If voting is not important, if voting is to be shrugged off like it was no big deal why is this going on?

This is fact:

“The effort to suppress the vote is singular and partisan, there is one party that is trying very hard to suppress the vote and there’s another party that is wanting to expand the vote. The Republican Party wants fewer people to vote. The Democratic Party wants more people to vote. Since the 1870s the Democratic Party has been the party of the people, of small D democracy. The Republican Party has been what Thomas Jefferson has called the well born and well bred, (the fat cats and the corporations). Paul Weyrick an American religious conservative political activist and commentator and founder of ALEC lays it out here:


And that’s the critical point. Republican’s elections go up as the voting populace goes down. The Republicans are doing two things very aggressively to drive down the vote.

#1 They are running negative ads. They know that running negative ads don’t cause people to come out and vote for the candidate they cause people to get discouraged and not show up. That is why Republicans are all about running negative ads and attack ads.

#2 The Republicans are passing voter suppression laws. They pass laws that cut back the number of days people can vote and cut down the number of places people can vote. They do this especially in places that have young people, around universities, around people in poor areas particularly where there are people of color. They also cut down the number of voting machines around nursing homes particularly around people that are elderly so that people have to stand in line 6, 8, 10, 12 hrs. to vote. It’s all about making it hard for people to vote that may vote democratically. In wealthy white districts persons usually don’t wait more than 15 minutes. The experience of people with color, the poor, college students and the elderly is very very different.” - Thom Hartmann


Will we vote this November and will we carry through to keep the people that we voted for in line with what the American people need and want?

How say you on this?



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