the right wing has had its way in kansas, with gov. brownback putting his pet theories into action: cutting way back on taxes and services.

recent news from kansas shows his policies have disappointed kansans, who found they MISS lost services.

ALL theories sound pretty good 'til they're implemented. and as a class, "leaders" tend to be shameless braggarts, self-important and deluded; a general wariness of the pronouncements of v.i.p.'s is a step toward freedom of thought, of wisdom.

any good ideas how dems can highlight this failure of reaganomics when campaigning?


Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 41 weeks ago

What hurts Democrats is what they fail to do between elections, when they are supposed to be doing their jobs. Anyone with half a brain knows how worthless the Grand Obstructionist Party is; and nowadays, when we vote Democratic we get Republican Lite. They can say all they want on the campaign trail but we know it's BS, just like "Yes we can" was BS. - AIW

lifesize's picture
lifesize 4 years 41 weeks ago

i agree that dems are feeble in rebutting right wing nonsense, but since i don't expect a strong move to the left any time soon, i want to help them beat gop candidates. the kansas example is SUCH a good illustration of how fallacious reaganomics is.

thanks for comment. is see you insert your opinions widely, which i encourage.

as for "yes, we can" - no dumber than "hey, hey, ho, ho, (insert problem) has got to go" which people seem to enjoy, dumb as it is. even the folks on OUR side aren't always deep thinkers.

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