like the occupy movement, the protest marches against police mistreatment of blacks are a questionable use of resources; they have little effect on the opposition while eating up govt money in police overtime.

protest generally has little effect, other than giving protesters a false feeling of relevance. political action, aimed at voters, is what brings change. creating traffic snarls is no way to move hearts and minds.

i'm a veteran of the movements of the '60s, and have never believed marches were effective, even in stopping vietnamese war. stop gathering, and stasrt working, doing the less exciting but more useful job of moving voters!


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 5 years 7 weeks ago

I tend to agree with you that snarling traffic has the opposite affect of what they are trying to achieve. It pisses off the people stuck in traffic which may have been sympathetic to the cause.

On the other hand, voting doesn't matter anymore. Who are you going to vote for...another spineless and bought off Democrat that might have been blackmailed by the NSA/CIA because the NSA/CIA had spied on and collected embarrassing data on them? Someone that will tell you one lie after another about what they are going to do if elected? Let's face it...democracy is dead in America! The system is broken and merely voting, or trying to convince others to vote, is just a waste of time.

That is, unless we get enough people to vote for candidates other than those within the two party system. The Dems and Repubs are contestants in a rigged game that is run by the ruling elite. They both use scare tactics to get the voters to vote for one of them...either Dems or Repubs...and not for a 3rd party. As long as the liberal/progressive voters continue to fall for that crooked game, they'll continue to cast their votes for the ruling elite.

Democracy is dead in America until the voters wake up and derail the corrupt two party system in whatever way they can...and one way might be to vote them out and vote in a 3rd party.

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