Today is Jan. 27, 2013. The 113 Congress started January 3, 2013. It has now been in session for 390 days without passing a GOOD WAGE, JOBS BILL to help our economy. This is the 17th repeat and update of this post.

You will see this same, GIVE A DAMN SPAM flyer sent from this FB site every day, (if possible) until it does.

Today congress is finally back in session, the right wing side of this Congress's agenda is once again abortion. It seems to be their main concern, not jobs. This is probably for their fund raising because they have NO real policies to run on, (see 2nd photo with this post).

ThIs John Birch/Tea party run GOP Congress averages a $175,000 annual salary but only works about a third of the year or 113 days!! A good job if you can get it! While cutting food stamps this congress continues to lecture the working poor and the middle class about the dignity of work. Meanwhile their trickle-down economics just does not work. They continue to pee on us while telling us it's raining. They make a lot of money telling us what we don't need and we don't want even though they have these things they don't want us to have!

The most important thing on the American people's minds are jobs, good paying, safe jobs! Real unemployment today is close to 14%, youth unemployment is close to 20% and African American youth unemployment is close to 40%. Meanwhile this Congress is telling kids don't stand out on street corners, don't do drugs and be responsible yet this Congress does not talk or create jobs! Meanwhile hundreds of billions of untaxable dollars which could be used for job creation are being off shored in the Bermuda and Cayman Islands by large corporations. Between 2009 and 2012, 95% of all new income went to the top 1% of this country and on the other end of the spectrum this country has never seen more poverty.

A good place to keep an eye on your representative in congress and keep them in check is here:

A good place to get smart is here:

Won't you join LBU in this GIVE A DAMN SPAM flyer action today? We MUST notify each other on what congress is really doing because the corporate mainstream media DOES AND WILL NOT HELP AMERICA.

Please ask LBU for your own GIVE A DAMN SPAM flyer!! Keep an eye on this congress and flood Facebook with the awareness that we need and want a GOOD WAGE, JOBS BILL! Unless of course you are happy with a wage that probably hasn't increased in more than 30 years.




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