The bifurcation of our society, and the over-concentration of our wealth, has to do with LOWERING the expectations of the lower class, and RAISING the entitlements of the upper class.

It's nothing new.

The "new ideas" of neo-cons are not new at all. They go back to the times of 16-hour days, 6.5 days per week.

Before unions, workers were degraded and wages lowered by importing ever more desperate immigrants.

"...1847-48 first migration of Irish immigrants into the coal towns, due to potato famine and land seizures...operators actively recruited in Ireland to maintain a supply of 'greenhorns'-created riots among the Welsh and English miners...566 miners were killed, 1,655 in Schuylkill County 1/4 of the work force-- were children ages 7-16, working first as breaker boys and then as miners..,"

So it's just the problem of how to get the lower classes to stupidly vote against their own interests. That's how the "tea party" revival of Republican neo-cons was born.

Now that the upper class has its way, the lower classes, befuddled by Foxnoise, will be pushed into extreme poverty; ironically, the same amount of money changes hands, but instead of 10,000 folks spending $100 each, it's 10 rich folks spending $100,000 each.

Instead of importing desperate immigrants, the rich now can export the work to overseas sweat shops, putting American workers on the street.

Poor folks can go into the army, security, or work as servitors for the rich.

Dumbed-down by failed educational theories and "babysitting" schools, the intellectually impoverished don't even know what's happening to them, as their pockets are picked and then their pants ripped off.


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