This forth of July I seem to lack the spirit and the enthusiasm I once had for this holiday. I worked for nearly 8 years at the home of our most prominent founding father, Thomas Jefferson – Monticello. I learned much while working there and absorbed a lot of the spirit of Jefferson.

Today our democracy has slipped away from us. Our rights have been gradually usurped by the captains of industry and finance and by the influence they have exerted over our elected representatives. They have very cleverly and slyly crafted the laws of our great nation to funnel all of our resources and money into their pockets while using the media, of which they have gained control, to demonize any who speak out against them. Any elected official or candidate who dares to challenge their plan is attacked mercilessly with the might of these villains' wealth and power. The airwaves of our media; radio, TV and print, are marshaled to demonize those who oppose them until there is no chance for these would-be heroes to mount any opposition or to even get elected.

With the collaboration of their minions on the Supreme Court of the U.S. they have change the laws and even the Constitution without legislation, without a Constitutional Convention to allow them to use their wealth to buy our government and use it to their ends.

All the while they have used the media which has for so many decades been the guardian of the truth, the defender of the people, but which they have now bought and control, to convince us that things are going along fine and that all of these changes in laws and procedures are for our own protection. They have conjured up enemies and evil for us to fear and fight against to justify their misdeeds and to strike fear into the hearts we the people. Fear has been our greatest adversary. It has scared us into cowering in the corner and allowing these beasts to have their way with us and for us to then say “Thank you sir, may I have another” once they have had their way with us.

No, I feel no celebratory spirit on this anniversary of our once-great nation's founding. My heart is heavy with the loss of our freedoms, our wealth and our very dignity. No longer is this a government of, by and for the PEOPLE. It is now government of, by and for the CORPORATIONS. They steal from us and hoard their ill-gotten booty, they scoff at our pain and our suffering, they snicker at our struggles, and they take more and more and more from us to satisfy their insatiable lust for wealth and power. They even laugh as we die by the tens of thousands for lack of accessible health care. These corporate demons hoard the wealth that rightfully belongs to us in their off-shore bank accounts where it languishes for decades as they add more and more to it.

I can only take heart, because I believe in karma, in the belief that the misery they are so generously dishing out to us will eventually be visited back upon them. I can even feel sorry for them, knowing the suffering and agony they will one day have to bear, having been the architects of their own fates. Wherever they go, lifetime after lifetime, they will meet themselves and inescapably have to face what they have done to their fellow man. One day, perhaps long, long down the road, they may have an inkling of feeling, a small twinge of empathy for those whose lives have been devastated by THEIR actions and thoughtless deeds of cruelty. One day they may even begin to turn things around, they may begin to set things right and atone for their grievous lack of caring and their failure to be good stewards of and neighbors to their brothers and sisters.

Self-servance is a tricky path. It may be easy to shut your eyes and ears to the world and to the suffering you are causing by your own selfishness, greed and corruption, but it brings with it a dear, dear price that WILL and must be paid. There is justice in the Universe – no one escapes it. It is only a matter of time before their evil deeds are turned against them and they will writhe in agony wondering why this is happening to them. One day, perhaps eons from now, there may be a small spark of awareness arise within them – telling them that this is no accident, no coincidence. There is a Greater Law than the law of Man to which they are subject. And that Greater Law is absolutely inescapable. But until that day comes it will be incumbent upon the rest of us to take action in our own defense. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves to what has truly been going on and to act to change things. Until the masses of us awaken from our trance things will not change. There are those now who are awake and screaming at the top of their lungs at the rest of us to get up and stand against this. Their voices are all but drowned out. Yet there are some who hear. It is up to those who hear to pass the message around, to use the facts and the evidence that is out there to awaken the rest of us.

Perhaps one day somewhere in the future there will again be reason to celebrate. Perhaps there will be a new date to celebrate – the day we take back our country and drive out the Beasts...




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Natural Lefty 5 years 19 weeks ago

Well stated, Lightshipclear, but don't lose hope. We still have the internet, the vote, people such as Thom in the media, and each other.

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