This is probably okay with Dick Cheney and George Bush though right?


Roland369 5 years 3 weeks ago

The hypocrisy is so prevalent, that one wonders if we can ever return to the stature we once held as a nation.

There is only one way to correct our mistakes, and that is accountability. Those who committed crimes on Wall Street must be physically locked up in prison (not simply forced to pay a fine). Those who committed war crimes such as torture and illegally invading another country, should be tried, and if found guilty, physically locked up in prison. THAT IS HOW WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, AND ENSURES WE DO NOT CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM AGAIN IN THE FUTURE! ACCOUNTABILITY!

We cannot "move on," or "move forward," as a nation, if the crimes of the past go unpunished. What is being laid by not holding those responsible accountable for their actions is a future filled with corruption, war, violence, greed, avarice, and criminality.

Legend 5 years 3 weeks ago

Guantanamo continues with no end in sight. These "detainees" (they are not called prisoners) are held in a prision with no trial or charges. They have no idea for how long they will be held. And we wonder why they cut the throat of a reporter.

Roland369 5 years 2 weeks ago

GITMO like Abu Grebe will always be a black mark on U.S. history. Like crimes committed before (Washita, Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears, slavery, Ludlow, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Iraq etc.) they will pass with time and be re-written for history books. We will look back on them, discuss them (like Watergate, and the JFK assassination), and talking head pundits will weigh the pros and cons of such a policy, and make statements like "The pardoning of Nixon was a good thing for the country," etc.

Time will pass, and each new generation will be taught a watered down version of U.S. history. They will become complacent, participating in consumption, and succumbing to the mind-numbing effects of mass media. Meanwhile, the country will digress into a further state of severe austerity and economic hardship for those in the lower 95% of the economic bracket, while those in the upper 1% continue to consolidate wealth, power, and control.

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