Ugh. You know, it really isn't a horrible idea. We'd be fine with in charge of the country. Um, maybe? Or I could be wrong. Maybe would do horrible if he was in charge of the country. But either way, we would only have to deal with a grinning dog, and not a huge, almost all corrupted government. I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense. It's really just what I thought of, seeing as an 11 year old wouldn't know much about politics. And about the internet tracking thing? What in the world is the point of it? I mean, if they're all that much about our personal info, why can't they just go through their records or whatever? Perhaps someone could make a new internet system that they couldn't control? I like my deviantART, youtube, and facebook exactly like they are. I thought maybe people could stop using the interwebs, but most people have to. It seems like our government is getting to overbearing to me, but that's only my opinion! And I think agrees.


Maybe should eat them all?


gary phillips's picture
gary phillips 8 years 28 weeks ago

Ha, I like your humor. I always told people that we would have been better off with a chimpanze rather than GWB as our "decider". Why? Give a chimp 2 buttons. then assuming the chimp would push one or the other randomly for each question posed, at least he would have made the correct decision 50% of the time.

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