Pictures for Two Giant Storms and LoL (Lessons of Lisa) Blogs

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9/24 4AM EDT -- 0 -- Lisa grew north all night and reached latitude of Spain - over 1500 miles long and still growing (up right side of movie). Movie of growth from Midnite to 645 AM UTC. Lisa is the Epic Failure Point for Global Warming Denial!! -- Movie of satellite images from tools at the University of Wisconsin CIMSS Tropical Storm Site.

9/23 PM -- 1 -- In 24 hrs from true maybe to Tropical Storm Matthew. The Water Dragon draws in a breath before blasting Central America.

9/23 PM -- 2 -- Watch short small movie of Lisa growing [7:45-10 PM EDT 9/23]. This is just part of Lisa and its a 1000 miles long. The eye (more like the heart) and the base of the north arm. White (sharp and fuzzy) is snow, rain and water vapor. White outlines in arm at 25W 15N are Cape Verde Islands inside Lisa. Image produced with tools at the University of Wisconsin CIMSS Tropical Storm Site.

9/23 PM -- 3 -- Sunset view of Lisa with her Mother Africa - huge already without the lower arm she will have tomorrow. The West African monsoon has been stretched by the cold front and is Lisa is drawing it in from the north under the weeks old trail of outflow from Igor to now. More tropical moistness comin' in from south and east. And her north arm feed line goes out of frame under her outflow off to the north up past the Azores....

9/23 PM -- 4 -- Still of Lisa's feed forward, bypass and recycling systems. Awesome efficiency in relieving global warming - too bad it is a monster storm. Is this the Kraken of lore?


Giant Storms: This is Global Warming
Giant Storms: This is Global Warming
Giant Storms: This is Global Warming
Giant Storms: This is Global Warming
Giant Storms: This is Global Warming


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LeMoyne 7 years 3 weeks ago

Notes for pictures:

1. Water Dragon - Don't see it? turn head slightly to right and it is sucking in air off Nicaragua and Honduras now. Comin in slow - comin in strong. Note the many arms and HUGE center formation.

2. Lisa Is Cool - Her Winds May Still Be Low Enough to Evacuate the Islands THe islands are the white outlines in the east side of the center completely dwarfed by Lisa. From the wreckage of the 2 day battle with a cold front Lisa built a cool heat engine: Anti-cyclones create feed forward systems into reserves at top - lower arm is growing down. Lisa feeds back center exhaust back into herself at the lower edge keeping her temperature stable and not losing any water while in this sketchy state and growing. Mound at top in the crook of the north arm skips foggy tornados of extra stuff outside of North arm where it feeds back and also forms buffer/reserve. Click to see movie. Again, movie was made with the excellent tools at the University of Wisconsin CIMSS Tropical Storm Site... they can see inside hurricanes!

3. Third time is the charm - Lisa had epic fail 9/18 (more later), incubated 9/19, grew into a storm and ran right into a cold front 9/20 (Another epic fail!). Fought the cold front for 2 days till she was down to nothing last night and made this today - all setup by all those past efforts. Lisa has been drawing in the air off West Africa for 5 days now - she has an epic convergence field of moist tropical air. Look Out! This is just the center - it's a thousand miles long and it's growing!!

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