Though how they get around the copyright infringement of using Judge Herbert Stettin's name as a domain name, Citizens of Florida for Citizens of Florida has published a website documenting acts of impropriety surrounding the bankruptcy trustee for the Scott Rothstein Estate.

Judge Herbert Stettin managed as a first move to take the Rothstein case further out of federal control with the argument it would be easier to recover assets if the estate were in bankruptcy, than to deal with the amount of civil suits and proceedings which would ensue.

Just everybody knows the cushiest job is getting appointed a Receiver of Resolution Trust Company (bank failure real estate sales and such), or becoming appointed Bankruptcy Trustee for a billion dollar or more bankruptcy.

Oh the fees, fees, fees, for the trustee and lawyers fighting on both sides!

By this point in time it is being alleged that the Trustee and lawyers are BILKING the estate to the disadvantage of investors waiting to recover losses. Lawyers profiting from criminal acts of lawyers. Hard to believe.

In the course of the bankruptcy, Judge Herbert Stettin has been accused of favoritism concerning who gets paid off the most first. Imagine. Some people have been compensated and others have gotten nothing. Likewise, he seems to pick and choose which victims to sue who actually profited in the scheme. Profiteers are sued for funds to distribute into the kitty (Carlyle), which eventually, after payment of the Trustee and legal fees, will be communally distributed.

The South Florida newspapers have published a number of stories on this outrage, though I noticed a number of Citizens links to article pages on law sites about Judge Stettin, have been neutralized by removal of the articles from law sites where previously they were published.

Since I already knew Rothstein and Madoff and several feeder funds are all built by the same organization, though we can't see it since cases are prosecuted as being separate, I went ahead and connected Judge Herbert Stettin to the capital behind the Master Organization which has looted we who are now organized as estate fraud victims.

What we have is more than enough proof of an old ongoing interstate and offshore enterprise, so I thought Citizens of Florida for Citizens of Florida would like to know this proof exists and is supported, because as investors and so forth, citizens claiming as creditors of the Scott Rothstein bankruptcy estate have more money than we victims of estate lawyers have ever had.

We are totally blocked in the justice system, while we know and can demonstrate that from three widely separated geographic areas of America estate fraud money was used in Iran Contra and 9/11.

So, I decided those who have more than 89 cents in their pocket like I do this weekend, should be made aware of what I have to offer for the extirpation of this Crime Tsunami and sent the letter published below to the Judge Herbert Stettin watch-a-dog group, since he is one of the old regime which bred Rothstein.

If these Citizens are sincere they should be on my doorstep by morning. But I have a feeling these are primarily Citizens who want Judge Herbert Stettin off the case for their own financial reasons. Nevertheless, the estate fraud class can help these innocent recover much more than Judge Stettin ever will.

"Dear Citizens of Florida for Citizens of Florida:

I have the linking information that Stettin is supported by the organized Seed Capital for Rothstein, Madoff, and several of their feeder funds under investigation by the SEC.

These frauds are begun with the same Seed Capital, a much older fund, which the SEC continuously FAILS to identify as the base of these Ponzis, and which the FDIC continuously overlooks in bank failures.

Recognition of the Seed Capital would establish the same Ponzi is investigated piecemeal, to shield the fact they are the same organized criminal enterprise. It can also be established that the Seed Capitalists not only enjoy the proceeds of their crime while it is ongoing, they create alter-entities as investors who then demand relief.

The capital is money laundered through the hands of old law firms whose expertise is bilk and estate fraud. I am one of many victims of this organization, and we are organized with our documents. The criminal organization is a self-protecting operation, under cover of law.

I am 100% certain the Seed Capital can be exposed with STETTIN and his Florida incorporations, put together with the whole body of evidence.

As my family estate is the eldest in the chain of bilk, I have 20 years of forensic research and an extraordinary database organized. I have the full support of a forensic accountant/fraud examiner. This gentleman has a book to publish as well. It documents the covert operation he has identified which is PREVENTING FRAUD detection of, and prosecution of, politicians and powerful entities, neutralizing those who would assist victims with successful prosecutions and recovery.

This is an opportunity to level the playing field and restore stolen family wealth to many, as well as break up the assets and property corruption ring infesting our courts.

Please do not hesitate to ask me some initial questions by e-mail.



Judge Stettin, Rothstein, Trustee


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