In 1986 the Pentagon Defense Investigative Service questioned the removal of 59 classified documents from the Pentagon by a Boeing marketing employee who delivered the documents to Boeing executives in Washington State. Only the lowest level operator, the marketing employee, was prosecuted, who proudly refused to reveal either his sources in Boeing or the Pentagon. While investigators claimed to have a good idea who the big guys were, due to the statute of limitations running out, it was said there was no time to put together a successful case against anyone higher up in the Pentagon or Boeing.

This is one of the great favors lawyers have done for obstruction of justice- statutes of limitations aren't even long enough for the whole of a crime to be completed. How would 1986 investigators have been able to link two removals of Pentagon documents in 1984 to the 2008 WAMU Crash?

I believe the mystery of Travis O. Thompson (TOT), Bush Ranger and Boeing Senior Program Manager, having the original Will of the Chief of the Miamis in 1984 pulls the entire scenario together. In 1989 Boeing was indicted and paid a fine. It was proven that two removals of Pentagon classified documents in 1984 on two separate occasions.

The papers concerned the Pentagon's budget and finance plan. They went to Boeing through one Fowler, who began his career in 1960 as a civilian in the Pentagon, promoted to the the Air Force Research and Development Office. For the next 18 years he oversaw budgets for missile programs. In 1978 he was offered a job with Boeing.

It turns out that TOT, before joining Boeing as a top level executive, was 1st Lieutenant Air Force, Auditor. I reason that these Pentagon papers would be most use to TOT as he planned according to what the Pentagon planned to spend. Also, TOT had no qualms about being in possession of a lock box document in 1984- the Will of the Chief of the Miamis.

If indeed General Dynamics and Boeing actually are two different organizations, time will tell why I think at least TOT was a GD spy inside Boeing, and in the end you will see, TOT comes out of all this in 2008 smelling like a rose.

Framing the mailing of the Will back to the Allen County Clerk of Court, were the creation of two Bain Capital Funds and a Supreme Court decision which would ultimately affect Carlyle Group Pacific Rim development.

The court decision read by Justice O'Connor upheld the Hawaii Land Reform act of 1967, originally created to break up about seventy-two ancient leaseholds, but by 1984 citizens of Hawaii were complaining that the government was selling land to private individuals who then did not put it to public use, such as for housing. By 1984 the Reform was being abused by those who had private capital to buy cheap land from the government and then choose to hold it.

Now who would have guessed that in 1984 as this decision swung in the balance, TOT, the Boeing executive, was to become Chairman of the Hawaiian Public Housing Authority 2003-2012?

Following is a short review of the chronology. Some new entities appear, but all will bee seen in their final relationships on the diagram provided:

1984 "Madoff elected to NASD Board of Govenors (January 1984)"

5/02/1984 HAWAIIAN TAX-FREE TRUST Identification Number: T00008893 Date of Declaration in Massachusetts: 05/02/1984


3/26/1984 The Hawaiian Supreme Court Case was set to be heard 3/26/1984.

On that day Bain & Co formed a domestic Geman Australian securities company in NY.

3/26/1984 BAIN SECURITIES, INC. Current Entity Name: DEUTSCHE SECURITIES AUSTRALIA, INC. DOS ID #: 904667 Initial DOS Filing Date: MARCH 26, 1984 Jurisdiction: NEW YORK DEUTSCHE SECURITIES AUSTRALIA, INC. 31 W 52ND ST 4TH FL NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10019 Chairman or Chief Executive Officer MARK CULLEN BAIN & CO LTD 225 GEORGE ST SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 20000

5/29/1984 T.O.Thompson 98004 Mailed Will of Richardville to Allen County, Indiana; Postmark Seattle, WA 5/29/1984 T.O.Thompson 98004


5/29/1984 COUNTRYWIDE AGENCY INC : 155 NORTH LAKE AVE, PASADENA, CA 91109 : Creation : 5/29/1984 Inactive : 4/20/1990 Creation State: NY

The case was decided 5/29/1984 and reported 5/30/1984: Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff Case Basics: Date:

5/30/1984 Court & Reporter Number: Supreme Court, 467 U.S. 229 Type(s) of Activism: Contorting Text , Abusing Precedent , Nullifying Rights Area(s) of Law: Property Rights Opinion(s): Majority: Harry A. Blackmun , William J. Brennan , Warren Earl Burger , Sandra Day O'Connor , Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. , William H. Rehnquist , John Paul Stevens , Byron R. White

6/22/1984 -7/27/1984 General Dynamics Restated Articles

06/22/1984 BAIN CAPITAL PARTNERS CALIFORNIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Date of Registration in Massachusetts: 06/22/1984 Date of Withdrawal: 06/16/2003 TOT Instated as Chariman HPHA

7/27/1984 Indiana General Dynamics Corporate Certificate Restatement 7/27/1984

7/27/1984 Overseas Private Investment Corporation Status: Active Formed in: District Of Columbia Initial Filing: 07/27/1984 : 1129 20th St. N.W. Washington, DC 20527 USA Mailing Address: 1129 20th St. N.W. Washington, DC 20527 USA (A Liberty Property)

***9/21/1984 FAR WEST MORTGAGE CORPORATION, INC. : C1319080 Date Filed: 09/21/1984 Status: SUSPENDED Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA: P.O. BOX 2248 Zip: EL CAJON CA 92021

***(Not to be confused with the non-existent Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado, admitted by March Fong Eu to California in 1986 and by Evan Bayh to Indiana in 1987.)



