why do we keep using the word conservative to describe the right-wing nuts who foul our politics? inhofe isn't a conservative, but a throwback. biblical purists substitute belief for thinking. let's relentlessly call such folks "antisocial," enemies of civilization, ignorant dummies, because they are. the failure to pound on the fact that the gop has impeded normal govt functions, has worked to disenfranchise many, and has no platform other than giving the already privileged everything they want (ala dick cheney), has left the field to the right wing liars and spinners. obama has been too collegial with these thugs, let them attack him without fighting back hard enough. and dems in congress and governorships haven't backed him as much as they should have. let's get a bit more politics ala carville, unless dems LIKE losing.


Steven.PBarrett 4 years 50 weeks ago

Maybe we could start by simply recognizing that "liberal" and "conservative" make nice easy adjectives to use when we lack the time, patience or willingness to dig deeper into what makes an idea or program genuinely liberal, conservative, or moderate.

What's so "conservative" about the idea some self-styled conservatives have when it comes to privatizing Social Security, Medicare, or even defund the many agencies set up to protect us from shoddy and dangerous products and meds on a daily basis? That's not conservative; that's chucking commonsensical organizations and structures set up to help us live whole land healthy long lives.

lifesize's picture
lifesize 4 years 50 weeks ago

steven: exactly. the right wing is trying to unravel/undo a century of hard-won civility and accountability, return us to their childish, unrealistic idea of society, in which we all shoot it out, and toughest wins. these people are not the opposition, but the enemy, and i love to tell them i'm a liberal because it's fun to watch them shrink in horror from what they idiotically believe is a monster.

and when have you heard rightists calling for "law and order" as their party used to do? guess free-form disorder is their preference. too many dummies buy into ayn rand's false picture of a capitalist elite, philosopher kings whom she portrays as idealistic, when in fact her followers are mostly mediocrities who see themselves as a front line of smart leaders. deluded.

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