Forward: Today marks the beginning of my first attempt at a blog and I've chosen Thom Hartmann's community as my forum. I've titled the blog "Religious Right? Yea Right!" because I plan to discuss what I have heard from the right recently and how it is so out of touch with Christian values not to mention the values of most of the world’s religions. I hope you enjoy reading my occasional rants.

Today's Topic: Remarks on Senator Byrd's Passing

When it comes to political punches, it seems death is a popular time to get in one last kick. The recent loss of Senator Byrd should have been followed by kind remarks and memories of the work he has done to further his cause. However, like all of us, the Senator had some skeletons in the closet, Byrd's just happen to be big fat skeletons. Membership in the KKK is no doubt an extremely shameful mark on one's life resume and I would never in any way shape or form defend intolerance. However, Senator Byrd had moved past the uglier parts of his history and went on to become a great man. This is where religion comes in. Most religions, Christianity especially, revolve around the idea that we are fallible. We are human beings with weaknesses and we are going to stumble. We solve this fallibility through the processes of repentance and forgiveness which is a personal endeavor with each individual's God. It is even warned in the Bible that all men must forgive their fellow man and leave judgment to God. So what did the "religious right" do with the tragedy? Across the board the right media outlets saw Senator Byrd's passing as one more chance to drag his name through the mud, passing judgment all along the way. I guess there really is no such thing as repentance or forgiveness in the world of the right; once a sinner always a sinner. The worse remark overall I heard came from the Right's Prophet Glenn Beck. With no regard to respecting the dead, Glenn suggested to his radio audience that Senator Byrd should be buried in his KKK hood. (I'll let the self-righteousness set it.) Here is my response to Mr. Beck. ... Glenn, you yourself overcame a dark past filled with drug-use and alcoholism. How can you, a reformed man, call for the judgment and non forgiveness of another in your shoes? It’s all just more proof that the right is not religious. If you don't believe in repentance, forgiveness, and leaving judgment to God, you are the secularist.

Final Thought: Maybe when Glenn Beck's time comes, he should be buried with a crack pipe, bottle of whiskey, and a stack of divorce paperwork.


Innocent's picture
Innocent 9 years 7 weeks ago

Not everyone on the Right is in the religious Right. Glenn Beck is No Prophet. He is an entertainer.

Bryd on the other hand has had a interesting life of irony. Was it the Right that put and Ex-KKK member and Famous Filibuster of Black civil rights third in line to a black President? He'll be judged however he is judged regardless of what an entertainer has to say about it. Drug abuse is one thing… but pales in comparison to “literally” trying denying blacks their civil rights.

Welcome to the Board...

LiberalLawStudent's picture
LiberalLawStudent 9 years 7 weeks ago

Thanks for the welcome and I appreciate your sincere, rational counter.

I know that not everyone on the right is religious, especially those in the libertarian movement, but if you listen to Beck or Hannity enough, you'll hear references to god, the bible, and church in many of their arguments. Glenn is not a prophet (as a mormon he can only believe in one and that spot is taken). However, he clearly believes that he is on a divine mission. Like I said, I would never justify anyones actions in the KKK or a similarly despicable movement, but I do believe in redemption. You ask me to compare Drug Addiction to Racism, but I don't see the need. When the adulteress was brought before Christ he did not say "he who is without sin of a similar magnitude cast the first stone but those with smaller sins have at it."

It may be true that there are good reasons to criticize modern actions of the senator (to be honest i don't know much about his congressional record), but the right choose to focus on the distant past, and in my view, that is counter Religion's positive message that we can change who we are.

On another note, if Glenn is so concerned about exposing those who tried to deny Blacks their civil rights, he should look into the Mormon Church's past position on the Civil Rights Act. (Here's a clue, at the time, blacks couldn't hold the priesthood in the church because they were cursed.)

Thanks again. - G

Foxxed 2 Death's picture
Foxxed 2 Death 9 years 7 weeks ago

No offense, LiberalLawStudent, but there is still no great loss here for someone who out-lived his stay as the Biggest Pig at the Trough. All of our alleged representatives are looting OUR treasury without controls, term limits, or allowing other reform (and therefore REAL liberal) parties to participate in order that we, the people, may actually be constituents.

We must ignore FOX or anyone who mentions them as a source, as they are neither news nor entertainment, just a ratings hog. Soon, they will go the way of Joe McCarthy, with a proper response from someone wiser who will say: "At long last, sir, have you no decency?"

No sorrow for this pompous, over-dressed pork-barrel feeder, whose ignoble speeches on CSPAN were not only difficult, but downright frightening, to watch without thinking "This ancient, big-nosed geezer is a heartbeat away from the presidency!"

While this Byrd was chirping that down-home politics-as-usual, I was singing that old Who song: "Maryanne with the Shaky Hands. What she does to a man with those sha-ky hands!"

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