Pentagon Defense Investigative Service


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leighmf 7 years 1 week ago


An abstract geographic diagram was chosen so that it can be seen who was where in what years and what are the financial connections are between states with casinos, states with a non-existent mortgage company (Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado, Inc.) and offshore trustees.

Same years are highlighted in same colors.

States with 00 underneath represent underground assets sunk in "pockets in the pool table"- through tax exempt holdings, unsupervised charitable estates, Indian Tribe benefits, and mortgage company entities which are shown to be not incorporated, though filed as incorporated.

More lines could be drawn matching color years, but the diagram becomes harder to read. It is pretty easy to add extra lines with your eye connecting years and locations by color.

This is about as basic as I can get. I think Air Force Intelligence can handle it.

A discussion of a conspiratorial culture of civilians, casinos, trustees, and Pentagon officials will follow.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 7 years 1 week ago

Can hardly wait!

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 6 days ago

Now that inspires me!

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leighmf 7 years 5 days ago

The common element in each loop of fraud against the people, peoples, or a nation, is promotion of the NEED FOR SECRECY. Secret societies and government secrets are both rude and dangerous to the public in many ways.

In our free society why do we continue to accept espionage, thieving and other crime by government and military officials, hurtful or fatal to some, beneficial to themselves, as though their actions should be so highly inscrutible by the peasantry? Apparently, the only shameful act in their culture is getting caught as a sexual offender.

The Taking of Lands from Native Hawaiians was not much different than The Taking of Lands from Native Americans, the taking of land leases and annuities of Chief Richardville's Estate, the Taking of Kryder Real Estate, or the Taking of Lands from the historic Chavez Ravine Community, to build a stadium for the Los Angeles Dodgers. All these Takings violated the Legal Last Wills and Testaments of those leaving assets in the hands of their lawyers and/or accountants.

"The 1984 Supreme Court case Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff (No. 83-141)
702 F.2d 788, reversed and remanded"

shows In the end, the police can take land from the public or heirs by right of eminent domain , even when it is devised by a legal and recorded Will. The Supreme Court says it is not then for the government to confirm whether a private purchase of this land from the government be dedicated to a public purpose or not.

Since the Hawaiian Land Reform of 1967, several of the tribal estates as well as individuals protested the breaking up of what the government called "an oligopoly" since land holding had descended through chiefs.

In particular the Bishop Estate was a contestor in 1984. Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop left her extensive lands in a perpetual trust to be used for the education of native Hawaiians. Not only was the trust being questionably handled in 1984, a propelling factor for the lawsuit, it turns out by 1998 it was an established oligarchy of trustees and alter entities, bilking Bernie Madoff-size benefits while the beneficiaries, Hawaiian schools for native Hawaiians, have by comparison received little.

So, 1984- there we have all at once in time, TOT, former Air Force auditor turned Senior Boeing Program Manager, with the original Will of the Chief of the Miamis, as Classified Pentagon finance documents are being delivered to Boeing, and a Supreme Court Taking of Lands decision which was to launch TOT's next career in the Hawaiian Housing Authority in 2003.

Earlier that May on the same day

5/02/1984 HAWAIIAN TAX-FREE TRUST Declaration in Massachusetts: 05/02/1984

was created as Continental Illinois NB&T released a mortgage to Ramada in Fort Wayne, where the Kryder, Magnavox, and other tax exempt securities had been secreted. Though Contintental Illinois is now Bank of America, present swindler of the 2007 Valerian O. Schultz Estate via the "Educational Trust" modus operandi, it is important to know that first Bank of America was Bank of Italy, then from California sold shares of Continental Illinois Bank secured with real estate.

Ramada separated its strictly hotel enterprises from its casinos, and of most importance are the connected Casino Aztar, MO, and Casino Aztar, Evansville, Indiana, which Todd Rokita authorized to assume the fictitious name "City of Evansville."


Here I see a potential portal for the Richardville Will to TOT in Washington State via the entity Old National Bank, Evansville. Not meaning to jump ahead, but at the end of 1984 the Federal Reserve entered Old National Realty into its database.

