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Reading archived newspapers sometimes yields amusing statements from the past that seem so relevant, like this one I found in an Indiana paper May, 1899*.

"For fear that W. may not follow us closely we will drop the feather of rhetoric and pick up the crowbar of fact and assure him of our intention. We hope he will be loaded for it."

So here we go.

"W., how long has this been going on?"

By Ace How Long (Has This Been Going On)

"How long has this been goin' on?
How long has this been goin' on?

Well your friends with their fancy persuasions
Can't admit that it's part of a scheme
But I can't help but have my suspicions
'Cause I ain't quite as dumb as I seem

And you said you were never intendin'
To break up our secret this way
But there ain't any use in pretendin'
It could happen to us any day...
How long has this been goin' on?"

We are living today the same finagling moving of boundaries, taking of lands, monetary loss, and otherwise grinding the faces of the poor that is a trend state and federal government officials with their buddy lawyers and judges established in the period following the Indian land cessions. Such deals were forged in steel, to benefit themselves, their heirs, and assigns forever. It is the biggest secret in DC. Hail to our American First Families!

From the bottom of an old blue bin laden with Indiana history, behold, a 150-year old Abstract of Title concerning property in Fort Wayne has been excavated. This occurred simultaneously with the discovery that in 1984 Boeing's Executive TOT possessed Fort Wayne's Chief of the Miamis (Richardville) Will, which had been removed from an Abstract, and was mailed by TOT to the Allen Clerk of Court as two incidents of Pentagon classified douments were delivered to Boeing. Boeing's possesion of valuable and secret documents ocurred simultaneously in 1984 with the Supreme Court deciding an issue which has gone on to violate and rob the Bishop Estate devised to native Hawaiians. TOT was destined to leave Boeing and become the Hawaiian head of Public Housing 2003-2012. Since these discoveries coincide with Boeing's present presence in the news, maybe a few ears will prick up.

What keys to the present regime of tyranny does this Abstract provide?

Proof that when Alaska was acquired in 1868, two Fort Wayne (PNC) bank presidents, also Union Pacific Railroad beneficiaries, along with Robert W. Fleming, and Fried.Krupp created a series of long term bonds at the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders in London, to allow them to cast immense debt into the future, at public expense.

Proof that Indiana beneficiaries of the Union Pacific Railroad were awarded five mile easements on each side of the Wabash River. Proof that these same recipients decided the course of the Wabash and Eerie Canal and its feeders, railways, and other tolled by-ways through Wayne Township to favor the holders of lands who were themselves, the bank presidents, judges, lawyers, or politicians.

Proof that these same recipients as State Treasurer, manufacturers, and Trustees of the Richardville Reserve (Robert E. Fleming) altered the Chief's Will so as to sooner take full control of what was the estate of the wealthiest man and wealthiest Indian in Indiana. Proof that a State Senator Stephen D. Fleming then violated Article 6. of the Richardville Reserve grant by selling the Estate to the Straus Brothers, of Lincoln Trust and UBS, when the Reserve was ordered to never be sold without "approbation of the President of the United States."

Proof this same State Senator was then recruited by "the Morgan interests" to handle a $33,000,000 enterprise focusing on fertilizer, mined out of the Reserve and Florida, that same $33,000,000 showing up at the end of the pipeline mortgage of Colorado Interstate Gas Company due 1979, end of Abstract.

Is that succint enough for law enforcement or defenders of Justice? Must I call on Superman?

Now the story in Fort Wayne today is that there are no residuals of the Richardville Estate, nobody got anything. On the otherhand, The Abstract, Richardville's Grant, and the Estate of Frank Kryder indicate some overly wealthy residents of Allen County made a claim, or are allowed to hold, assets belonging to estates whose beneficiaries receive or received nothing. The Abstract, The Grant, The Deeds of the Kryder Company, Plats, and Frank Kryder's Social Security Number prove that Bernard Edward Ewing holds one half of what was folded into the Kryder Estate in 1963, and G.H. Walker & Co. Charters 13390 and 13974 hold the other half. Sounds like the heads and tails of the Kitty Carlyle coin, not to be confused with Robert Fleming Coal Mine #1 tokens of payment, formerly used at the company store.

Reported as Legally appointed Personal Representative of Kryder, whose court orders for IRS douments have been ignored, whose attorneys have disappeared, whose genealogy does not exist, who has been denied knowledge of her family by Allen County officers of the court who knew them well.

* Statement to W. dated 1899 coincides historically with

George A. Touche founded a firm in London

(Krupp Steel) 5/3/1899 Republic Steel Corporation

Metropolitan Trust Co Ltd, London, Robert Fleming

(PNC) South Penn Oil Company was organized as a unit of Standard Oil Company


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