"Regarding me running for the president of United States. This election is not about Bernie Sanders. I'm a senator and I will do my job as a senator and for the American people. I'm running to win this thing. But if we had the best president that you can imagine, the smartest person, the hardest working person, the most honest person, there are absolute limitations to what that person can accomplish so long as we have this incredible concentration of money and wealth that buys lobbyist and controls power in Washington. The only way we make change this is when millions of people literally stand up and get their neighbors involved with the political process that we transform politics in America, from being a spectator sport, to one where all of us are actively involved. We are not going to change America if as in the case of the last midterm election 63% of the people don't vote and 80% of young people don't vote. We won't change this country if a majority of the American people don't even know who their congress person is. You don't change America under those conditions. You change America by activating the consciousness of people, getting them involved in the political process and letting their representatives know, that THEY know what's going on and that if they don't do the right thing for working people they are out of a job. That's what we have to do together. That's what should be the theme of this election. It's not just vote for Bernie Sanders he's going to solve all the problems. That's not the case. It's going to be millions of people standing up together, state-by-state, community by community. Whether we like it or not politics effects each and everyone of us every second of the day. We ALL have to be involved." - Bernie Sanders on the Thom Hartmann show 5/1/2015



"Regarding me running for the president of United States." - Bernie Sanders


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The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

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