1984-12-31 OLD NATIONAL REALTY CO. located at EVANSVILLE, IN was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

There are also Federal Reserve Old National Bank correspondents in Spokane, WA.

1984-09-25 OLD NATIONAL SERVICE CORPORATION located at SPOKANE, WA was established as a Data Processing Servicer

The Old National Bank of Fort Wayne was trustee of the Estate of Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville in Fort Wayne (later of Kryder and Magnavox as "Fort Wayne National") and was also a correspondent of Continental Illinois (defrauded Schultz Estate Trustee).

One day an abstract of Title appeared amongst we estate researchers, a very rare commodity in Fort Wayne in these times, and particularly one dated 1827-1979. It begins with a "white man's" purchase of Wabash and Eerie Canal Lands, as one of the first settlers in Allen County. "Settlers" were those who were allowed into the area after the best lands had already been taken over by hunters and trappers who by government privilege were allowed first dibs.

In 1826 the Eerie Canal opened.

In 1827 d. Pottawatomie Chief Me-te-a, of poisoning, Allen County.

and in 1827 the Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville House (mansion) was built, Allen County.

Two things I didn't know until now in the Kryder Estate history is that Pacanne, father of Me-te-a, was Chief of the Miamis. Pacanne fathered Me-te-a with a Pottawatomie. His nephew was Jean Baptiste de Richardville. Pacanne died in 1816 and was succeeded by his nephew Richardville. For, how could a Pottawatomie Chief succeed a Miami? This was a safer way to keep hold of Indian lands which were fated to taken back almost the minute they were granted.

The other way became inter-racial marriage and adoptions.

Me-Te-a signed the Treaty for his lands in 1826. He was poisoned in 1827 upon whence immediately commenced the deportation of the Pottawatomie from their lush reserves in Indiana to the worst land in Oklahoma and Kansas.

The Will of Richardville was signed in 1841. He died in 1846 upon which commenced deportation of the Miamis from their lands in Fort Wayne.

Before Richardville made his Will, in 1840 Frank Kryder's grandmother, the granddaughter of Me-te-a was born, a full-blooded Miami -Pottawatomie Princess. She was hidden in Ohio until her 1860 marriage to Harrison Kryder in Indiana, where their homestead was sited on Metea's old village.

The situation was that an Indian could not keep hold of any land unless married to a white. It rather turns the table around on the old story that white men married Indian women for their land. This was most decidedly a two way street. To keep their ancestral land, Indian women had to marry white men, and preferred those who prospered in farming.

But back to the 1827 Abstract and death of Me-te-a. Exactly one hundred years into the Abstract, in 1927 appears a huge section on the reorganization of Old National Bank, First National Bank, First and Tri-State Bank, and others. There is no mention of this in Moody's 1929, but in a later Manual it is said Old National (chartered as Fort Wayne National) became Old-First National 1930-1931.Though First and Tri-State was Fort Wayne's largest bank, it and Old-First closed in 1933 on the Bank Holiday, and First and Tri-State did not reopen.

This is all seen in the flurry of mortgage assignments in the Kryder Real Estate Company Deeds. In 1934 Frank Kryder, Sr. and Minnie had to purchase Home Owner's Loan Corporation Tax Exempt Bonds or the banks would refuse financing for hundreds of homes.

Is this a reason for TOT or someone keeping the Will of Richardville under wraps until 1984- in 50 years titles are clear? Not that anyone really knew anything about the trusteeship of the Richardville Estate- his own appointed trustees were long gone.

But why would Bush Master TOT need an ORIGINAL Will, if he were just making a study as it related to taking of lands in Hawaii? Why not order a copy? Did the Will leave Allen County to be altered? How did it leave Allen County and why was it carelessly put in the mail to the Clerk of Court? Only microfilm resides with the Clerk.

Since American Indian royalties are so easily diverted, perhaps the idea was to divert benefits from Hawaiian tribal estates according to the Allen County, Indiana established method, which involves much profiteering in defense contracting, real estate, construction and agriculture.

Time out-

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 7 years 4 days ago

Wow! A lot to digest there! That information about the Indians was interesting...I just finished reading "The Cherokee Removal As Seen Through The Eyes of a Private Soldier". I had read "A People's History of the US" by Howard Zinn a long time ago and knew about the Trail of Tears. This story, written by the soldier, and edited by Howard Zinn, was very sad. It's not very long.
This web site also has Howard Zinn's complete book "A People's History of the United States" and other interesting things to read.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 7 years 4 days ago

Thanks for the recommendation. History is a weapon- well I thought it would be, but no one knows history like the ones who have tried to hide it from us to their advantage. So how to use this weapon is the next step.

Native American Estate:

The Struggle Over Indian and Hawaiian Lands

by Linda S. Parker is a textbook which probably has never gotten the attention it deserves.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 6 years 52 weeks ago

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

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