Here are 9 ways for Bernie to define "Socialism" :
1) The Big Banks that got & continue to get bailed out w/ our tax payer dollars (who most Republicans and Democrats running now supported and support - except Bernie who voted against (that should get Tea Party points - shouldn't it)

2) The Prison Industrial Complex that gets Billions of tax payer dollars and also subvert our laws to get even more people in prison and supports slave labor (which most Republicans and Democrats running now support - except for Bernie.

3) The insurance companies which also get bailed out from support of the Republicans and Democrats - from AIG to Romneycare - Bernie supports Medicare for all which would help individuals, small, mid-size and big businesses across our country and help us be healthier and more competitive and save cost.

4) Price controls of not being able to buy prescriptions across borders - which most Republicans and Democrats support - except for Bernie again who has championed people being able to purchase from Canada (like as a free market would)

5) Trillions going to Defense contractors like Blackwater, Halliburton and many more which both parties support however Bernie wants to audit and have accountability and transparency.

6) Subsidizing wars for oil companies, agriculture conglomerates, and other big league too big to fail international corporations - which again most Republicans and Democrats support except for Bernie!

7) Having a revolving door of public / private lobbyists that work for Monsanto and many more "insider" companies that write rules that we have to play by while they get the run of the field which most Republicrats are a part of - except for Bernie . . .

8) Media companies who own the elections and have a monopoly on information almost - which most Democrats and Republicans like - so they can stay in charge via their lies - but not so much Bernie

9) All the other pork spending contracts that go to connected people and good ole boys & girls which Republicans love and so do Democrats - I have a feeling Bernie is not so much in that camp as well

* who cares about labels, it is the definition that matters - Bernie is the least socialist it seems as far as actual dollars go (or at least politically one could argue that) - however a real socialist would define it as public options (which allow competition) that are in the commons - that are transparent and have accountability to the public directly and are usually investments that pay for themselves and hopefully don't outlive their purpose either, and I think hopefully voluntary - good examples of programs are water utilities, Medicare, Social Security and the Post Office (the good parts of Govt - which is a two sided coin per se) - if the public has a demand to save on overhead costs and purchase in bulk and have direct public accountability then a public option might be in order, these are rare but major things.

One last point if you haven't gotten the first point - the insider Republicans and Democrats are a lot more socialist for themselves (and who they serve) in the tens of Trillions while Bernie wants to represent the rest of us and would save money at the same time and be more fair.

BTW I am a libertarian who supports public options and thinks so far Bernie is the best candidate that can win - also I hope people spend a lot more time focusing on electing and supporting independent and/ or 3rd party candidates to the House of Representatives in their district or someone somewhere where/ who they like - imagine if we had 50 independents in the House (the most local and most powerful branch of Govt.) representing one from each state - that would be the start of a new Renaissance for real and the most realistic path for real change in my humble O.


Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 3 years 45 weeks ago

Sure, Bernie is a Socialist just like Ike and the Roosevelt cousins. A Socialist is one who believes government should provide for the general health and welfare of the people. Capitalists tend to believe that government should protect their interests and nothing else. Capitalists like mass poverty as it provides cheap labor; Socialists dislike poverty because it is unhealthy for society. The socialist New Deal raised most of the poor to the middle class and the Capitalists hated that and they and their minions have been fighting it for eighty years.


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