The BP rig that blew up, spilling what's now estimated to be 4M gallons per day, cost $500M and leases for $500K per day. But that's only the tip of the hidden cost of oil, much of which is subsidized by the Taxpayer.

Solar power and plug-in Nickel EVs would be far cheaper. Each acre of solar panels has power output of 800 kilo-Watts (kW) and daily production of 4 mega-Watt-hours, enough to drive an EV 16,000 miles per day. And without the cost of oil wars, oil spills, oil refineries; and long after the oil wells are dry, that solar system would still be producing.

BP doesn't care, because it just charges it to US, the dumb Taxpayer, and uses the rest of their profit to bribe Congress to subsidize and protect oil supply lines and intimidate or invade oil-rich countries like Nigeria, Myanmar or Iraq.

But how can we get an EV?

Nissan promises a small number of Lithium EVs at the end of this year; but launching during the winter no-driving season, when gas prices tank, promises failure.

NOT ONE PROPOSED EV IS USING NICKEL BATTERIES, the only proven EV battery that lasts longer than the life of the car. Only Nickel EVs work; the supposed upcoming EVs are only using Lithium, which so far has not lasted more than 50K miles in a plug-in EV.

When the Lithium batteries fail, our Nickel Toyota RAV4-EV, last sold in Nov., 2002 will still be running!

Here's the facts, which need to be posted on internet sites about the underwater oil gusher disaster:

1. Nickel is the only proven EV battery; after 100K or 200K miles old batteries can be remelted down into new batteries without new mining.

2. Solar power and plug-in cars is the only sustainable way to power individual autos.

3. Running an EV 1000 miles per month takes only 250 kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) of electric, about $25; about what two old refrigerators cost and about a third of the average home usage.

4. It would take only a tenth of the average home roof -- 6 square yards -- to make 250 kWh per month, enough electric energy to run a plug-in car 1000 miles.

5. Because solar power and plug-in cars such as the Nickel RAV-EV would cut oil profits, Big Oil has used its financial power to strangle and delay use of this obviously simple and working alternative to oil and coal.

6. No matter how many nuke or coal plants you build, it won't replace one drop of oil unless there are plug-in cars to use the electric; and if we had plug-in cars, we wouldn't need new power plants. The money saved NOT buying gas would pay for rooftop solar systems.

7. Refining each barrel of oil requires 12% of its energy; that much electric takes a plug-in car about the same distance as the rest of the barrel takes an oil-fired car.


LIVEOILFREE 9 years 36 weeks ago

The unused sunny rooftops of America could be covered with clean solar panels made by American workers and installed by American workers; they would provide more than TWICE all the energy we use, even if all our cars were plug-in EVs and all trains ran on clean electric.

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