Just three months ago, October 2012, federal prosecutors stated they believe the Bernie Madoff fraud began much earlier than originally theorized. Investigators have managed to pick up a thread as far back as 1970.

In 1970, William B. Salin was Secretary of State of Indiana when thousands of corporate files dating from the beginning of the century were lost by the State House. William B. Salin, after working for the North American Van Lines law firm, Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin, K.W. Maxfield, of counsel (Beers was the County GOP Chairman most of his career) bought up most of the Farmers and Merchants Banks in Indiana and now owns Salin Bank, the largest privately held bank in Indiana.

One thing that could possibly be discovered is that Beers created Allen County Realty Company, Inc. 1/20/1970, on the same day Indianapolis Life Insurance Company granted a Release of Mortgage to GIBRALTAR INVESTMENT COMPANY, in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

01/20/1970 700001176 GIBRALTAR INVESTMENT CO TO RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Indianapolis Life Insurance Co.

We can only hope that COVERT FRAUD PROTECTION will not prevent federal investigators to look just a little further back to August, 1963, when the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder was closed untaxed, and SYLVIA R. MADOFF and others were under investigation for the operation of GIBRALTAR SECURITIES.

As a side note, victims of the Scott Rothstein Fraud are annoyed that the bankruptcy trustee for the Rothstein Estate refuses to discuss or open up the books concerning his interest in GIBRALTAR PRIVATE BANK & TRUST COMPANY formed in Coral Gables, Miami on 5/14/1984.

Other than the Trustees fees, do we detect a conflict of interest perhaps?

The bank was FDIC insured 5/9/1984 when the news of the day was

"On May 9, 1984, Continental Illinois, Chicago's largest bank and one of the top ten banks in the US, began a frantic battle to counter reports that it was on the brink of insolvency from a combination of bad loans and funding liquidity risk. At the root of the crisis lay a massive portfolio of energy sector loans that had begun to turn sour on Continental when the US oil and gas sectors lurched into recession in 1981."

But back to Ma Madoff in August, 1963, August when the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder was officially signed off on by the tax auditor, North American Van Lines made a secret entity called NAVPAC which was merged into North American Van Lines in 1970 after Frank Kryder's half-cousin from Beers , Mallers, Backs, and Salin, had sold the franchise to Pepsico as Spedco.

NAVPAC Creation : 8/08/1963 Merged into North American Van Lines 01/01/1970

8/08/1963 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder closed. No assets reported by attorneys in possession of the 50 year Kryder real estate company books.

So why not go just three years further back in the investigation and start at the very beginning of Bernard L. Madoff Securities. We know Bernie was a "made man." So where did the dough come from?

1/19/1960 founding Madoff Securities

1/19/1960 MESA MEADOWS ADD LOTS 1-30 TO Legals SEC: 20 TWP: 30 RNG: 13; Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B25B-P110 PLAT 01-19-1960 (Mesa is an alter-entity of Wells Fargo)

1/19/1960 (indiana) ASSOCIATED SECURITIES CORPOR: 194300-058 Creation Date: 1/19/1960 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970.

I hope youse g-men can chew on this a little, because I'm barely getting started with what's been overlooked.

continued....with an Indiana Indian Chief's 1841 Will hidden in Washington State by Bain Capital till 5/29/1984, and much much more of the amazing Truth which has come to light, from what was found in the very bottom of an old blue bin.


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leighmf 7 years 3 days ago

Will investigators be able to step one important day back to 1/18/1960 to completely solve the Madoff case and mortgage crisis?

On 1/18/1960, General Dynamics, a Delaware corporation filed an Amended Certificate of Admission to do business in Indiana.

Will anyone link this to Travis O. Thompson (TOT) who may have been a General Dynamics plant in the Boeing Company, before cashing in on the Hawaiian Land Reform Act following of the Supreme Court 's decision and Bain capitalists of 1984?

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