The Navy intends to turn our Olympic National Forest and DNR lands adjacent to Olympic National Park into an electromagnetic warfare training range for their Growler jet pilots from Whidbey Island NAS. Growlers would overfly the N. Olympic cities of Port Townsend, Sequim, and Port Angeles. Forks, on the west coast, is closest to the range.

The Forest Service initially issued a permit for the Navy to use the Forest Service roads for their mobile emitter trucks. This was rescinded when a FIRESTORM of opposition erupted in the local cummunities as people learned of the plan that had not been properly disclosed according to the legal requirements of NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act). Unrecorded public Q&A meetings have been held in Forks, Port Angeles, and Pacific Beach after political pressure was brought to bear.

Jefferson Country Democrats unanimously passed a strongly critical resolution in a special membership meeting and called on all elected officials to demand a complete Environmental Impact Statement and to require RECORDED HEARINGS in all three capitals of counties involved (Jefferson, Clallam, Grays Harbor).

The comment period, which was extended several times, just ended November 28 with 2924 comments posted. Included were comments from the North Olympic Sierra Club, Admiralty Audubon, Olympic Park Associates, Washington Environmental Protection Coalition, Protect Our Peninsula's Future, and many others. The question now is whether the Forest Service WILL issue the Navy their required permit in the face of nearly total opposition by the affected communities.

For coverage of the past history of this issue as well as present events and news, go to

The most comprehensive article is by Dahr Jamail for Truthout:


Electronic Warfare Range-- area adjacent to Olympic National Park
Electronic Warfare Range-- area adjacent to Olympic National Park

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lindasutton.wa@... 3 years 29 weeks ago

Videos of the three public meetings are available on the Protect Olympic Peninsula Facebook page.

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