 3/10/2008 MBI (Assumed)) 3/10/2008 MBI PROFESSIONAL (Assumed)) 12/12/2011 MAC LENNAN & BAIN INC (Former) ; 6/11/1940 Guffin & Mac Lennan; 8/18/1983 Guffin, Mac Lennan & Bain; 12/12/2011 Mac Lennan & Bain 504 BROADWAY GARY, IN 194124077

The original brokerage coincides with the 1919 filing of the Recorded Partnership of Kryder and Ayers Allen County Partner Book 1 p 209, 328-329 Utility Building, "Realtors."

A Wyoming corporation was formed the same day as Maclennan and Bain. I think this has something to do with Dick Cheney.

Federal Land Strategies Status: Active : Formed in: Wyoming Initial Filing: 03/10/2008 : 602 W Dale Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009 USA Mailing Address: 602 W Dale Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009 US



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