Did Jeff Sessions know about Don. Jr's Russian lawyer meeting, and therefore commit perjury in his testimony last month? Someone should start looking for evidence that Sessions was aware of this meeting prior to his testimony.


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Kilosqrd 5 days 1 hour ago

A meeting that took place in June 2016? Trump wasn't even nominated yet and Sessions was still a Senator.

Is this a serious question or are you just ignorant of the facts?


rs allen 4 days 21 hours ago

Yeah, someone is sure ignorant of the facts Dope Squared, but it ain't the OP.

It's been reported by many outlets that the cracker sessions had meetings with Russian officals as early as April of '16' and perhaps even earlier........They're (congress) still investigating. Why do you think the racist sessions had to recuse himself from the Russia investigations?

Because he lied to congress in his comformation hearings about contacts that's why.

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Kilosqrd 2 days 2 hours ago

So rs, what is the supposed crime committed? I'm waiting.

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