A suggestion for renaming the so-called "health" care act to Trump's Wealth Care Act


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DdC 10 weeks 22 hours ago

Stealth Care

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Machba 10 weeks 8 hours ago

How about "The you can live, if you can afford to, plan"?

rs allen 10 weeks 7 hours ago


AlaskanProgressive 10 weeks 2 hours ago

I prefer to name it the "Republican Insurance plan" better known as RIP.

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mgorfain 9 weeks 5 days ago

It's the Congressional American Health Care Act.... let's just call it "CACA" !

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margaretkbquilter 9 weeks 5 days ago


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amc 9 weeks 3 days ago


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Pouncer 9 weeks 2 days ago

I went with the Trump/ Ryan Death Panel Installation Act.

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claywoman 8 weeks 6 days ago

"Trump Wealth Care Act" - Brilliant! But I'd call it "GOP Wealth Care Act," because even if Trump is gone tomorrow, the GOP will still push it. Let them own it.

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kateD 8 weeks 4 days ago


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