I just attended the kick-off presentation of the Cross-California Medicare-For-All Bus Tour. Jointly sponsored by PDA, the California Nurses Association (CNA) and number of other groups. It is so sad I want to cry! The presentation, which will be taken in an obviously well funded bus tour to 19 Cities around California, was professionally a beautifly made and presented. It started out giving all the common, well known facts about Medicare for all; slides about the lack of healthcare to many, the in-humanity associated with the denial of servce, the fianancial product aspects, how US care performance is worse than many other countries, AND how most other countries provide health care at less than half, or a third of what the US pays (accounting for all government, business and employee payments). At the point of this last slide, if one thought about it for a second, one would naturally ask the next question, why can't we in the USA drop our costs for medical care to one-half of what it is now by going to medicare-for-all? And WE CAN of course. But now the presentation goes into 'Robinhood for taxes' slides talking about how we should have a transaction tax for wall street - and this would raise hundreds of billions of dollars. Yes, we should have a transaction tax; but this has nothing to do with health-care for all - EXCEPT to enforce the message that medicare-for-all will COST US hundred of billions (not save us)! CNA has changed the 'Medicare-for-all would cut our medical expences in half' campaign into a 'we need to raise hundreds of billions in taxes for healthcare' campaign. Anyone knowing anything about messaging knows how powerfully the bus tour is re-enforcing the mis-enforming conservative message that healthcare is too expensive. Yes; where did all the money for the professional production and bus tour come from?

Chris Barroso, Encinitas CA


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Michael Lighty 5 years 22 weeks ago

Chris has given a false impression of the town hall message and in his last line stooped to a Tea Party attack on the CNA.The primary message is that Medicare for All can save hundreds of billions in healthcare costs by eliminating the rapacious insurance industry. He may not be aware that HR 676 - Medicare for All - is funded in part by a Financial Transaction Tax (aka "Robin Hood Tax"). So contrary to his characterization, these town halls are consistent with the nurses long-standing effort to build the movement to guarantee a single standard of care for all.

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liberalman 5 years 22 weeks ago

Clearly the team never bothered to have the presentation reviewed by any messaging professionals or think tanks; or else ignored their advice. The overall message by the end of the presentation is very clear; namely that we need to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in order to fund Medicare-for-all. This is the wrong message to be giving, and hurts rather than helps the cause that we all want. The presentation message given feeds right into misleading conservative narratives, saying in essence 'Medicare-for-all will cut costs, but we need to raise hundred of billions in more taxes to support it.' How can such a self-contradictory message (also being wrong) enlist people to trust in a progressive agenda? Right-wing think tanks have all this well figured out - they know exactly what they are doing, they have unlimited funding, and the California Nurses Association directors, with a long history of right-wing support, most likely intentionally moved this right-wing solution, mis-information, into the bus tour presentation. Even the presenters, during the Q&A refused to agree that Medicare-for-all would cut costs in the US. In stead the presenter responded that 'we need to add another 50 million people to the list of insured[and that's why Medicare for all increases costs or at least keeps it the same, not decreasing costs.] But this is further mis-information, because the presentation does not mention that 45 other nations, ALL cover EVERYONE, at less than half costs in the US. And we in the US do cover everyone in the respect that everyone receives emergency room care - which is vastly more expensive than having regular medical coverage that includes preventative care. Yes, we do need to explain why HR 676 requires additional funding while it is suppose to be cutting costs - but the focus really very strongly needs to be entirely on how this funding is only a shift of funding and DOES lower overall expenses. We need to enforce the metaphor that indeed all boats will rise with the rising progressive tide. BTW, I'm not a Tea-partier; I've been a card-carrying member of the ACLU since 1978, I've worked for MoveOn, I participate in multiple Occupy groups, and I'm currently working hard on the SAFE California campaign to replace the death penalty.

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Michael Lighty 5 years 22 weeks ago

It's absurd and should be unecessary to correct again this misleading blog, but anyone who knows anything about contemporary political movements could not write this sentence: "the California Nurses Association directors, with a long history of right-wing support, most likely intentionally moved this right-wing solution, mis-information, into the bus tour presentation." Since it is the CNA who is sponsoring the bus tour, and has done as much as any organization in the country to promote Medicare for All, Chris is simply and fundamentally mis-informed. The presentation make it abundantly clear that Medicare for All will control costs just like very other national health system, and requires funding only to replace what we pay in premiums to insurance companies. That's why it's a publicly-financed system, Chris: it's funded by taxes, and who better to tax than Wall Street?

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